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Tokyo Mirage Sessions # FE Special Edition - In Stock @ Best Buy, Gamestop

16 July 2016 - 09:08 PM

Title says it all.


Available at Best Buy and Gamestop.  Sold out at Amazon, Target, and everywhere else.


I presume this is a very limited supply, as I doubt the Big N is reprinting a Fire Emblem game on a console that's essentially been running on fumes for the last year.


Best Buy Link (UPDATE 7/20/16 - Came back in stock - last place to get it)


Gamestop Link (OOS)


A very fun game - especially for those who love the quirky Japanese RPGs.

(Wii U) Tokyo Mirage Sessions Special Ed. - In Stock - Gamestop

30 June 2016 - 05:42 AM

Title says it all.  Before the trolls hit ... Yes, this is MSRP, and No, there is no similar Amazon Prime or Best Buy Gamers Club discount  ... BUT this is the ONLY place where this Special Edition is still available.


Given the Wii U is on its last legs (heck, it's non-officially already dead), doubtful Nintendo will re-publish this SE version AND doubtful it got a big print run since Nintendo has barely even promoted it.


An excellent game, especially for Persona fans and Japanophiles.



Get one before they're gone!