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#13495882 Nintendo Switch Revealed

Posted by romeogbs19 on 21 October 2016 - 02:46 AM

Super excited - the on-the-go totally fits the lifestyle of a commuter/mobile person with less and less time to spend sitting in front of a TV with scheduled time to play (i.e. me).  


I haven't bought a Nintendo machine day-one since the Gamecube (still bought the Wii and Wii U eventually).  The Switch is almost assuredly a day-one for me (and if not then, definitely WILL be getting one).  I just want some more details for a day-one.


I thought I'd buy Zelda on my Wii U, but now I think it will be with the Switch. 

#13438135 NES Classic Edition Pre-order at Target.com

Posted by romeogbs19 on 21 August 2016 - 06:57 PM

How expensive were carts?   or GameCube component cables?  History will prove they will stick with their usual strategy.    You say you will believe it when you see it.   I will believe it when Nintendo puts out enough to meet demand.   


It has taken them forever to go this route.  Like the one poster said they have found a way to resell the same game over and over.  

I had been waiting for super punchout for so long to take on the road.  LOL   


This machine IMo is out because of the success of the Estore.  


I have been gaming since the mid 70-'s they never change.   At first with mike tysons punchout  in 1987 I thought it is just tough to get but then I noticed the constant pattern.   

I think Nintendo is realizing that they've lost the young generation at the expense of keeping their nostalgic games price prohibitive for the 30-something Nintendo loyals.  Today's young gamers have put aside dedicated handheld gaming machines for their ipads and smartphones; and older gamers don't have the same time to sit behind the TV to commit even 2-3 hours of gaming on any regular schedule.  We have a lot of other commitments now - marriage, children, mortgages, etc.


IMHO, Nintendo releasing the mini-NES is a sort of silent concession - that it knows it can no longer feed off its loyals, and need to get their games into the hands of younger players as soon as possible and at a reasonable price point.  It's a way to get the loyals to try to have their younger kids play.


Unfortunately, I'm doubtful it will work in that way.  More likely the loyals will pick this up for the pure nostalgia of it.  BUT AGAIN, the Wii U has shown that the number of the Nintendo faithfuls is now at ~10 million players.  That is a small pot compared to the general gaming audience.


People are misjudging demand for this. It will sell through well initially based on the Nintendo faithful.  Demand will temper off after the first go around when people realize none of their kids are at all interested in playing with it.  It's a novelty item, with no ability for expansion.  It's Nintendo's way of trying to get kids on board (since they know most of us will buy these darn games again when NX comes out).

#13433868 NES Classic Edition Pre-order at Target.com

Posted by romeogbs19 on 17 August 2016 - 01:49 AM

As much as I'm interested in this, I'm not eager enough to pre-order.  I'm in no rush to buy it, so I'm willing to wait.  Also, the core 8-bit games on this thing I already have in some form, and the others, I'm not terribly interested in.  


I suppose I'm more intrigued by the idea of what a Classic SNES will look like.  I still have my NES (and all my games - including Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! :-)), but my cousin broke my SNES years ago, and I never bothered to replace it.  


And while I appreciate the super-reasonable price-tag, given my very limited free time, I doubt I'd get much more fun out of this than 10-30 minutes :-(  I'm more excited about the NX and the ability to get some of these on the virtual console :-)

#13419264 Devils Third on EBay for $29.99 brand new. (Direct from Nintendo). Show...

Posted by romeogbs19 on 31 July 2016 - 10:49 PM

Yes, the single player can enable auto aim and it helps vastly. Multiplayer doesn't have auto aim so you have to deal with the game's flawed aiming mechanics. When I played, I usually avoided long range weapons like sniper rifles and used close range weapons like autoshotgun + melee. It's far more entertaining and personal. ;) But since you don't care about multiplayer, you'll be fine with auto aim on in single player.

Cool - thanks for the clarification.  Looking forward to trying it.

#13417714 The CAG Backlog Support Group.

Posted by romeogbs19 on 30 July 2016 - 06:08 AM

Well my backlog is pretty hopeless I'm sitting at around 3100+ games now only about 20% of which I've beaten :P. So far this year I've beaten 10 games :rofl:.

Wow - now THAT'S a backlog.  Mine doesn't come close to that, but I know there's no way I'll be able to make a dent in it, either, until I'm either retired or just have nothing better to do.  Too little time right now, and too much else I'm interested in doing.

#13414452 Nintendo NX is officially launching in March 2017, won't be shown at E3

Posted by romeogbs19 on 27 July 2016 - 04:57 AM

Some of the negativity I'm seeing regarding the Eurogamer speculation is astonishing.  First, THIS news isn't *really* news.  Anyone who has been reading about the NX to date knows that this was a very likely and reasonable direction for the next Nintendo hardware.  I don't think any Nintendo player put much credence into those rumors that the NX would shoot for power parity with Sony and Microsoft.  The primary motivation behind people who wanted the NX to be uber-powerful were those 30-somethings who pined for the days when Nintendo was "king" of the video game industry.  

This notion that powerful consoles win console wars is just false.  We know that this is the first generation in a long time in which the exception became reality, but whatever you believe, power alone is NOT why PS4 is outselling the Xbox One.  There are a lot of other poor marketing/technical problems with the Xbox One that has led to the huge sales divide.  Power is just one factor.


Last gen, the Wii cleaned up; the gen before that, the PS2 won; and before that, the PSX.  In every one of those instances, the competition had stronger consoles.  Heck, that even plays out in handheld.  PSP and the Vita were always stronger machines, but neither could do much to steal market-share from Nintendo's GBA, DS and 3DS.


I view this move as a smart (and natural) one from Nintendo.  People/critics have to understand Nintendo has *never* cared much for third parties.  Unlike Sony or Microsoft, Nintendo is first and foremost a SOFTWARE developer.   It makes the most money from its software.  In other words, Nintendo is far more interested in making a system for ITS games, not companies which are effectively its competition.  Does Nintendo need some third-party support?  Sure.  But do we REALLY need a THIRD PlayStation or Xbox?  No.  Two consoles on that front are plenty enough.  I honestly have no doubt that if Nintendo tries to compete on power, that the NX will be a flaming disaster.  Nintendo's aim is to re-capture young players and appease its core base; merging the handheld and the home console into one platform is the best and most effective way to set about accomplishing that goal.


The Wii U's principle offense was not a lack of good software, but a lack of timely delivered software.  There were too many release deserts.  With game development costs and complexities rising, this generation showed Nintendo is UNABLE to support two platforms.  Had games like Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds been on Wii U, there is no debate that the system would have done better.


Nintendo's approach has *always* been to make compelling software on its system such that it essentially forces third parties to make games for it.  The Wii was, IMHO, an atrocious console (honestly hated it), but when you sell 100 million machines, there is no way third parties can NOT make games for it.  The same goes for Gamecube.  During the 360 generation, Square Enix had little desire to make games for the system, but given the 360's penetration in North America, business sense (as it often does) overpowered time-honored allegiances.  


Unifying Nintendo handheld studios with its console game makers *should* mean a LOT more games for the NX.  A steady diet of releases will ensure the NX has more Mario, more Zelda, and just more of all of its usually stellar games.  


We should expect the NX to be competitively priced for young gamers to sign on, and if Nintendo can migrate even a fraction of the DS/3DS audience (which, face it, we KNOW it will), and can get the core Nintendo players (~10 million based on Wii U sales) to come back, the NX should be fine.  Will it be Wii-level success?  Time will tell, but the Wii was lightning/alchemy; no one should expect the NX to be that.  The NX should easily be able to sell through 10-20 million in its first 2-3 years.  It should, if Nintendo plays this right, do far better than the Xbox One.


Microsoft's messaging with Scorpio/Slim has been a muddled fiasco.  It's not clear how well Sony will communicate/handle the upcoming NEO and VR platforms.  Nintendo seems to have learned to stick with a SIMPLE, CLEAN message.  A handheld/home console with games like Metroid, Mario, and Zelda out-of-the-gate will sell well.  If it is a Spring 2017 launch, it will be a slow burn, but so was the DS/3DS.


Those who keep insisting Nintendo go full third-party need to take another look at what the success of Pokemon GO ultimately means.  Nintendo's stock took a nosedive because as successful as games like GO might be, the lion's share of those profits end up going to the platform distributor (e.g. Apple got $30 million of GO's revenue).  In terms of using mobile to give a "small" taste of Nintendo brands, that makes sense, but the realities of the mobile business show why a Nintendo proprietary machine almost assuredly the more lucrative option for the company (at least for now and the near future).


Bottom-line: The unified platform for Nintendo makes a whole lot of sense, and is welcome, smart news.  All the doom and gloom over it is largely misplaced.  The industry panned Nintendo's DS and Wii, and we know the Big N proved the so-called experts and pundits wrong.   The Wii U, on the other hand, didn't work - but that's in large part because even Nintendo never quite grasped what the heck that gamepad was meant to do.


For all the "gimmicky" accusations being leveled at the NX, if you think about it, the console sounds VERY simple.  It is essentially a traditional console you can seamlessly carry around.  That's a SIMPLE message.  Hardly the confusing "new way" to play like the Wii or Wii U.  


Marketed right, the NX will do fine.  I actually hope Nintendo does nothing more crazy than what we've seen from Eurogamer.  If I can play the next amazing handheld games at-home on TV, and take the next awesome console game on-the-go, the NX may finally deliver that simple dream many gamers have been wanting for some time.  


As you can tell by now, I'm pretty excited :-)

#13406094 Nintendo NX is officially launching in March 2017, won't be shown at E3

Posted by romeogbs19 on 19 July 2016 - 06:24 AM

Oh yes they do. How do you explain:

Star Fox Zero
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
Mario Party 10
Wii Party U
Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash
Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival
Pokémon Rumble U

To name just a few. Nintendo's "development prowess" is a pale shadow of what it used to be, these days the company releases plenty of mediocre games.

Seriously?  I admit the Big N has had some mediocre releases, but Nintendo has always released some average (and on occasion, below average) games (e.g. Mario Party,  Mario Basketball,  Chibi Robo, Brain Academy).  It's part of any publisher's lineup - every company releases some below par games to offset costs or because a project just isn't coming together.  It happens.


It's no different than a major studio releasing some average films.  Not every game can strike lightning or gold, and it's just unrealistic.  Even Pixar/Disney release plenty of  duds in between masterpieces.  


Line up and compare any publisher/developer over the last 2-3 console generations and Nintendo easily owns the critically best games. Neither Sony nor Microsoft's internal studios can compare with Nintendo's.


But I agree to the extent that the Wii U has seen some issues, and I agree with RoytheRobot that at least some of this is because of the gimmicks Nintendo keeps forcing on its players.  Rainbow Curse would have been a better game without the touchscreen; Star Fox Zero absolutely would have been better off without Miyamoto's strange obsession with the gamepad.


Has Nintendo laid some bricks?  Sure.  Is it still among the best publishers/developers in the business?  Absolutely.  No one has the track record and pedigree that Nintendo has.  A Nintendo developed game still speaks to high quality and high technical craftsmanship.


That said, Nintendo needs its studios to converge on the NX, and drop the two-system support.  Hopefully, rumors of a merging between the handheld and console systems are true.  It will certainly do Nintendo good to bring its excellent handheld studios to the NX.  Games like Luigi's Mansion, Fire Emblem Awakening/Fates, Zelda Link Between Worlds can't be isolated to a handheld next go-around.  It has to all-developers on deck.

#13403904 Tokyo Mirage Sessions # FE Special Edition - In Stock @ Best Buy, Gamestop

Posted by romeogbs19 on 16 July 2016 - 09:08 PM

Title says it all.


Available at Best Buy and Gamestop.  Sold out at Amazon, Target, and everywhere else.


I presume this is a very limited supply, as I doubt the Big N is reprinting a Fire Emblem game on a console that's essentially been running on fumes for the last year.


Best Buy Link (UPDATE 7/20/16 - Came back in stock - last place to get it)


Gamestop Link (OOS)


A very fun game - especially for those who love the quirky Japanese RPGs.

#13386699 (Wii U) Tokyo Mirage Sessions Special Ed. - In Stock - Gamestop

Posted by romeogbs19 on 30 June 2016 - 05:42 AM

Title says it all.  Before the trolls hit ... Yes, this is MSRP, and No, there is no similar Amazon Prime or Best Buy Gamers Club discount  ... BUT this is the ONLY place where this Special Edition is still available.


Given the Wii U is on its last legs (heck, it's non-officially already dead), doubtful Nintendo will re-publish this SE version AND doubtful it got a big print run since Nintendo has barely even promoted it.


An excellent game, especially for Persona fans and Japanophiles.



Get one before they're gone!

#13380955 Star Fox Zero Wii U $41.10 at Amazon

Posted by romeogbs19 on 25 June 2016 - 02:39 AM



If you're really a Nintendo gamer, you might remember Zelda: Four Swords on GC. That was the first time they tried this. You went overworld on TV and caves/underworld on your GBA (BEFORE the backlight feature!). It was a mess. And not because of the dark screen on the GBA: it was painful going back and forth because it forced your eyes to adjust in harsh ways. Forcing players to do technical work on a small screen while also switching focus to a large screen... it's the epitome of eye discomfort. :fridge:


Years later, Nintendo is starved for a new gimmick and.... they go BACK to "CONNECTIVITY", a concept that failed hardcore. At the time, you might have argued that not enough people had GBA's to bring over to your house for a gaming session, but even when including the extra console/controller in the box, it STILL was a bad idea.


At this rate, Nintendo will bring back the POWER GLOVE and call it the latest innovation in motion controls. :joystick:


Yup - remember Zelda Four Swords (have it on my GCN, and I even have two GBAs).  That whole setup was crazy because to play multiplayer you needed multiple GBAs (remember FF:Crystal Chronicles?).  


At least for Zelda 4 Swords, your controlling of Link didn't rely on moving the darn controller around.  From what I've seen of SF0 is that people are trying to shoot, look at the cockpit and freaken move the gamepad around to aim/shoot.  That is just a horribly unnecessary and disorienting way to play the game.


At this point, I'm prepared for the NX to be a huge disappointment.  With Nintendo, I've come to the realization that the company never actually gives its core players what they want.  Since the Wii, the company seems obsessed with the need to always find a "new" way to play ... even when it doesn't make sense.  SF0 and even Skyward Sword are examples of that.  Just because you can do motion controls does NOT mean it always makes sense.  


Do I think Nintendo learned its lesson with the Wii U?  Based on Kimishima's latest comments (about the NX introducing yet another new way to play), I'm not sure they have.

#13379296 Star Fox Zero Wii U $41.10 at Amazon

Posted by romeogbs19 on 24 June 2016 - 01:35 AM

I am a lifelong Nintendo gamer (grew up on the NES, and have everyone Nintendo console since then), but I don't blindly defend the Big N's games just because it's Nintendo.  Console allegiances (i.e. fanboyism) is just plain silly.


Miyamoto is a legendary developer, but that won't stop me from saying that his insistence to force players to use the motion setup was a good idea.  It wasn't.  And fortunately, the abysmal sales of this game have proven that.  


The era of motion controls has passed.  I for one will be happy to see it go (or marginalized to non-existence). 

#13379255 Star Fox Zero Wii U $41.10 at Amazon

Posted by romeogbs19 on 24 June 2016 - 01:00 AM

I was excited for this game, but not anymore.  Very disappointed by the news Nintendo opted to force players to use the awkward motion controls.  It's just irrational to keep pushing that controller/motion moves at this point in the Wii U cycle when it's clear that players generally aren't fans of it.


I have only two more games I want on my Wii U - TMS#FE and Zelda (not jumping on the NX until I see that it's going to last; while the Wii U has had some good games, I'm not sure it's been worth it for the ~10 games I have on it).

#13311081 Nintendo NX is officially launching in March 2017, won't be shown at E3

Posted by romeogbs19 on 01 May 2016 - 03:06 AM

Of course, this is disappointing news, but I don't think anyone is super surprised by this.  The Wii U - putting aside what one thinks about how good or bad the console's games are -- is undoubtedly NOT salvageable.  Sales are dead, and nothing Nintendo could do at this point is going to change the direction of the machine.


I admit the Big N has been a frustrating company of late.  It seems like in many ways the company has been its own worst enemy.  The good news is that this kind of corporate public "admission" (which is what this essentially is) is rather unprecedented, and hopefully, a sign that the company has learned some key lessons, and that it intends to use the NX as its course to redemption.


Frankly, I hope Nintendo uses NX to cut everything from its previous consoles.  No backwards compatibility, no more wii-motes, no nothing. Start over and use it as a fresh start.  It's the best way to make sure customers understand that NX is NOT connected or related to what came before.


The Wii U was a solid system, IMHO.  It has some amazing games, but of late, Nintendo has cared too much, or at least has spread itself thin, on rather pointless nostalgic toys and trinkets (yes, I'm looking at those amiibos).  I get that those things make money, but they're a game company, and hopefully the NX returns their attention to that focus.   


I'm a Nintendo gamer - I have every system since the NES, and yeah, even stuck through during the Gamecube and Wii eras.  I did NOT like the Wii, but I appreciated what Nintendo was trying to do (Just couldn't get into Skyward Sword - really wanted that to just work with a regular controller).  I'm not one of those gamers who cares at all about the console war.   I do care that Nintendo continues to make games I want to play, and in that sense, the Wii U was fun, but not quite great.  


I do feel burned by it, but I'll support the NX.  That said, the Big N better really go BIG for that launch because many of my friends have now moved on or have said they'll get in ONLY if Nintendo proves itself again.  Nintendo may not be in any fiscal trouble (and they won't be anytime soon, even IF NX bombs), but I'd like to see them get this right so I can get a great set of new Nintendo titles.

#13200250 The Official CAG 2016 Pick-Ups Thread

Posted by romeogbs19 on 12 February 2016 - 12:53 PM

Eh.  I don't know.  A lot of those complaints stem from the mere fact that Ninja Theory tried something new with an old franchise.  In an industry that increasingly plays it too safe nowadays with its franchises, I was pleased to see a different take on Dante.  Ninja Theory doesn't do the kind of games Capcom does with DMC, which is why it was pretty cool.


Also, as to the lock-on feature, that is something the Definitive Edition added.

#13180613 The Official CAG 2016 Pick-Ups Thread

Posted by romeogbs19 on 31 January 2016 - 06:20 AM



So maintaining my resolution for this year to keep my media purchases down :-)


Only one above from December was Fatal Frame 4 Wii - imported it through PlayAsia.com, and it came this month (yay!) Since Nintendo refused to release FF5 on-disc, I spent that cash on FF4.  I am not a fan of digital games. Love this Fatal Frame title - which is done by the one and only Suda 51.


Picked up Nikita from Amazon UK (Maggie Q - so hot!).  Hitman (critics can say what they want, I enjoy this flick for what it is - a brainless action romp), Shaun the Sheep (such a charming film), MIB trilogy and the Martian from Target.  Season one of Shaun the Sheep, Rodea, and RE Revelations 2 from Best Buy, and Back to the Future from Walmart (had the buggy and ugly non-HD Wii game - skipped it; I love this re-released HD version).