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Blog Mayday > Mw3 disc read error explanation

Posted 16 November 2011


Blog Mayday > Awesome Mass Effect Veyron - Forza 4

Posted 23 October 2011


Blog Mayday > Awesome Tron Viper - Forza 4

Posted 21 October 2011

This car, and game are awesome.

Blog Mayday > 'Speed Demon' Achievement Guide - Forza 4

Posted 19 October 2011


Blog Mayday > E3 Hype!

Posted 25 April 2011

I always find it mind boggling when people start talking about E3 months away from the event, especially as the event has been lacking in quality for the past few years. But, this year it’s changing for me. I am excited.

First reason is an obvious one, Project Cafe. I love the excitement surrounding a new console launch and will always get sucked int...