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Blog j-cart > E3 2013 June 11-13th

Posted 23 May 2013



Who is going? Who wants to meet up? Who wants to party?

Blog j-cart > The XX Live set from Coachella 2013 Weekend 1

Posted 19 April 2013

The XX is an indie British band that formed in 2005. Currently the group is comprised of Romy Madley Croft, Oliver Sim, and Jamie Smith. To date, they have two albums, xx and Coexist. This was another Coachella can't miss for me. I remember visiting a buddy of mine in Colorado. He puts this vinyl on after a night at the bars and it is the debut album...

Blog j-cart > Jurassic 5 Live set from Coachella Weekend 1

Posted 19 April 2013

It has been seven years since they have done a live show together and almost fifteen years since I have even knew about them (I was 11 when I started to listen to these guys!). Jurassic 5 is comprised of Chali 2na, Akil, Zaakir, Mark 7even, and OG dj's DJ Nu-Mark and Cut Chemist. A young Nelly Furtado was also featured on a song of theirs, though she n...

Blog j-cart > Coachella 2013 Weekend 1

Posted 10 April 2013

Anyone going?




I will be cooking breakfast all weekend long, so if you come by my campsite with...

Blog j-cart > Before there was GlaDOS, there was SHODAN!

Posted 13 February 2013


Tomorrow, GOG.com will have a Windows 7, Vista and XP compatible System Shock 2 for purchase.

Everything that you know about gaming, has roots to System Shock 2 so do yourself a favor and buy this piece of gaming awesomeness!