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MS Rewards Referral Program is back. (US Only)

06 August 2019 - 06:23 PM

Hello CAGs,


Microsoft has relaunched their referral program for MS Rewards so I figured I'd take the time to inform my fellow CAGs who may not know about this program.


MS Rewards allows you to earn reward points for completing daily sets on your Microsoft account, searching through bing on PC & mobile a set # of times a day, and finishing punchcards/Game Pass Quests. 


You also earn points from Xbox and Microsoft Store purchases.


Without even spending a dollar out of pocket I easily earn over 10K points a month just doing the daily set stuff (Takes less than five minutes).


I personally started using MS Rewards almost a year ago and I've easily saved a few hundred bucks between the MS credit, Gold, and Game Pass subscriptions I've redeemed (Converted to GP Ultimate now).


And even if you don't own a Xbox there's other rewards you can earn like Walmart & Target eGift Cards, or Domino's Pizza.....


You could turn that Walmart/Target credit to Nintendo, Playstation, or Steam credit to fund your games or just get some free pizza every month.


If you're interested below is my referral link:




Once you sign up i would help me out if you:
Take the Microsoft Rewards tour 
Complete 40 Bing searches 
Finish a daily set 
Achieve Level 2 status 
Thanks for reading and happy savings.