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In Topic: Black Friday Videogame 2022 List and General Discussion

18 November 2022 - 09:53 PM

The dev said it's the exact same game with no benefits at all on the PS5.  Same loading speeds, graphics, and so on.  Nothing at all unique to that experience.   So, the main reasons to spend the extra $10 is the PS5 box (if you collect PS5 specific releases) and possibly having a separate (but same) trophy list.


Echoing this point but also I heard the PS4 disc was confirmed to have the PS5 Upgrade available via store for free ; so even IF you wanted to play the ps5 version you could with the PS4 copy. Really the PS5 collection point is the only thing I can think of now. 


I searched on some other PSN profile forums and research as I just purchased the PS4 copy myself for $20 too. 





So there's been nooooo deal for RE Village GOLD yet - right? I was holding out hope but as more and more ads leak its looking bleak. 

In Topic: Limited Run Games Thread - Nothing is Limited, We Make Everything Now!

13 October 2022 - 01:41 PM

On the note of Kemco, I finally got around to playing one of their games - Dragon STINKER.

Fixed and seeing your comment made me think about this joke from years ago and laugh. I couldn’t agree with you more Tothoro; which is actually playing on my PS5 now! (Totoro, not any Kemco game to clarify)

I think I ended like ~6 LRG vita titles away from their full set but am focusing on other vita games since we will never get the vita set reward. I think their plan was to have 1 title they didn’t release to officially be the last distributer for vita ( for claim or clout alone) and/or hope most of us are gone by the time it does release. I would say play and sell off what you can of LRG but that also might be since I’ve been updating my collecting strategies and expectations too.

In Topic: GameStop Adds More Than 100 Titles To 50% Off Clearance

09 October 2022 - 02:29 PM

They would need to have the sticker on them already. And each store is going to be different that others, so one store might have some of these games but it will be different games that are on clearence.

I don’t know if the sticker point is 100% accurate; I had saw your comment and grabbed 3 games listed as 19.99 New but all rang up as 9.99 clearance.
- my store had a bunch of older games with clearance stickers, but not this recent sale.
- the mall the store is in has major construction (literally have to walk around fencing and over new construction Nd concrete to get in) and foot traffic is super down since everyone thinks the store is closed.
- so they said they aren’t putting stickers out to save time/energy

Grabbed : thanks to OP and those for sharing in thread l
-PS5 Forgotten City $10
-PS5 Foreclosed
-PS5 Balan Wonderworld

In Topic: Playstation Deals, PS Plus games, and Discussion

05 October 2022 - 08:51 PM

I got 81 points for an $8.11 purchase.  $5 for 1250 points is a 4% return (better if you got your PSN credit at a discount).


50 point bonus for buying a $70 game is a bit weak.

I'm curious if to your point the 50 point bonus is just that , bonus + your dollar amount spent... i.e.

$74.56 spent = 745 points + 50 bonus ; if that makes sense? 

In Topic: Playstation Deals, PS Plus games, and Discussion

03 June 2022 - 01:36 AM

Cost me 20 or 30 for a month, plus the 10 to renew, but that's a cheaper upgrade of 3.5 years than paying Sony.

Yeah they are going for 40-70 now on eBay…