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Blog Midguy > My new addiction......Hero Academy

Posted 15 March 2012

So I just found out about this game Hero Academy which is a turn based strategy game on Iphone/Ipad that has asynchronis multiplayer. Its a free download and you get to play with one of the three factions for free (which is what it appears most people do). If you want to play with one of the other 2 factions, you have to pay $2 but considering how solid...

Blog Midguy > Crimson Blues

Posted 06 January 2012

The BCS National Championship game is Monday and my team is playing in it for the 2nd time in my adult lifetime. Unlike 2 years ago though, the game is being played within driving distance.

I want to go.

Unfortunately, the going rate for nosebleed seats online right now is about $1500. I don't think I will ever be able to justify spending that much...

Blog Midguy > Burden Lifted

Posted 16 September 2011

Passed my CPA Exam.

Yeah, yeah, I know this is a gaming website, but this is a huge burden lifted off of my shoulders and I'm pretty excited so I'm telling anyone who will listen, lol.

Blog Midguy > Garcia Fucking Hotspur

Posted 08 August 2011

So I started playing Shadows of the Damned this weekend. I don't think I've laughed outloud at a game this much in recent history. Its pretty much one juvenile dick joke after another, and while I'm usually not one for that kind of humor, its so blatant and tongue in cheek that I can't help but find it humorous. My wife watched me play for a little bit...

Blog Midguy > Demon's Souls

Posted 25 July 2011

I recently started playing Demon's Souls.

Fuck that game.