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In Topic: (DEAD) Best Buy Upgrade & Save Returns 4/21-5/11

23 April 2013 - 01:03 AM

I picked up:

The Avengers ($14.99)
Dredd ($14.99)
The Hobbit ($14.99)
The Amazing Spider-Man ($12.99)
Looper ($12.99)
Hugo 3-D ($9.99)
Warrior ($4.99)
Wyatt Earp / The Assassination of Jesse James ($4.99)
The Prestige ($4.99)
Serenity ($4.99)

I may go back next weekend for a few more.

In Topic: Best Buy Ad 2/24/13 - 3/2/13

23 February 2013 - 05:26 PM

Garbage week.

You're not kidding. Ugh...

In Topic: Dark Knight Rises, Amazon $14.99

11 February 2013 - 11:55 AM

I'm not even gonna get into this. Google search the subject. You'll find you are in the minority.

I have no problem with UV only because you can watch your movies in 1080p HDX on a tv anywhere that has access to VUDU. Both ITunes and UV digital copies suck on mobile devices, like my Ipad, because the SD quality makes you question why you would want to watch them in anything other than bluray quality.

I only recently started messing with digital copies, but these are my observations so far.

In Topic: Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition (PS3, 360) $15.99 @ Amazon

10 February 2013 - 03:11 PM

In regards to the download content, it is for the Mortal Kombat Movie and Soundtack and according to the packaging, expired 12/31/12.

That's the case for the PS3 version, not sure about XBOX.

I have the greatest hits version on PS3 and this content does not expire until 12/31/2014. The sticker on the plastic wrap directly states this. Only earlier copies expired at the end of 2012, so this content is likely to be accessible if you purchase this. Not a bad price at all.

In Topic: Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition PS3=$18.18 XBOX=$17.41 FSSS/Prime

31 December 2012 - 06:16 PM

The dl for the movie and soundtrack expires today.

The deadline on the greatest hits copy I bought two weeks ago says December 31, 2014. Other copies apparently say December 31, 2012. Is this a regular version vs. greatest hits difference?