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#13703586 New Nintendo 2DS XL, $150, July 28 2017 in NA

Posted by romeogbs19 on Yesterday, 05:45 PM

Who the hell cares about squeezing out a few more units when they could have used that manufacturing power towards making more NES Classics?

Sorry, Super Sonic, but that comment probably explains why you're not in this business.  This makes perfect sense for Nintendo, and is a smart decision.

#13702084 New Nintendo 2DS XL, $150, July 28 2017 in NA

Posted by romeogbs19 on 28 April 2017 - 05:51 AM

Interesting -- I get the business decision behind this but I do hope Nintendo carefully allocates its resources here so as to make sure its 3/2DS development doesn't hamper the Switch.  


Remember one of the BIG positives about the Switch was that its release schedule wouldn't suffer from so many deserts because Nintendo would consolidate its development houses for one console.  This new 2DS, however, along with continued new release announcements - and probably more incoming at E3, means Nintendo will continue to invest resources to developing on it.  


Hopefully, this move doesn't critically harm the Switch.  


Again, while the business decision makes sense, we should also be mindful that keeping the 3/2DS alive may mean 3rd parties that planned to move to the Switch might instead stay on the older handheld for the same reasons as Nintendo is keeping it going - it has a 65+ million user base compared to Switch's 2.7 million.


It's becoming slowly apparent to the more general public that the Switch is never going to get the AAA 3rd party games (we already knew this since  the hardware isn't strong enough), but if the best Switch is going to get outside Nintendo is Payday 2 and (may be) the 5-6 yr. old Skyrim, there is no guarantee the Switch may not be headed to a fate not dissimilar from the Wii U.


Both the Wii and Wii U actually sold more than the Switch (as IGN reports here) over a 1.5 month period.  Now the other two came out over the holiday period, so that 1.5 month comparison isn't perfectly analogous.  What this does mean though is - as IGN correctly notes - the Switch's great start doesn't tell us all that much ... at least not yet. 


I want the Switch to do well ... I sure hope Nintendo's need to keep the 3/2DS line-up going -- which again makes business sense -- doesn't come at the detriment of the Switch's future looking more like the Wii vs. the Wii U.

#13697046 Best Buy Ad 4/23-4/29

Posted by romeogbs19 on 22 April 2017 - 11:18 PM

What game is Nintendo release thats the same on WiiU for $60? If your talking about Mario Kart, its not the same game, its no different then when Sony release the Last of Us remaster on PS4 for $60 nobody complained and many other companies do the same for definite Editions. Bulletstorm is a game nobody cares about and can be brought for less then $5, Mario Kart on Wiiu is prob still selling for $50 or $60 bucks. As for Puyo Tetris, Nintendo has no control over 3rd party game prices.

Actually, I think Nintendo selling MK8D for $60 shows once again how willing Nintendo is to just bilk its customers and fan-base.  Sony's reissue of TLOU was premised in large part on the fact that the game came out at the end of the PS3's lifecycle.  On Gamescoop, I recall hearing that less than 10% of the PS3 audience picked it up.  As such, it just made a lot of sense for Sony to bring over the remaster, which included the DLC short story, "Left Behind," and 60 fps texture up-work.


MK8 sold over 8 million copies on the Wii U - That's like 70% of the Wii U audience.


In other words, it's classic Nintendo feeling perfectly fine screwing its fan-base by making them buy it again.  You have to think the majority of people buying it will be Wii U owners who already bought it.  At $60 with no other option, that's rough.


I'm not defending Sony or MS, but when it comes to "reselling" games, I will say Sony and MS don't typically price reissues at these sorts of "premium" prices.  Ratchet & Clank's relaunch had a $39.99 MSRP, and that game was amazing.  Other reissues like Ico/Shadow or ZOE 1&2 were also priced lower.  


I can easily label Nintendo's pricing scheme with all of its products as at least inconsiderate of its core customers.  I like Nintendo games - I defend their games as some of the best and most polished in the industry.


That all said, the Apple-like premiums Nintendo feels happy to up-charge their games with (IMHO) is not doing much to broaden their core base.  Us late 20s/30-something Nintendophiles are a shrinking lot.   All of my little cousins couldn't give two s&#ts about Mario or Zelda, and few to none of them are going to be willing to pay premiums to play platformers and kart-racing games they feel they can find cheaper substitutes for elsewhere.

#13695079 YMMV- Gamestop and Best Buy are receiving NES Classics. UPDATED

Posted by romeogbs19 on 20 April 2017 - 06:37 AM

If this is actually a concern, they need to make it a true limited edition for the holidays, with proper messaging and management. Announce it as such, make sure their fans know exactly when it will be available, and for God's sake run preorders like everyone with any common sense since 1995. Get a properly-budgeted production run directly into the hands of their core consumer during the biggest time of the year, and get out. This is how they get both the publicity boost and avoid the "ill will" at the same time.


They would also be training their fans to look for an annual special release. Everybody knows the N64 is next in line..

Makes a lot of sense.  Agree with you in every way.


That all said ... this is Nintendo.  The only thing they've trained people to do is to scalp the living s&#@ out of their stuff.  There is zero indication the company has any idea how to adequately supply products, and the same goes for pre-orders.  I fully expect the company to screw up the Smash Bros. retailer exclusives.


Sure, Nintendo may make more SNES minis this time, but no way will there be enough to satisfy demand.  In other words, it's going to be a disaster.  We all know that.  I think we always try to tell ourselves every time the Big N will get this right, but deep down - way down - we know that's just us being wishful. 


We all know what will really happen.

#13694889 YMMV- Gamestop and Best Buy are receiving NES Classics. UPDATED

Posted by romeogbs19 on 20 April 2017 - 02:04 AM

Honestly, I'm going to remain a little skeptical over this report until Nintendo confirms it.  While there was ample talk of an SNES mini from moment the NES mini was announced, I thought any chance of a SNES mini were doomed as it became clear Nintendo had no idea how to handle the NES supply issue.  With the recent decision to discontinue it, I though the sheer negative ill will caused by the NES mini would have pushed Nintendo away from doing another one.  That, and well, a VC on the Switch seemed like just a better business proposition.  Why have something else out there that might steer a potential Switch buyer to a one-and-done toy?


It made sense.  Then again, it's Nintendo - so perhaps it made too much sense. If this is true, I'm frankly surprised.  The SNES mini is probably going to sell more units than the Switch.  Does Nintendo want to do that?  Does the device even make much money for them (once you consider the licensing royalties they would have to pay)?  


Or could this be the start of a tangible, connected virtual console?  Though then, again, what about the Switch?


While an SNES mini will certainly make money, it also looks like a desperate cash grab, and it also may take the spotlight away from the device Nintendo needs to get into as many players as possible as quickly as possible.  It's the only way, after all, 3rd parties are going to start making big announcements come E3 2018 (we all know this year will be mostly Nintendo with Mario Odyssey).  


But then again, this is Nintendo.  Why do I bother to keep trying to think anything the company does makes any sense?  

#13694109 YMMV- Gamestop and Best Buy are receiving NES Classics. UPDATED

Posted by romeogbs19 on 19 April 2017 - 03:46 AM

Nintendo has officially announced the end of NES Classic



:rofl: Hilarious!

#13690818 Nes classic in stock at Walmart ymmv

Posted by romeogbs19 on 14 April 2017 - 11:24 PM

They could have easily left wii u or 3ds on shelves if they were worried about the gap until switch launched, but they wanted the opposite.  I don't think the NESC was because they had no hardware to sell.

Yeah, sure, let's leave a bunch of inventory sitting on shelves that NO ONE wants and see a slew of drop into a clearance bin - that'll instill great confidence in buyers to pick up your next and upcoming hardware ... 


Nintendo - like many other companies - are very cautious about having their brands associated with clearance bins.  When Spirit Tracks was way overproduced and started popping up for less than $5 in TRU bins, Nintendo made public comments that they would take action to not let that happen again.


Thus - Nintendo recapturing all unsold hardware.  It's also a relationship issue with retailers who hate having to deal with giving shelfspace to companies that cannot move product.


In other words, there are MANY MANY reasons why Nintendo moved with the Classic and removed all their other hardware.


I've been in this industry a long time, and this is -- despite how people criticize Nintendo - not necessarily an irrational move.  Some might call it over-protecting, but companies like Nintendo whose value entirely rests with protecting its image/IP, it's not unusual.


The Classic was really a once-in-a-lifetime product.  You will never see anything like it again from this company ... well, perhaps after they're bought out by either Apple or Disney.

#13690795 Nes classic in stock at Walmart ymmv

Posted by romeogbs19 on 14 April 2017 - 11:00 PM

When people realize there's no more shipments wouldn't the price skyrocket?

Yeah ... sadly, I think the NES Classic will probably hold more value than even CAGers here think.  I'm doubtful Nintendo will ever make another device like this again.  Fact is the Classic owes much of its existence to the timing of the market.  Nintendo had nothing to sell over the holidays, with the Wii U dead and no games on the horizon.  I don't think Nintendo even wanted to do the Classic, but had pretty much nothing else it could quickly muster together when it saw the Switch wasn't going to be ready until right near the end of Q1 2017.


What else really can explain a company whose actions show it actually wasn't interested in selling it at all?  


I'm sure there were different camps at Nintendo - some who felt it made sense to satisfy its consumers and try and meet demand, and others who feared its popularity would overtake/cannibalize one of the Switch's future features - the VC.


That fight seemed to be between the lines in January when Nintendo seemed to be saying, "Yeah, we're still making more," and yet stores were barely seeing anything - not to mention the conflicting reports from some regions that NIntendo had told them it was being discontinued.


Finally, it seems the camp clamoring for the Classic's demise won out.  Honestly, it makes perfect business sense.  The Wii U suffered from confusion, and one of Nintendo's product efforts with the Switch is to consolidate the brand and its resources/energies.  The Classic only adds to the confusion, especially since we already know there WILL be a VC on Switch, and Nintendo is moving to an Xbox Live model.  


If anything, NIntendo just found out through the Classic how crazy insane people are and how much more they're willing to pay for this stuff.


Fully expect a Switch bundle that has the Classic library pre-loaded, or a voucher to incentive folks to join the Nintendo Live equivalent.  


No way is Nintendo ever going to do this sort of stand-alone, capped ecosystem device again outside of Japan.

#13690077 Walmart YMMV In Store Clearance Thread I

Posted by romeogbs19 on 14 April 2017 - 06:46 AM

Walmart in Dallas on Midway and 635. Here's a picture of the price tags.

Insane!  I don't even have an Xbone and I'm envious  =P~

#13689999 Nes classic in stock at Walmart ymmv

Posted by romeogbs19 on 14 April 2017 - 04:14 AM

 I have a backlog as long as the classic library

30 games is not a backlog for true CAGers  :-P

#13689863 Walmart YMMV In Store Clearance Thread I

Posted by romeogbs19 on 14 April 2017 - 01:33 AM

Seriously - where do you live, MrMayFace?  $1 - wow.  That is just insane. 

#13687955 Nintendo Switch in stock at some stores YMMV

Posted by romeogbs19 on 12 April 2017 - 12:44 AM

There is clearly more to the demand for the classic than the number of games, as it is very easy to get and play all of those games for free (or for the cost of a controller if you don't have one).

One factor is probably nostalgia, the other is the fact that they are so damn valuable and easy to resell as the past above yours proves...

Idk what I want Nintendo to do. Them producing a small amount to ensure sell through is good for business, but also good for scalpers.. . Producing too many is good for fans but bad for future projects that may be deemed too risky. I hate the stubborn Japanese business practices sometimes.

Fully expect Nintendo to stop producing the Classics for good very soon.  It doesn't make any business sense for the company to keep making these when it should be focused on getting the Switch into people's hands.  Add to this the fact that the item is being almost entirely scalped by parasites, and that makes it even more imperative for Nintendo to end it.  People are buying this thing for $150 -- that's already half of the price of a Switch.



Considering I've sold all 7 of the NES Classics I have found using Brickseek in the last 10 days after modding for $160. I doubt the price is the issue. These things sell usually within a hour or two super easy on facebook resale sites. It pretty much sells itself. where as people are having trouble scalping the switch.

Also just a tip if you're having trouble finding a classic just check brickseek @ 7:30 AM. Maybe I'm getting lucky but mine updates for Target or Walmart every morning and then I just stop when they open on my way to work. So far it's been accurate every time.


#13687091 Limited Run Games Thread - Dariusburst CS [PS4], Dariusburst CS LE [PS4], and...

Posted by romeogbs19 on 11 April 2017 - 03:14 AM

Flipping shows for major investments like houses and cars aren't entertaining because of the deals. People like watching those because of the alterations that are made to the product in question. The participants purchase a good, and then improve on the good, with an eye to how much those improvements cost, so that they come away with a net profit. A lot of thought has to go into what they do, how it will affect the final product, and how they balance the overall budget. How all of this comes together makes an interesting experience that can be a lot of fun to watch.


Reselling games has none of that. None. You buy a game, you go out and sell it to someone else, without making any changes. You don't do anything to improve the product to boost its value. It's just the bare minimum of buy cheap, sell dear. It's roughly comparable to stock trading, but with video games. You know what isn't fun to watch? Stock trading, that's what. I understand that some people get a thrill from stock trading, but no one would want to watch a show about that sort of investing. It just isn't entertaining for most people.


That's part of the reason why so few people here like to hear about that sort of short-term flipping. Bragging about such practices just makes you seem like you're a deal-ruiner. No one is impressed or entertained by the money you managed to make by picking up a bunch of copies of a game on sale and throwing them at GameStop, or putting them up for auction on eBay. You might find it thrilling, but no one else is going to appreciate it. It's boring on the face of it, and will just remind us of who we have to blame when we can't find those deals ourselves when we go out looking for them. If you want to do it, that's your business. But no one should come on these boards bragging about such achievements and expect to find a receptive audience. This is the wrong place to be touting such exploits.

Also thank you.  :bow:

#13686179 Nes classic in stock at Walmart ymmv

Posted by romeogbs19 on 10 April 2017 - 03:10 AM

You didn't do too badly considering. But I will pay MSRP at retail or forget it. Enough with this God damn company.

100% same mindset as you.  No way I'm putting up with the shit Nintendo puts its customers through.  It's getting to a point where I'm starting to associate their brand with that asshole who likes to just Fuck around with you for no other reason than because they think they can.  I hope more customers refuse to put up with their shit -- it's just bad business on so many fronts.

#13686176 Limited Run Games Thread - Dariusburst CS [PS4], Dariusburst CS LE [PS4], and...

Posted by romeogbs19 on 10 April 2017 - 03:03 AM

First-time poster....go easy on me!

Just discovered LRG a couple months ago and love their concept. Waiting for Salt&Sanctuary Vita physical release. But I also see that re-selling limited run games is a great investment too. Just curious (if I may ask): which LRG platform has better selling value on the open marketplace....PS4 or Vita? Does it just depend on the title? Thanks....

omg ... are you serious?  first-time poster -- make it your last one, too.