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#12850709 Steam+ Deals Mega Thread (All PC Gaming Deals)

Posted by PenguinJim on 06 August 2015 - 01:49 AM



I have it. I punched a skeleton 52 times before it died, then a wolf killed me and I quit. That being said if spoder bro and fox bro group has a game night with it I'm in for once.

52? Are you SURE it was 52? Because my first time in 7 Days to Die I ran after a pig and punched it 52 times before it died. (Then a zombie killed me and I quit, and later I went back and it was my favorite game for a few weeks.)


What is it about 52 punches?


Savage Lands... yay or nay? I have a nice group of friends to play with. It seems anyone can host a game, so that's a good thing.

I'm interested at $6, but not at $8, for some reason. But there seems no interest in a 4-pack in CAG Trading - anyone here interested? (Sorry for talking about Steam deals.)

#12376135 Steam/Origin etc Buy/Sell/Trade Thread! - READ THE OP! ONE POST EVERY...

Posted by PenguinJim on 01 January 2015 - 03:31 AM



Paypal- $20




Paypal- $25

I'm also looking for this, if anyone's interested.

#12248828 Steam/Origin etc Buy/Sell/Trade Thread! - READ THE OP! ONE POST EVERY...

Posted by PenguinJim on 18 November 2014 - 07:05 AM

Yes, wait for a sale.

#12161907 GamersGate Thread: (Moved to the Steam+ Deals Thread)

Posted by PenguinJim on 15 October 2014 - 03:28 PM

Apparently the site was down due to the abuse Gamersgate is getting over the whole #gamergate thing.

#12159502 XBL Deals - 2014 - 3/2015

Posted by PenguinJim on 14 October 2014 - 03:12 PM

If you don't have Kingdoms Of Amalur yet, do yourself a favor and buy it. It's one of the most amazing open-world action-RPG experiences around, thanks to a fascinating world, lovely colours, a lovely combat system (that is closer to God Of War than to, say, Dragon Age), plus it's got tons of content: easily taking up 100 hours or more to complete everything. It's fairly easy too, and 1000G is definitely feasible difficulty-wise, it's only a bit time consuming. Same goes for its DLCs which are worth the money, although only one of the two seem to be on sale right now. I suggest trying out the demo, see how you like the combat system after a little bit of getting used to it: if you're into it, buy the game, to me it was worth a lot more than these 6 bucks.

Really? The artwork seems directly imported from WoW, the "lovely" combat system is rather dry and unsatisfying, the pacing is that of an MMO so it takes five times as long to do anything as it should - yes, you're right, it easily takes 100 hours to complete everything, but it could have been more satisfying if it had taken 20. Not to mention how easy it is on the most difficult setting. I've literally never died in the game, and only stumbled across the fact that it was possible to die from an online discussion. I honestly thought that it was a plot/gameplay point that it was impossible to die. Apparently a new difficulty setting was coming in a patch before the developers died of shame. How was it missing from the initial release?!


At least on PC you can throw on a difficulty mod and enjoy some challenge.


A 5-6/10 game. By no means horrible, ticking just enough boxes to get by. But up against last week's Dark Souls / The Witcher 2 RPGathon (or even Lego Batman 2), it simply doesn't compare. 100 hours here is a cost, not a benefit.


Just playing Devil's Advocate, of course. ;)

#11616781 XBL Deals - Jan 6 - Sep 4, 2014

Posted by PenguinJim on 17 March 2014 - 08:15 AM

WARFACE?! It sounds like a made-up game for The IT Crowd. :D

#11616779 Steam Deals Thread V11 ~ Let's move along, people...

Posted by PenguinJim on 17 March 2014 - 08:13 AM

And really, the "extortion" fees are 10% of the final value. That's it.

That's the eBay fee. You forgot the Paypal fee. And also don't forget the "Seller Protection" which is the equivalent of handing you a soiled tissue after your face has already absorbed the steady pee-stream also known as "Buyer Protection" if the winning bidder decides they want the item for free.

#11474296 XBL Deals - Jan 6 - Sep 4, 2014

Posted by PenguinJim on 26 January 2014 - 01:00 PM

this is completely unrelated, but I honestly dont even think theres any more DLC/XBLA games I'm dying for....I have $17 in MS monies left and Ive been debating picking up an Xbox dollars card since they're 5% off at BB and I have a $5 cert expiring next week, and I cant even convince myself to pull the trigger.

I managed to pick up a card with a 25% discount in preparation for July 2015 (the projected sale date of the ME3 DLC), but it also shows up on my Windows 8 account, so it's worth bearing in mind that you can use it for Win8 / RT apps in future.


And the One, I guess, should the worst come to the worst.

#11321408 Steam Group Buy and Gift Requests thread V3. Read rules before posting!

Posted by PenguinJim on 05 December 2013 - 01:38 PM

Looking for a spot in one of those Starbound packs. Please bear in mind that I am better than those other peons requesting a spot, and I therefore deserve top priority!

#10939232 The Steam Deals + Cards Thread V9 | Torchlight II Weekend

Posted by PenguinJim on 27 July 2013 - 03:25 AM

Please accept my apologies, Momouchi, I read all twenty posts - I mean, the comprehensive discussion - about STALKER but missed IkedaTeramusa's contributions - perhaps they were deleted? There wasn't exactly a STALKER mod discussion, either - just "use Complete". I'm surprised no-one mentioned using Float32 if you just want to improve graphics/performance without changing the game - but again, maybe that was brought up and discussed comprehensively in IkedaTeramuda's deleted STALKER posts? :D


(Are you confusing "inane" and... errr... "insane", possibly? I enjoy reading fun/funny posts, too - they contribute something, although I completely understand why it must annoy people here when they spiral out into pages of thread-destroying off-topicness. Look up "inane", it can be your word of the day! :))

#10939173 The Steam Deals + Cards Thread V9 | Torchlight II Weekend

Posted by PenguinJim on 27 July 2013 - 02:44 AM

I won't read a different thread.  I read this one.  When Steam updates once a day at 1pm EST... what are we supposed to talk about for the other 23 hrs? 


STALKER's on sale today. For anyone who missed it, which mods do you recommend? Just the basic double performance/improve quality mod, or STALKER Complete 2009(2012)? Is Clear Sky totally missable due to its redundancy, or did you actually find it to be the best of the three? Have you never played any of those games? Then it's worth picking up at least Shadow of Chernobyl, and probably Call of Pripyat as well.


I spy Space Hulk on the Steam store's front page as well, now. Two weeks to go! Any interest?


And how about Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing for $3.49 at GGG? Yay or nay? Edit: oops, thought this one was the recent one with the trading cards. In that case, I'm voting "nay"!


Or if you really have nothing to say... perhaps say nothing? I often go weeks at a time without actually posting, because someone else has already said what I want to say, or because I can't imagine anyone finding my post interesting, or because CAG's forum style changed and I want to get those little Karl Pilkington heads off my Chrome tabs ASAP. Despite appearances to the contrary, there's not actually a requirement here to clutter up deals threads with inanity.  :boxing:

#10868110 XBL Deals|7/4 Only- Witcher2, OrangeBox, More | 7/5 Only-Hitman:Absolution...

Posted by PenguinJim on 30 June 2013 - 02:45 PM

  This generation is the first one where people own a ton of stuff digitally on hard drives. For the first time they face the idea that if microsoft decides to make these things unavailable then they will be gone if their drives fail. For a lot of people this means that microsoft needs to either have some form of backwards compatibility or assure customer in writing that they will keep up some form of server, basically forever. They, like you, will make their choices when it comes to that.

My problem here is that when I was buying Nintendo Virtual Console games, MS XBLA games and Games on Demand, I thought it went without saying that I was buying them for that system (Wii or 360) and I'd have been absolutely crazy to assume they'd run on some nebulous unannounced future console (even assuming a future console would ever be made by that manufacturer, or that I'd even buy it). I thought that support for whatever I was buying wasn't guaranteed even the following day, but simply quite likely to last a few years.


But now and again, people come out of the woodwork claiming they bought these download games assuming they'd work on all future consoles until the end of time!  :baby:


Being a CAG isn't just about being cheap, IMO. It's about knowing what you're buying. Spend accordingly.  :bouncy: