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In Topic: New ps4 owner (help!)

31 January 2016 - 07:30 AM

Yup I have a Wii u and love it! But yea I am liking the reviews for the witcher and am curious about tomb raider... I will get shovel night tho but on the Wii u so I can use that shovel night amiibo

Yay - a Wii U owner :)  There are so few of us.  Can't wait for the new Zelda Wii U (don't care for Twilight Princess since I already beat it); Star Fox Zero; and Fire Emblem X SMT.  Still bummed Nintendo never published a disc version of Fatal Frame 5 ... oh well.


Not terribly excited about what I'm hearing with the NX.  Of course, I'll support it, but I fear that Nintendo may not be making the right moves with that console/handheld, or whatever it is.

In Topic: The Official CAG 2016 Pick-Ups Thread

31 January 2016 - 06:20 AM



So maintaining my resolution for this year to keep my media purchases down :-)


Only one above from December was Fatal Frame 4 Wii - imported it through PlayAsia.com, and it came this month (yay!) Since Nintendo refused to release FF5 on-disc, I spent that cash on FF4.  I am not a fan of digital games. Love this Fatal Frame title - which is done by the one and only Suda 51.


Picked up Nikita from Amazon UK (Maggie Q - so hot!).  Hitman (critics can say what they want, I enjoy this flick for what it is - a brainless action romp), Shaun the Sheep (such a charming film), MIB trilogy and the Martian from Target.  Season one of Shaun the Sheep, Rodea, and RE Revelations 2 from Best Buy, and Back to the Future from Walmart (had the buggy and ugly non-HD Wii game - skipped it; I love this re-released HD version).

In Topic: Twilight Princess HD Amiibo edition up again on Best Buy

25 January 2016 - 04:43 AM

I have zero interest in TP HD - loved the game on my Gamecube but have really no desire to play this one again, especially given how limited my gaming time is now.  

I do want to say that I love those people who suggest the next Zelda is not coming to Wii U.  No way is that true.  Nintendo probably said it was headed to the Wii U 4-6 times in their last Nintendo Direct, not to mention they said the TP amiibo also would do *something* in the Wii U title.  If Nintendo didn't release Zelda Wii U on the system, it would be the equivalent of slapping their core fans across the face.  

In other words, Zelda Wii U is happening.  Now, will it be this year?  That one is a harder question.  I could see Nintendo releasing a port for the NX handheld in conjunction with the Wii U version, as rumors seem to be circulating that the NX might be released in handheld and console forms.

In Topic: Should I go back to Xbox?

25 January 2016 - 04:36 AM

Curious to know which console you picked up.


I admit I was more of a 360 player last-gen.  I also had a PS3 and Wii, but didn't buy those until much farther into the console cycle.  The 360 was my system of choice.  That said, I'm not really a Halo fan, and while I like the Gears games (I've only dabbled in one and two - have the others sitting in an incalculable backlog), my main reason for selecting the 360 was because it was the system of choice for third parties.  As in any console generation, it's all about the games, right?  And I wanted the system on which the games would play best.  


And that's really why this go-around, I bought a PS4.  The Xbone unfortunately misfired a bit at the beginning and that's led developers to switch positions.  The PS4 is now the system of choice, and its vastly larger install base made it an easier choice for me.  I wanted to wait until the marketplace selected the winner, and PS4 has clearly established itself as the market leader.  Sure, am I going to miss Halo and Gears?  Yes.  But in general, the PS4 is likely to get more than it loses.  And given I simply have such little time to play now, I wanted the one system where I knew I would have more options.  


Still like the 360 controller, though ;-)  

In Topic: Generic Wii U Pro controllers?

25 January 2016 - 04:27 AM

Totally need to get one of these.  Absolutely refuse to pay the obscene prices Nintendo wants for this peripheral.  I mean, if you're going to offer it, at least make all your games work with it.


I also need to pick up a cheap classic controller for the Wii games I have.  Any recommendations?