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Wii U - Show Us Your Collection!

10 February 2017 - 06:45 AM

Ah, the Wii U - the console that may be could have been, or should have been.  As the system sunsets and enters the realm of console history (and this thread starts to empty in place of the inevitable "Switch thread"), I thought it would be nice and worthwhile to have a place to share your collection and some of your fondest memories.


In the end, I can't say I'm a huge fan of the Wii U.  It gets less play time than my other systems, but it is oddly the one that I beat the most games on over the last few years (I don't have too much time to play anymore).  Bayonetta 2 ultimately sold me on the console, and while haters will hate, Devil's Third (which runs on the Unreal engine, BTW) is a far better and dare I say FUN game than people give it credit for.  


My fondest memory will be coming home and booting up Bayonetta 2 - and then watching that opening cinema where the logos hit the screen - Platinum, Sega, and Nintendo.  Such a wonderful sequence; I'm still in awe when I see those names come up like that.  Sure, Sonic has been in Smash, but not as many people know Bayonetta is closely connected to Sega, and that Bayonetta 2 was truly a collaborative effort across some of the greatest game-makers in the industry.


Anyways, I know I'll love my Wii U well after everyone else is walking around (literally) with the Switch.  My inner nerd is forever tied to Nintendo, its indelible mascots, and no matter how much of a love-hate relationship I have with them, there still really is no game developer out there that IMHO comes close.  Yes, the company makes dumb - and sometimes unbelievably dumb - decisions, and I don't defend idiotic choices - but I will (almost) always defend Nintendo's games as being among the best of breed in both execution, originality, and creativity.  Star Fox Zero I cannot and will not defend, however. :-k   


Nintendo (and just about everyone else) may want to pretend the Wii U never happened, but compared to the Wii (which I never liked much), I can easily say the Wii U was a solid Nintendo machine, and for those who were willing to give it a chance, it was home to some of the most polished games around.  While I have serious doubts about the viability of the Switch, I have no doubt that machine will be home to great Nintendo games, and I'm confident in a few years, I'll pick one up.  After all, I needs me Mario fix!   


And with that, here is a quick shot of my collection at the moment.  There might be a few other Wii U games I want to pick up, but not too many more left.  


Anyways ... Wii U ... sayonara  :cry:




Almost forgot - picked this little beauty up recently ... 




Picked up two more: