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09 November 2018 - 12:34 PM

On the topic of Diablo Immortal, I think you guys didn't quite get the reason for the outrage, it wasn't as much the fact that people were offended at the idea of a mobile game (which honestly is probably going to be OK and definitely successful) but it was the fact that Blizzard was so disconnected from its fanbase and its audience that they thought Blizcon, a convention attended by HARDCORE PC-gaming fans in majority, a con people pay money and flight tickets and hotels to attend to, was the adequate venue to sell them on a mobile game nobody attending wanted.


Keep in mind Diablo fans have had nothing in the way of a major content update in the past 4.5 years. Keep in mind that its not even Blizzard developing the game, but Netease, a chinese mobile developer known for creating mobile MMOARPGS laden with IAPs. Keep in mind that this is Blizzard we are talking about, a company who would axe games like Starcraft Ghost and Titan after 4 years of development.. and now are outsourcing the Diablo franchise to a chinese developer.


Had they presented this at some place like Pax East, as a side-thing from Blizzard, people would have probably been excited.. but to a audience of hardcore fans like those attending Blizcon, it really shows that Blizzard is disconnected from what the community has been asking for years. That is the reason of the anger.


I also think its a shitty thing to make a dev feel bad in his presentation.. but given the circumstances, making a "joke" like asking if Diablo Immortal is an off-season April Fools joke is relatively harmless, no personal insults were thrown and it perfectly embodied the disappointment of the Diablo community. Diablo Immortal will be hugely popular and successful, I have no doubt at all. But Blizcon was not the place to sell it and expect a positive reaction.

Wombat I believe said that at the start of the conversation, as I outlined in my post in the CAGBag thread:




I made that post to get it to them ahead of the discussion so they didn't just dismiss us as being raging lunatics, which some of us definitely are.


Cheapy, glad to hear you and Tai enjoyed Streets of Rage 2!  I love that game, probably my favorite retro game.  I really like the soundtrack as well, I listen to once a week or so.  Check out this live show that the composer did with music from all 3 Streets of Rage games.  I would have loved to have been there!


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07 November 2018 - 08:39 PM


Hey, thanks for not reading my post, guess I needed to include a TLDR.  As I said, the problem isn't the game itself, it's the botched announcement strategy.

In Topic: CAGbag: Get your questions answered on CAGcast

07 November 2018 - 01:52 AM

I'm going to assume you guys are gonna talk about the Diablo controversy so I wanted to make a post to let you know where us fans are coming from.  I'm a huge Diablo fan, I would call Diablo 2 my favorite game of all time.


The main point I want to make is that the problem isn't 100% that they're releasing a mobile game.  Do I want a Diablo mobile game?  No.  But I don't care that they're launching it.  Blizzard isn't even working on it, they outsourced it to NetEase who has reskinned one of their existing games to make it look like Diablo.  So, this isn't a Blizzard game, it's a game using Diablo imagery.


The big problem with this is the way they chose to announce it.  Blizzcon is a convention filled with Blizzard super fans.  They travel from all over the world to go to the con to see new game, big announcements, meet up with friends, etc.  These are your biggest supporters.  A major Diablo announcement was teased previously.  Then the schedule came out and Diablo had the very first panel on the main stage.  Full erection from the fans, me being one of them.  Then Diablo had the FINAL stage presence in the opening ceremony.  What could the announcement be?  Diablo 4?  Diablo 3 DLC?  Diablo 2 remaster?  I'd shit bricks for any one of them.


But no, Diablo Mobile.  Diablo 3 players are starved for new content.  The last DLC came out over a year ago and the expansion over 4 years ago with seemingly nothing on the horizon.  Diablo mobile is aimed at casuals, not the audience you're making this announcement for.  It's funny that they didn't understand that and all they could do was make fun of us.  DON'T YOU HAVE PHONES?  That's not the point, Wyatt.


Remember what Bethesda did at E3?  They softened the blow of lame ass announcements with teasing the next Elder Scrolls and Starfield.  I believe the makers of Gears did that too when they announced that funko game, they also announced they're working on the next Gears proper.  If Blizzard ended the opening ceremony with a Diablo 4 title card, Diablo 3 voiceover of a DLC character or some shit or a logo for Diablo 2 remastered there would be no problem at all and we wouldn't be having this conversation.  But they bungled it.


You might be saying "well you only have yourself to blame for lofty expectations."  But I argue that Blizzard's expectations of what a convention center full of superfans wants was completely wrong.  Announce this fuckin thing on Facebook or something.  They were extremely out of touch with this one.  Know your audience!


I probably sound like a crazy person in this post, but this was a massive disappointment to Diablo fans everywhere.  The only thing I can tell you to do to try and understand is replace Diablo with something beloved to all of you.

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12 June 2018 - 01:35 PM

I'm surprised you didn't like Annihilation, Cheapy.  I loved it.  I thought the visuals, cinematography and screenplay were very good and super interesting.  The horror elements were also very cool, the scene in the house was fantastic and creepy as hell.  The end was a total trip, the sound was amazing.  I'll have to read the book to see how it compares and to see if it expands on the plot.


To say it was too depressing was odd coming from you.  I didn't find it that depressing, compared to a lot of stuff you and I both watch.

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30 March 2018 - 08:12 PM

So what should I buy off Mack Weldon?  $28 boxers?  $32 undershirts?  $78 sweatpants?  I know it's "premium" but I'm a cheap ass gamer.  I think I'll stick with my cheap ass Target clothes.


Anyway, I'm very much enjoying Farcry 5 and don't care what the story involves.  If it has Farcry in the title I'm buying it day 1 and will enjoy the hell out of it.