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Blog Fever Dogg > I Hate Gamestop the Way I Hate Comic Book Shops

Posted 23 October 2009

I dont know if anyone has recently been to a comic shop, or if anyone here reads comics, but I think Gamestop and Comic shops have one giant hiring pool. For those of you who dont know what I am talking about let me explain. If you are a hobbyist, or the now common term fanboy, their is probably a store you can go to fill your hobby needs. I think the pr...

Blog Fever Dogg > Nintendo DSi or PSP

Posted 23 October 2009

For awhile now I have been considering getting a PSP or DSi. I have played very little on both handhelds so I'm still on the fence. I like the fact that PSP now has the option for downloads (UMD isnt a deal breaker for me), but from what I have played on DS, it seems to have a wider library of genres. I guess they are two different experiences, but DS has...

Blog Fever Dogg > Are Video Games Worth 60 Bucks?

Posted 19 October 2009

For the most part I think the answer is yes, however games could be cheaper. Personally I don't play a lot of multiplayer so I'm not sure if a game like Brutal Legend is worth the full 60 bucks (for me). Uncharted 2 on the other hand has co-op missions that act as a part of continuing the story, and is very deep in gameplay. I kind of wish that Sony and M...

Blog Fever Dogg > Project Natal: Removing The Barrier?

Posted 14 October 2009

"People who didn't grow up gaming, they look at this thing with all these buttons, and sticks, and controls, triggers and it's not a natural device for them."
-Microsoft Game Studios Phil Spencer

That was a quote from a kataku.com article I read earlier today. While I think the controller may be a barrier for some, I think those people aren't going to p...

Blog Fever Dogg > Free Uncharted 2 Bonus Item Code

Posted 13 October 2009

Here is a code I got for pre-ordering Uncharted 2. I have an extra, so who ever reads this first gets this one. The exclusive in-game bonus item is REVENGE ATTRIBUTE. Apparently it is one of the last boosters you can unlock in multiplayer.

HRKM-7RBK-HJCE.... have fun and play responsibly!