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In Topic: Nintendo eShop Deals - 12/12: The Game Awards & Johnny Turbo Sales!...

26 November 2019 - 12:03 AM

Batman: The Telltale Series and Batman: The Enemy Within are both currently $3.74 each on the Switch eShop. I tried looking them up on the webpage, but they're showing regular pricing there.

In Topic: $50 Nintendo eShop Credit for $41.99 - MassGenie

30 June 2019 - 03:12 AM

I bought ps plus from them like 2 days ago with power deal or whatever it is and it was pending. Until I got an email today saying I need to update my payment method. Tried to use my credit card and still didn’t work. First of all, if it ain’t gonna work let us be able to use PayPal. I’ll give em a call tomorrow. MassGenie done goofed

This is the exact problem I've been having. I even bought in the second next time and am getting the same error.

In Topic: $50 Nintendo eShop Credit for $41.99 - MassGenie

28 June 2019 - 07:33 PM

Ok, this is a bunch of BS. I ordered 2 codes, each with a different email so I could use the code on both, as it only applies to one product in the cart. I've now gotten an email from them on the second one, saying that the payment needs to be updated, as it can't run the card I originally used. 


#1. That's stupid because there's plenty of money on the card.

#2. It won't let me use my credit card either, even though there's plenty of balance on that.


I could see my bank thinking it's fishy that there are two payments of the same amount going to the same company at the same time, but when that happens, I usually get a text and I can approve it. No text at all. Then, to not accept my credit card, which is a totally different establishment is ridiculous. 


Anyone else having problems getting their codes from this?