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21 July 2020 - 01:51 PM

They updated the game so it's more like Wildlands.  It still has the item level mode if you want it.  It's been updated quite a bit, but I've not started it yet.  I got the CE when it launched and none of my friends got it despite enjoying wildlands.

I got Wildlands specifically to play with a group of friends who had it.  It was a blast.   Playing this solo.  Its ok but its no Wildlands.   

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21 July 2020 - 01:42 PM

Breakpoint 3 dollars cheaper than last week lol

I picked it up a couple months ago "new" from GameStop.  Just started playing in a few days ago about 8 hours in.  Not sure it's worth $12.  Even with the addition of 3 AI squad mates the game just isn't nearly as much fun as Ghost Recon Wildlands.  Also a ton of crap in the menus.  I haven't figured out half of it.  Don't care for the way they list missions on the screen.  Or rather how convoluted it is to turn some of them off.  Just seems like they went the wrong way with this game at launch and are trying to patch it back to what it should have been.  Probably finish it but not even tempted to buy the DLC.  

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20 July 2020 - 01:13 AM

I personally have had perfect attendance during the pandemic and protests due to my loyalty to my customers. Even though my wife and kids worry about me every day. I have received countless thank yous for working during all this world chaos. If your package is delayed i am sorry and do take it personally. I only write on here because i take pride in what I do and many are asking "what's going on ".

Take care Everyone. Be safe in this crazy world.

UPS has been fine for me this year.  Only one delay of a couple days due to civil unrest in the Chicagoland area.   Thanks for all you do.

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12 July 2020 - 11:13 PM

AI Partners are being added this month FYI.  They released a teaser today for them.

Nice.  I cashed out some of my credit with GS recently.  Got this game.  Will wait for the AI partners update.

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12 July 2020 - 06:26 PM

Man quite a process, might have to do this if you want some Ubisoft stuff https://drops-register.ubi.com/#/en-US

I can't even get past the first step.  I click the link.  Click login using twitch.  It then prompts me I think for my uplay login.  Which is stupid IMO.  I just click log on using twitch.  I am logged into both twitch and uplay in my browser so I know my credentials.  Neither works.  


I own most of their current games so not sure it even matters much.