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In Topic: Playstation Deals, PS Plus games, and Discussion

16 May 2021 - 08:48 PM

Hey, does anyone use the PS5 Media Remote to control their TV? It worked fine on my TCL Roku. Now it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't, usually not. What gives?

Mine has been doing e same thing. I switched the Sony Batteries out that came with it which seemed to help a bit; but I think mine and the issue is from rest mode back to active and power cycling (off-on) seemed to help too.

In Topic: The Gamestop Thread

08 January 2021 - 08:57 PM

If questioned, I just say I buy and trade a lot of games and that's good enough for them. Plus it's an easy way to get out of the "how was this game?" questions.

Another response I’ve found is to say your a trophy hunter / achievement hunter and you buy/sell games to keep up with DLC add-one and whatnot. You can even offer to show them your trophy counts, and you’ll pull it up on your phone, and by this point they are rushing to complete the transaction and deal with the next customers usually.

In Topic: The Gamestop Thread

30 December 2020 - 12:02 AM

Miles Morales is listed as $25 in the weekly ad so it should be $35 with the $10 bonus.

As of the 27th, yes, you are correct. The ad went live on the 27th so if I waited a day I would have gotten $8 more, but that price was still accurate as of the 26th when I traded mine in..

In Topic: The Gamestop Thread

27 December 2020 - 02:08 AM

Seems like most of the stuff released since the beginning of November doesn't have a TIV on their site. Stuff like Yakuza: Like a Dragon doesn't have a TIV and the only one I've found that does have one is Cyberpunk 2077. Also noticed that a bunch of games dropped in value this week and some don't even reach that $5 TIV minimum anymore.

Miles Morales PS5 is trading in for $27 after $10 bump since this is another title not showing up on the site. Had to purchase with a bundle and already platinumed, will probably buy back when it’s a Black Friday special down the road! Unloaded a bunch of other PS4 games too, Deadpool, PvZ2:GW, Darksiders, Modern Warfare, Snoopy’s grand adventure, extra controller all added up to $108. Store looked so bare now with them clearing stock ad others have described of last gen and the new floor model style.

In Topic: The Gamestop Thread

25 December 2020 - 07:38 AM

Hmm- couple quick questions, as I’m torn too on immortals for PS5, but it’s showing up as $39.99 whereas PS4 is 29.99?

- I found/know the PS4 includes a free next gen upgrade, so I could pop that disc in and then download it to my hard drive and play the ps5 version for $10 cheaper;

- but there hasn’t been any system updates or settings I missed where you can select to not auto download the PS4 game data when a disc is inserted right? (I know you can pause/cancel, but that is tiring every boot up or disc insert)
- I ask cause my SackBoy edition was with plush and PS4 version, so to play I have to ensure 2x the hard drive space for PS4 copy and ps5 can be installed...