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Blog ea_woods > Octoberocalypse! Getting the backlog under control!

Posted 19 October 2011

What is Octoberocalypse? Octoberocalypse the name I just made up for my period of unemployment over the next two and a half weeks. Basically, this is my opportunity to address my substantial backlog over the next couple weeks in preparation for the insane holiday season where even some AAA titles must be overlooked because there is too much to do. Sorry U...

Blog ea_woods > At the Microsoft Gears of War 3 Midnight Release

Posted 20 September 2011

I’m at the Gears of War 3 midnight release and it is…okay.
I got my ass handed to me by two teenagers in the tournament for the Gears of War Xbox. To the poor soul that was my partner, I’m sorry I sucked so badly. Had you known that I’ve only played Gears of War once before you would have waited to find someone else. Had you seen me looking up the instru...

Blog ea_woods > The Value of Onlive

Posted 19 September 2011

Onlive is an interesting concept for playing games. For the uninformed, Onlive allows you to play video games via the internet through Onlive’s servers. Your computer or tv serves as merely the monitor and the actually running of the game occurs at the Onlive servers. The potential in this service lies in its ability to play next generation video games wi...

Blog ea_woods > The Value of Goozex

Posted 13 September 2011

Is Goozex worth it? When compared to places like Gamestop, Goozex is the much better value if you have the patience to build up a decent list of games. While the analysis could use some work, someone actually tries to breakdown his 2-years of Goozex service. I think we should get some economics majors to break this down and do the math a little better....

Blog ea_woods > Skyrim Education

Posted 08 September 2011

This guy wrote about watching other people play Skyrim at PAX. It seems as though the youth of America cannot be trusted.