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In Topic: PM Studios Triple Black Friday Sale [Ending SOON!]

19 November 2019 - 02:32 AM

I received my Deemo order today.  I ordered it Friday and did not expect it to arrive so fast!  I think you'll all be happy when you open the package* :)



In Topic: PM Studios Triple Black Friday Sale [Ending SOON!]

15 November 2019 - 11:32 PM

The wording on the store page threw me a bit.  It's obviously buy 2 or more games then get free standard shipping + Cytus CD.  For some reason I just read it as free shipping on those games.  


I ended up buying Deemo for just under $22 after shipping anyway as that's just a fantastic deal for such a great game.  I already own the digital version on Switch, the Asian special edition on Vita, NA Vita digital version, and the base game on iOS. 


For the unfamiliar, Deemo is an utterly relaxing, self-paced music rhythm game with a unique story and gorgeous music.  The success conditions are rather generous IMO, but that's not a bad thing.  The Switch version feels like it unlocks stuff much, much faster than the Vita version.  I feel like I had to grind so much more in the Vita version(s) to unlock stuff.  I think the lessened Switch grind is a good thing because it contains all the DLC for free now and moving forward, so there's a lot to unlock.  As a DJ Max player, I think the pace of unlocks is wonderfully generous in Deemo.  Not too much too soon, but enough that you can come back after a few weeks/months away and somehow unlock something relatively quickly (as was the case for me today - a new song and a new book (album) of songs after just a few song plays!).


Admittedly, I haven't "beaten" the main story of any version of Deemo despite owning so many for so long.  I just enjoy taking my time and playing the songs that relax me or put me in a nice groove.  I treat each new cutscene unlock as a nice surprise, but not as a goal unto themselves.  In other words, play the game, relax, get emotional and/or groove, and walk away feeling good :)

In Topic: Sega genesis mini preorders are live

21 September 2019 - 04:49 AM

You want to unload one or both to a Cheapass?

I'm keeping them, sorry :) It's neat to use them with my kids so they can get a more authentic experience with the Mini ;)

In Topic: Sega genesis mini preorders are live

21 September 2019 - 12:49 AM

Anyone else order from Amazon and have it arrive in a bubble mailer? Predictably my box is thrashed, already started the return process and have one ready for pickup at Best Buy. Should have just done that in the first place.


Yup, I was a bit shocked to see the bubble mailer on my doorstep yesterday.  Lately Amazon has been great about sending things that generally warrant a box, well, in a box.  No actual dents on mine (I live 5 minutes away from an Amazon shipment center... which ships them to a delivery center further away, then back to my house - WTH :lol:), though the front of the box has some slight pressure marks.  Not bad enough for me to send back, and not so bad that my collector OCD felt the need to get a "perfect" one.

Anyway, sorry to hear about the damage.  Their packers don't always stay consistent or make sense.  One time I ordered a cheapo replacement power cable for an old boom box, and they send the 6' cable in a box big enough to ship two folded suits.  I could go on about other orders, but I'd get really, really off topic ;)


Overall I'm absolutely loving the Genesis Mini.  I figure $80 is well below what I would have comfortably paid for a Japanese version of Contra: The Hard Corps years ago when the price was reasonable, and now I pretty much own three versions of the game.  I think the selection of games is outstanding overall, and I understand why some games aren't on there as they're already on other compilations (and are possibly tied up because of it).  I would have preferred Ristar or a few other games (Pulseman would have been a really neat treat) over the likes of Eternal Champions, but again, for the price and the performance it's tough to be upset about the package as a whole.


The pack-in controllers are beautifully faithful to the originals, though I keep reaching for the Start button in the old place :D (edit: pack-ins have the Start button in the correct place - got confused with the 6-button version which I've been using the last 25+ years)  I enjoyed using them for nostalgia's sake, but like @defpally I bought the shoulder-buttoned Retro-bit 6-button pads ahead of time.  Those are glorious, and control and feel just as well as my original 6-button pads.  The Mode button is incredibly handy for accessing the save and load options, and I honestly can't go back to the original pads.  I highly recommend these pads, especially since they're USB and switchable between X-input and D-input.


Yes, there is some sound delay which is unfortunate, but after playing through the game list for a few hours it honestly didn't bother me much, and I forgot about it altogether most of the time thereafter (and I'm usually sorta picky about that kind of thing, so take that as you will).  I'm pretty happy with the input response on the Mini versus the (for me) annoying lag in the Genesis Classics Collection, so a tiny bit of audio lag on the Mini is a welcome compromise.

In Topic: TurboGrafx-16 Mini Retro Console (Amazon Exclusive : Pre-orders start July 15th)

15 July 2019 - 11:34 PM

^Same for me.  I was able to click on "Other Sellers on Amazon: 1 new from $99.99" which ended up being sold from Amazon anyway.


Received my preorder confirmation email right after I finalized the preorder.


Good luck, everyone!