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Yesterday, 10:56 PM

I have a very strong feeling scalebounds cancelation is fake. It'll pop up as a scorpio title cause the game didn't seem like it would work well with the og xbox or one s. If anything it'd make the xbox look bad cause maybe the game required more hardware than what the og xbox one currently has in it.

Then MS will throw money at Japanese publishers to get jrpgs on the XBOX that were on the ps4 first and actually try and get western publishers like EA to develop games for the Scorpio first like how everything was developed for the 360 first then ps3. That way it'll really show off the graphics an capability of scorpio compared to the ps4 pro and make a shift in which console games will be developed on first.


Yikes - not even sure where to start with this. 


On Scalebound, the answer is just plain, "no."  The cancellation of Scalebound, along with games like Fable Legends, have been unfortunately symptomatic for Xbox this generation.  Those games aren't coming back, at least not as exclusives, and not with MS as publisher.  A company like Nordic or Gearbox might try to pick up the pieces, but cancelled games are a hard resale since the prior would-be publisher may in fact own certain code or parts of the game.  In short, cancelled games are -- well, cancelled.  For obvious reasons, the canceling publisher doesn't want another company to fly in and reap the awards of money it spent, so bottomline - unless it's MS publishing it, forget it.


And that gets to the second half of this comment.  I'm eager to see what MS intends to do with Scorpio.  Based on what we've heard, I suspect Scorpio is going to be priced from $500 to $700.  That's pushing it (remember PS3?).  Also, given MS' latest actions and statements, I'm less than convinced the company is much interested in writing checks for exclusives or even timed exclusives.  Frankly, after Tomb Raider (rumor has it Square Enix privately regretted selling MS a timed exclusive), I'm not even sure developers/publishers are much interested in signing on, unless MS pays a boatload of cash.


It's a big question-mark for MS. At this point, we don't have much confidence coming from the company that it is really all-in on this Xbox thing.  If Xbox is less about a console, and more about a platform (like Windows or PC), I don't see MS too eager to drop more money on it for exclusives.


We'll see what MS prices the console at.  If Scorpio is priced low, it will be a sign MS is all-in, and is trying to compete with PS4 outright.  On the other hand, if it is priced high ($600 or higher), that probably won't help raise Xbox user numbers, and that may be a sign the company isn't too interested in making the Xbox division a short-term loss leader to gain marketshare.  


That may also mean Xbox could be up for sale soon ... 

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Yesterday, 05:35 PM

Hilarious. Another reason people are giving the Big N a pass. Hell, ALL DS/3DS games and ALL Vita games are on cartridge. This nonsense wasn't an issue with those platforms, and it absolutely shouldn't be an issue with the Switch.

You do know the size of the cartridges here is significantly larger, right?  It's the same reason why Switch is never going to get the AAA third party games.  Not only does it not have the horsepower, but games like Titanfall 2 and Overwatch are 50GB+ with patches in the same range. The cartridge format just won't work for those games, period.

In Topic: Target Clearance Thread XXII

22 April 2017 - 11:27 PM

$105 would have been easily worth it for a new system. With Microsoft's new approach that their system will be genless, you would basically have a $105 system that would probably last at least another four years at worst (assuming Scorpio fails, and MS changes their mind and makes the XBox Two). The Scorpio is going to improve performance of games and go 4k, but all the old games are still supposed to work. Hell, most developers are going to just target the X1/PS4 specs as baseline anyways. So insane deal.

$105 to go current gen is a solid deal.  That said, as one who has a PS4 and is very-very happy with it, I still don't see much reason to pick up an Xbox.  There just isn't much compelling, exclusive software on the system -- at least not ones for me.


I was a 360-PS3 owner last gen.  Still love my 360 - easily one of the greatest consoles made with a deep library of exclusives, and a wonderfully intuitive interface.  The ability to copy the games and run them off the harddrive remains the 360's big leg-up vs. the PS3.


For $105, I'd rather just pick up Horizon Zero Dawn and Nier Automata ...  


I do hope MS comes out swinging at E3 with Scorpio.  I'm not sure though if just stronger numbers are going to be enough to move the needle much.  Unless MS brings exclusives to Scorpio, which the company has suggested it won't since everything is Xbox and PC, what exactly is going to help the penetration numbers rise for MS to come even close to the PS4 userbase?  


Only way for MS now is just start cutting big checks to CD Project Red for Cyberpunk and Rockstar for GTA6.  Otherwise -- it may be a tough road ahead for them ...

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22 April 2017 - 11:18 PM

What game is Nintendo release thats the same on WiiU for $60? If your talking about Mario Kart, its not the same game, its no different then when Sony release the Last of Us remaster on PS4 for $60 nobody complained and many other companies do the same for definite Editions. Bulletstorm is a game nobody cares about and can be brought for less then $5, Mario Kart on Wiiu is prob still selling for $50 or $60 bucks. As for Puyo Tetris, Nintendo has no control over 3rd party game prices.

Actually, I think Nintendo selling MK8D for $60 shows once again how willing Nintendo is to just bilk its customers and fan-base.  Sony's reissue of TLOU was premised in large part on the fact that the game came out at the end of the PS3's lifecycle.  On Gamescoop, I recall hearing that less than 10% of the PS3 audience picked it up.  As such, it just made a lot of sense for Sony to bring over the remaster, which included the DLC short story, "Left Behind," and 60 fps texture up-work.


MK8 sold over 8 million copies on the Wii U - That's like 70% of the Wii U audience.


In other words, it's classic Nintendo feeling perfectly fine screwing its fan-base by making them buy it again.  You have to think the majority of people buying it will be Wii U owners who already bought it.  At $60 with no other option, that's rough.


I'm not defending Sony or MS, but when it comes to "reselling" games, I will say Sony and MS don't typically price reissues at these sorts of "premium" prices.  Ratchet & Clank's relaunch had a $39.99 MSRP, and that game was amazing.  Other reissues like Ico/Shadow or ZOE 1&2 were also priced lower.  


I can easily label Nintendo's pricing scheme with all of its products as at least inconsiderate of its core customers.  I like Nintendo games - I defend their games as some of the best and most polished in the industry.


That all said, the Apple-like premiums Nintendo feels happy to up-charge their games with (IMHO) is not doing much to broaden their core base.  Us late 20s/30-something Nintendophiles are a shrinking lot.   All of my little cousins couldn't give two s&#ts about Mario or Zelda, and few to none of them are going to be willing to pay premiums to play platformers and kart-racing games they feel they can find cheaper substitutes for elsewhere.

In Topic: Cheap External Drives. 4TB for $90

21 April 2017 - 05:58 AM

If you're factoring in tax, you might be better off picking up the Seagate 5TB external drive.  A seller on Bonanza is offering it for $109 shipped.