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Giveaway! Win a 12 pack of Coconut Water!

23 July 2013 - 03:16 AM


REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Cocozia 100% Organic Coconut Water
On this episode of BevNerd, I sample Cocozia 100% Organic Coconut Water distributed by the folks at Epicurex. They are the ones behind Aloic Organic Aloe Vera Drink, too!
Coconut water contains important minerals, electrolytes and nutrients to help replenish yourself! BUT, does it taste good? Find out via a video review. LOOK BELOW the video for a contest to win a 12 pack CASE of Cocozia 100% Organic Coconut Water
CONTEST: Win a 12 pack case of Cocozia 100% Organic Coconut Water (Valued at $24.00 retail)
To Enter: 
1) “LIKE" this BevNerd status (and be a fan) on Facebook: https://www.facebook...42732384&type=1
2) Become a fan of Cocozia on Facebook and post on their wall about wanting to try Cocozia because of BevNerd: http://www.fb.com/cocoziabev
3) Leave a CAG blog comment at http://www.cheapassg...-coconut-water/ answering, “What do you need extra hydration for during this summer?"
The more ways you enter, the better your chances of winning!
Contest ends on August 5th, open to US residents only.

Win $50 to spend on Kickass Beef Jerky from BevNerd.com!

09 July 2013 - 03:46 AM


Click the picture to watch my video review of Kickass Beef Jerky products!


CONTEST: Win $50 store credit to www.kickassbeefjerky.com WOW!
3 Ways to Enter, the more you do, the better your chances are!
1. “LIKE" Kickass Beef Jerky on Facebook and tell them you heard about their stuff on BevNerd! (Tag BevNerd Video Podcast if possible!) http://www.facebook....ickassbeefjerky
2. “LIKE" my review/contest post on BevNerd Video Podcast Facebook Wall https://www.facebook...151723935727384
3. Leave a blog comment on my website and tell me what you’d get if you won the $50 prize! http://bevnerd.com/p...ky-snack-sticks
Contest ends in 2 weeks! Open to USA residents only. 
My video review: 
I’ve had the last week to get very familiar with the package of meaty snacks sent to me from the folks at Kickass Beef Jerky/Snacks out of the Milwaukee, WI & Winona, MN area.
On the review video, I try the Original Beef Jerky (mason jar style), Hot Beef Jerky (single serve 3oz style), and Garlic Beef Snack Sticks.
Other flavors I’ve sampled already and talk about are Peppered & Teriyaki Beef Jerky and Honey BBQ & Spicy Beef Sticks.
They also have a vast array of pickled items like eggs, asparagus and even brussel sprouts. Also, condiments like jalapeno catsup & mustard.
I’m a big fan of what I’ve tried prior to the episode and I’ve gotta get a hold of those pickled goodies! 


Win a Roaring Lion Energy Drink Prize Package from me/BevNerd.com!

26 June 2013 - 03:45 AM

CONTEST: Win a Roaring Lion Energy ZERO Slim Can Prize Pack!



One of my new Go-To energy drinks, Roaring Lion, has unleashed a new “slim” 12 ounce can for their ZERO variety! Jammed packed with useful energy functionality you’d expect from Roaring Lion with zero calories, hence the “slim” design.




I want to get some of these new ZERO cans in yo face!


CONTEST TIME! Win a Roaring Lion Energy ZERO Slim Prize Package!


Prize Package: 

  • 6 pack of Roaring Lion Zero Slim Cans
  • 6 pack of mixed Roaring Lion bottles
  • Roaring Lion Backpack! (I’m jealous)
  • Roaring Lion deck of playing cards
  • Roaring Lion tattoos & stickers

This is perfect for the many folks who came in droves to enter the previous Roaring Lion giveaway AND those who want to tote the sleek new cans. It’s a second chance, if ya weeeel *Dusty Rhodes voice*

Just like before, there are going to be many methods of entries for all you different internet enjoyers of BevNerd & RL. You can enter all of these ways and the more ways to enter you do, the more chances you have to be a winner.


1) FACEBOOK: Become a fan of Roaring Lion & BevNerd on Facebook and post on their timeline. Mention hearing about their hot new Zero energy drink on BevNerd (Tag BevNerd Video Podcast since you’re a fan of the show so I can track it!) https://www.facebook...LionEnergyDrink

2) FACEBOOK: “LIKE” this contest status update on BevNerd Video Podcast Facebook timeline (https://www.facebook...151695878002384)

3) FACEBOOK: SHARE this contest status update on BevNerd Video Podcast Facebook timeline (https://www.facebook...151695878002384)

4) TWITTER: Post a Tweet mentioning both @BevNerd & @RoaringLionED saying something about the sleek Zero energy drink and wanting to try it somehow!

5) BEVNERD.COM: Leave a blog comment on the contest post about wanting to win and what you need extra energy for!

6 E-MAIL TRIVIA: Visit RoaringLion.com and answer…”Roaring Lion comes in 3 varieties: Original, Zero and ???” E-Mail your answer to bevnerd@gmail.com with subject “RL CONTEST”


Contest ends on July 16th and is only for US residents to win. 


Win gourmet pork rinds from Bacon's Heir & BevNerd.com!

01 May 2013 - 12:24 AM

Posted Image
Click the pic to watch my video review of the prize up for grabs!

On the 140th episode of BevNerd I join the pork revolution! These are Bacon’s Heir Pork Crisps, Malabar Black Pepper flavor. They are deep fried in olive oil and only contain 4 simple ingredients! It’s a new snack product launching this summer from the Atlanta, Georgia area. Thanks to my friend Joel who showed me this product and good luck to Bacon’s Heir’s launch!

Quick shout out to the folks at www.epicembrace.com for the cool Fallout 3 Nuka Cola Quantum shirt I bought! It’s probably the coolest shirt I own right now! They feature a different shirt for a limited time (48 hours) and they revolve around geek culture of some sort! Neat-o!

I’ll be giving away a bag of these gourmet pork rinds, so watch the video and discover the 4 methods of entering. Enter up to 4 times to quadruple your odds! Ends in 2 weeks, US residents only.

To Enter:

“LIKE” This post about Bacon’s Heir on the BevNerd Facebook page: https://www.facebook...151583852402384

Post a comment on this BLOG POST on BevNerd.com: http://bevnerd.com/p...review-giveaway

Post on the Bacon’s Heir Facebook page about seeing their snack on BevNerd! https://www.facebook...354669191312022

Leave a Blip or YouTube comment on this review at either of these URLs http://blip.tv/bevne...erd-140-6578745 http://www.youtube.com/bevnerd

Links: http://www.bevnerd.com http://www.baconsheir.com

Win Barnana Organic Banana Chews from me/BevNerd.com!

22 April 2013 - 02:08 AM

CONTEST: Win some Barnana organic banana chews!

Posted Image

This stuff is Barnanas, B-A-R-N-A-N-A-S…ok I won’t ever do that again. However, I will eat handfuls of Barnanas again! They are potassium packed, all natural, raw, non-GMO, organic goodness from the folks at Wholesome Valley Foods in La Jolia, CA! Watch and see what I think of original & chocolate Barnanas and if you like what you see, I’m giving some away!

Enter 4 ways to get 4 chances to win!

1: Post on Barnana’s Facebook wall telling them you heard about their product on BevNerd! http://www.facebook.com/barnana

2: “LIKE” this post from BevNerd’s Facebook Wall! LINK

3: Share this post from BevNerd’s Facebook Wall! LINK

4: Subscribe and leave a comment on my Barnana review on YouTube!

Ends in 2 weeks, open to US residents.