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Blog GoAztecs > Pickups for this week

Posted 16 July 2009

Picked up on Tuesday morning at Target. This is my first NCAA Football game on the PS3, and I bought it mainly for the team builder feature.

Earlier today I hit a couple of thrift stores on the way home and found these

Blog GoAztecs > More randoms from Thrift Stores

Posted 12 September 2008

At Goodwill I picked up
I finally get to own a copy of Punch Out. I remember Shipwreck talking about Track & Field on his podcast a while ago and hopefully it works with my Power Pad.

http://i236.photobuc...tre dame blo...

Blog GoAztecs > Another game at Goodwill

Posted 25 July 2008

Earlier tonight I stopped by the local Goodwill and just happened to come across Civilization II. I used to own this game but it got lost in the move back to the good old college dorms. During this trip to Goodwill I passed on a bunch of video games and consoles. It s...

Blog GoAztecs > NCAA Football Custom Covers

Posted 20 July 2008

Earlier tonight I finally printed out an idea I've had for a couple of years now. I wanted to create a custom covers for NCAA Football 1998-2009. Instead of going with the generic EA Sports design, I went with my own cover. I wanted something unifor...

Blog GoAztecs > Game Crazy 5 for 5 deal

Posted 05 July 2008

It turns out my Game Crazy is a store that other stores send all their classic plastic to. I just happened to spot a random Jeopardy cart and saw the big box behind the counter.

After asking to see the contents the employee (who was cherry picking NFL Blitz and Ace Combat) passed up on these