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In Topic: CAGcast #174: Shoplifting Grapefruits and Other Tasteless Metaphors

11 October 2009 - 10:02 PM

Well the way Ship described it, falling off a cliff and having to start the whole level over again really doesn't sound cool in my book. Shit like that would drive me crazy. Like I said, I'll check the game out down the road because my PS3 really hasn't seen too much RPG action this gen.

VERY true! But that's just the first hour.

Most levels don't have pitfalls that you can fall into without going out of your way to do so. Complaining about pitfalls in Demon's Souls is similar to complaining about pitfalls in a Mario game (Mario's pitfalls are actually harder).

But yea, as you keep saying; once you try it you'll see what I mean. The game's numerous checkpoints/shortcuts also ensure that you're not starting an entire level over again, just a very small portion of it (10 minutes or so). Think of it like dying in a Super Mario checkpoint, and having to fight the enemies over again in that section of the level.

In Topic: CAGcast #174: Shoplifting Grapefruits and Other Tasteless Metaphors

11 October 2009 - 07:06 PM

I think the Demon Souls scores are going to be skewed because the only people reviewing that game are the hardcore RPG guys who actually have the patience to finish it. Of course it's going to be getting 90s and 100s. They're the only people on the planet who are going love the game. Me personally, the game sounds like the equivalent of repeatedly stapling my dick to a table so I'm going to pass for now. I'll maybe check it out down the road when it gets cheaper or I'll give it a rent. I'm not sure why people would play a game that makes them want to murder people. When you get that feeling and it's only the first level and you probably got many more hours to go, is it even worth it? I guess it's great marketing though, because without that difficulty level I doubt as many people would be talking about the game.

I think you need to read a few of the reviews again, because the main reason Demon's Souls is scoring so high is because of the fact that it presents you with a challenge in a fair manner. When you fail, you actually feel like it's your own fault, and not the game's design.

Also, even if the game wasn't particularly hard right off the bat (after a few hours, it's not that hard), it would still receive high scores, and a good word of mouth, simply because it's a great game, and a refreshing change of pace amidst a sea of mindless button mashers.

In fact, I'm actually more surprised by the people who say it's "impossible", because after you give the game a chance, it's quite easy. Most of the people who've given up treat the game like a hack n' slash, and ignore dodge rolls; heck, I even met a few people who didn't dodge roll in God of War, and just mashed square and triangle.

In Topic: CAGcast #174: Shoplifting Grapefruits and Other Tasteless Metaphors

10 October 2009 - 05:53 PM

Greetings Cheap Ass Gamer!

This is Chris Carter, Editor-In-Chief of Gamer Limit, and reviewer of Demon's Souls. I want to assure you that I did complete the game before I reviewed it, because it apparently came up in the podcast.

Atlus sent me an advanced copy quite a few weeks ago, and despite all the rabble that people have been making over the game's difficulty, it's actually not that hard once you get the hang of it. In fact, I was only level 76 when I finished the game, compared to a whopping maximum of 712 levels (which require New Game++).

For instance, that playthrough only took me 22 hours in total, and I didn't die once on the last 8 boss fights. The Sticky Compound Long Bow/White Bow do wonders to the AI ;D

I'm on my third playthrough now with the retail version of the game (which I bought on launch day, and is different from my now online defunct press copy), starting as a Royal. Using my knowledge from previous sessions, I was able to beat the entire first level with one death, and trek through a good portion of level 4 immediately after Phalanx with very little statistical upgrades.