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#14246173 The Gamestop Thread

Posted by JoshTX on 18 December 2019 - 09:55 AM

Call me naïve, but even after all of these years I'm still not 100% sure why the "Gamestop ban" is such a significant thing. Keep in mind I'm not a big trader and not privy to a lot of the "flip" situations that go down. If it were the "flip" people that were the only ones getting banned, to some degree I could understand it.  


The point I am really trying to get at here is that I often hear of people being banned simply for trading in "a lot" of games. And that's the part I don't understand. Gamestop acts as if they WANT you to trade in stuff all the time. Every time you go in there they ask if you have trades, they encourage trades when they advertise new games, and they even offer promotions for trading in games. So why is it that if I were to decide to unload my collection one day, they would "ban" me simply for trading in "too much" stuff? It doesn't make much sense to me. If they are going to sell everything I trade in for profit, why would they cut themselves off from that opportunity? Why would they care that I woke up one day and decided to unload my entire collection of 200 PS4 games? Why do they feel the need to suddenly punish me for doing what they are asking me to do? I keep hearing about people getting banned after reaching a certain credit or profit margin. Are they automatically assuming the games are stolen when the margin gets too high? I guess this may be a dumb question but someone please enlighten me.

#14219361 The Home Arcade Tremendous Deals and Discussion Thread

Posted by JoshTX on 17 October 2019 - 01:52 PM

The Space Invaders cabs are now $154.00 in my area. But as much as I do like Space Invaders, I've only got space for 1-2 more of these and I don't want to blow it on a cabinet that only includes 1 game. The upcoming Burgertime cabinet is what I really want, and the fact that it has Bad Dudes on it is the icing on the cake. 

#14218782 The Home Arcade Tremendous Deals and Discussion Thread

Posted by JoshTX on 15 October 2019 - 08:28 AM

None of the Walmarts in my city have clearanced any of the cabs except for Asteroids/Centipede, but then if you check the rural Walmarts, damn near every one of them is clearancing the cabs. I drove about an hour into the boonies to score a Pac-Man cab for $150, and talked to the manager about why they were doing it. The response was that their store was too small and the units took up too much space, he wanted them out of there. 

#14215829 New GameStop.com Deals of the Day Sales - Every Wednesday & Saturday

Posted by JoshTX on 03 October 2019 - 05:49 PM

you think its worth going to Gamestop as a cheapass? what are you, an employee?

If you know how to "work" their trade in promos the right way you could make some serious bank. On any given day, sure, it's generally not in your best interests to do business with them. But when the right promotions and deals hit, It can beat shopping at Amazon, Best Buy, or anyone else. 

#14164838 Indie/Limited/Obscure Physical Release Deals and Discussion Thread

Posted by JoshTX on 15 May 2019 - 02:26 PM

Got my copy of R-Type on Monday. 

#14148493 The Gamestop Thread

Posted by JoshTX on 28 March 2019 - 02:40 PM

I’ve waited so long to play persona I might as well wait for whatever persona 5 royal is.

I haven't played P5 but Im assuming it's a complete edition with whatever DLC they may have released. I paid 16.99 for my copy of P5 from Best Buy with GCU which was probably a mistake even at that price because by the time I get around to playing the game it's probably going to be that cheap for the newer version. 

#14148466 OFFICIAL GOTY/Complete/Ultimate/DLC Edition Compilation Thread - Now Wikified...

Posted by JoshTX on 28 March 2019 - 01:43 PM

Still patiently awaiting the possibility that Spider-Man gets released as a GOTY or definitive edition. A google search reveals alot of speculation but no official word on anything. If the vanilla version hits $20 I might just have to cave and buy it but I would fully prefer a complete edition. 


On another note, a listing for a Killing Floor double pack has popped up on Gamestop. It includes the VR Killing Floor Incursion as well as the previously released Killing Floor 2. Of note is the fact that on the box art it claims that Killing Floor 2 includes the DLC. Considering the last retail release did not, that would make this one the definitve release of the game. 



#14148464 Official Playstation VR Deals and Discussion Thread

Posted by JoshTX on 28 March 2019 - 01:34 PM

For those of you like me who like to buy the physical copies of everything....a listing has popped up on Gamestop for a Killing Floor Double feature which includes the previously released Killing Floor 2 and the VR Killing Floor Incursion. I am assuming this will be a Gamestop exclusive release considering the previous Killing Floor game was a retailer exclusive release. 



#14145507 The Gamestop Thread

Posted by JoshTX on 21 March 2019 - 02:01 PM

I knocked over a display sign on accident at the Sunset GS and got yell at by Jeff (he was joking though).

I don't know the guys at that store personally, but I always felt like the customer service at that store in particular was better than most others. They actually gave me a free blu-ray movie once at that store that someone tried to trade in but they didn't accept. I guess when they said they couldn't take it the customer just left it there, and they asked if I was interested in it and handed it off to me. It was a John Woo flick so a pretty good freebie. 

#14145495 The Gamestop Thread

Posted by JoshTX on 21 March 2019 - 01:33 PM

Sometimes It’s good to step back and really look at things.

I did this at the GameStop I was at a few days ago, and Jesus, literally MORE THAN HALF the store is now not even video games - it’s literally figurines, hats, backpacks, shirts etc. insane. They have literally lost their identity.

I've been bitching about just this thing for a couple of years now. I remember how clean and organized the stores used to look, almost like a library of video games. Now the stores are cluttered with spinning t-shirt racks, glass display cases of figurines, and stuffed animals falling on the floor because it's hard to even walk through all of the mess of floor displays without knocking something off a rack. 

#14142745 FRY's Sale on Arrow Video Blu-Ray and DVD - Up to 50% off

Posted by JoshTX on 14 March 2019 - 08:39 PM

I'm posting this a bit late, but Fry's is having a sale on all their Arrow video titles both in store and online until 3/16. For anyone who may not know, Arrow is a British company that specializes in mostly niche, cult, older films. Their releases are very high print transfer quality and at regular prices usually run well over $20 apiece. Some stuff has sold out but there's still some great cult horror, Western, mystery, and drama stuff here.   



https://www.frys.com...P23 date:031019

#14142734 Limited Run Games Thread - Global Outbreak of...Delayed Shipping

Posted by JoshTX on 14 March 2019 - 08:24 PM

Has anyone else noticed that the Production Updates and Shipping Room pages are pretty much meaningless?


The Shipping Room page can go a week or more without changing, the Production Updates page says "shipping in process" or "shipping has begun" for weeks on end for the same titles. Some games will say "shipping starts on some particular date" then that date comes and goes and nothing ships.


My theory is the pages give the support department links to reply to all the helpdesk tickets in an attempt to pacify all of us suckers, er I mean customers.


Really incredible how abysmally bad the shipping has gotten - instead of getting better with time, it just gets worse.



tldr version: Dear Limited Run, please stop selling games before you have them in hand (other than open preorders).

"You'll get your shit eventually" 

#14130704 Limited Run Games Thread - Global Outbreak of...Delayed Shipping

Posted by JoshTX on 14 February 2019 - 11:36 PM

Pretty psyched for KOF 97. Anything Samurai Shodown related would be totally welcome, especially a physical port of the original game on Vita. Woooooo that would be nice. 

#14130696 Indie/Limited/Obscure Physical Release Deals and Discussion Thread

Posted by JoshTX on 14 February 2019 - 11:15 PM

I need to find that annoyed pigeon meme where he's trying to talk to the Crow about a game and all the Crow will say is "Where's the Nintendo Switch version" lol. 

#14107925 Official Playstation VR Deals and Discussion Thread

Posted by JoshTX on 21 December 2018 - 05:36 PM

I never said anything about worth. I just won’t pay MSRP for a short tech demo while real games they are much longer go on sale at lower prices.

Tech demo? C'mon man. You are kidding yourself. If the game isn't worth it to you personally, it just isn't. That's fine. But it's not a tech demo, not even close. 


Is it a "long" game in comparison to something like Spider-Man or Red Dead 2? No. Is it a complete, fully contained game? Yes. Tech demo implies that it is unfinished, lacks polish, and is missing key gameplay features that should be present in a finished product. 


Think of it this way...Fallout 76, despite the supposed length, is less of a finished product than Moss. One will crash on you within 30 minutes of playing despite being 100 hours long. The other will offer you a heartfelt and complete 4 hour experience.