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Fatal Frame Wii U - Digital Only - Are you buying it?

25 August 2015 - 03:23 AM



Really disappointed that Nintendo is not releasing a physical copy of this game for North America.  It was one of THE games that I was looking forward to this year, but I'm just NOT interested in downloading a 16GB game on my harddrive.  That, and I'm one of those who likes to OWN his game in a retail package.  


So anyone here going to pass on Fatal Frame because it's e-shop only?  


I think NOA's move is beyond obtuse.  I understand if Fatal Frame may not necessarily have the huge sales numbers, but games like this go a long way in demonstrating that your console has a wider breadth for a library than Mario and Zelda. 


Fatal Frame being a Wii U exclusive, Nintendo could have pushed this like they did Bayonetta 2.  There's no reason to make the former e-shop exclusive and hand the second a retail release, especially since I'd venture to guess that the audience for both games has a wide crossover.  


I hope Nintendo changes its mind, and offers the game for a limited physical release.  Anyone interested in starting a petition?   I'd totally sign it and I think a lot of others might too.


Nintendo lost my purchase on this one.  I was planning to preorder.  As a long-time Nintendo gamer (I've had every home console since the NES), I'm growing more and more frustrated by how Nintendo is handling this generation.  Yes, the Wii U has some decent games, but moves like this really reinforce Nintendo's inability to broaden its thinking beyond just its "kiddie" and family friendly titles.  


It really does seem Nintendo is more interested in selling plastic figures this go-around than make its games as appealing for buyers as possible.  When you have SO FEW games, the least you can do is make it available in retail form for your customers who've stuck by your console despite the fact that its release schedule is drier than the Sahara Desert ...


If anyone from Nintendo reads this, then PLEASE reconsider the e-shop exclusive release.  You're dooming the game pre-release.  It will sell terribly.