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Blog PepsiDriver > BevNerd Reviews Return! Pickled Turkey Gizzards, yup.

Posted 18 March 2014

Hey pals, after a few months off from doing videos due to work and such, I've mustered some free time to actually start recording new reviews. I was in Las Vegas last month for the a convenience store trade show with my pals at KICKASS Beef Jerky. One of their bar food products are the Cooked & Pickled Turkey Gizzards. This is such a weird snack and I...

Blog PepsiDriver > Dog Drool! Totally Gross Soda Review! BevNerd #163

Posted 17 October 2013


Ewwww or yummmm?! It’s Avery’s Dog Drool Soda! It’s orange lemon flavored and it’s part of their Totally Gross Soda line. I see these on a lot of craft soda and retro soda websites and instagrams around Halloween season. I tried Zombie Brain Juice by Avery last...

Blog PepsiDriver > Maine Root Mexicane Cola Review (BevNerd 160)

Posted 17 September 2013

On this episode of BevNerd, I review Maine Root’s Mexicane Cola. A gourmet, hand crafted, Mexican style cola beverage. It’s sweetened with 100% fair trade organic sugar and secret spices! #ohsnap Can it compete with Mexican Coke, Pepsi, or Jarritos? Let’s find out! Made with some quality ingredients, too!


Blog PepsiDriver > Taco Bell's Chocolate Taco Dessert Kit Review! (BevNerd

Posted 10 September 2013

On the 159th episode of BevNerd Video Podcast , I make and taste Taco Bell’s Chocolate Taco Dessert Kit. Grabbed it for $2.88 at Walmart. Comes with 6 “chocolate” hard taco shells, chocolate sauce and sprinkles. Bring your own ice cream & whipped cream!

Sounds fun, but does it work? Find out!


Blog PepsiDriver > Review: Chips Ahoy! Brownie Filled Chewy/Soft Cookies BevNerd #158

Posted 04 September 2013

I love cookies, I love brownies. Put them together and ya get Chips Ahoy! Brownie Filled Soft Cookies. Hooray! Picked these new baked goods at my local Walmart for $2.50. Let's try them!


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