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#12630450 3DS eShop Deals - 5/1: Free MH4U Theme, Shinen Spring Sale, KORG Sale, $...

Posted by NeoGutsman on 09 April 2015 - 05:52 PM

How is Tetris Ultimate?  I ask as a huge fan of the original GameBoy Tetris as well as Tetris DS.

#12544568 Steam+ Deals Mega Thread (All PC Gaming Deals)

Posted by NeoGutsman on 03 March 2015 - 06:45 PM

Man, Doujin 2 is the bundle that keeps giving.  My one regret is not ponying up for PigeonSim at the time because it was "too weird for me."  Anyway, this one looks like another great shmup.

Thanks for reminding me about the bundle.  I forgot I even bought that.  I then realized I had Hatoful Boyfriend in the bundle... and that I also bought it on sale on Steam not long ago @_@;  But yeah, one of the best Groupees bundles ever.

#12434220 3DS eShop Deals - 5/1: Free MH4U Theme, Shinen Spring Sale, KORG Sale, $...

Posted by NeoGutsman on 22 January 2015 - 11:20 PM

Also I'm kinda scared of the fact that it originally came with a stand to keep your hands from getting tired. Is it really that awkward?

Heads-up: I'm a righty so my comments may be invalid if you are left-handed.


I stopped using the stand after a while because I moved the circle pad around a lot during gameplay.  Your mileage may vary, but my opinion is that it's not necessary to use it to enjoy it.


As others have said, once you get used to the unique controls you start to understand why this game couldn't work with a Circle Pad Pro.  There's a degree of subtlety in the control that emerges as you learn how to dodge, swipe, flick, and manipulate the circle pad and stylus in unison.  It's not for everyone, but I would put it in terms of "a-ha!" moments when one "gets" the control.


The game is just amazing and super fun.  The better you play the better you're rewarded.   Taking risks also rewards the player in different ways.  I love the presentation, and the game is filled with all sorts of Nintendo in-jokes and breaking the 4th wall to charming effect.


Admittedly, I didn't beat the game, but that's mainly due to the original 3DS screen's 3D effect flickering as I played several intense levels.  I could have played in 2D but I felt the 3D helped me judge distance on platforms and in enemy fights.


Just my $0.02.  I know that "you'll love it when you finally get it as you acclimate to the controls" is a cop-out phrase, but this is one of those games.  I think $25 is a good price for it, personally.


EDIT: I fully admit that my hands got cramped after playing this, but that was on an original 3DS.  Maybe playing on a New 3DS XL will help.  Still a great game :)

#12420529 New Nintendo 3DS Bundles up for Preorder at Gamestop, Best Buy, Target! (...

Posted by NeoGutsman on 18 January 2015 - 02:19 AM

If anyone is also interested in Hori USA screen protector and clear TPU protector for new 3DS XL. Amazon has them listed as pre-orders now. These are US versions and for new 3DS XL.



Good research! Thanks for posting the links to the n3DS-specific accessories. Prime shipping rocks :D

#12416530 New Nintendo 3DS Bundles up for Preorder at Gamestop, Best Buy, Target! (...

Posted by NeoGutsman on 16 January 2015 - 05:21 AM

Thanks to everyone who helped out with Best Buy's first round of MM New 3DS XL preorders yesterday.  I could have ordered one from GameStop right after the Nintendo Direct livecast but wasn't sure about pulling the trigger at first.


...However, I had second thoughts about the design (the corner decorations seem misaligned but it's still neat for other fellow Zelda fans).  I sold my preorder to my coworker for exactly what I paid at Best Buy then preordered the Monster Hunter 4U New 3DS XL from GameStop.  He's a huge Zelda fan and was only able to preorder the black system originally.


Thanks for the heads-up on the Project S.T.E.A.M. preorder + Majora's Mask pin promo, folks.  I wasn't sure about the game at first but the previews look really cool.  Sorta like Fire Emblem meets Valkyria Chronicles.


Anyway, good luck to the rest of you in the coming weeks.  I sincerely hope more stock comes in for each of you.

#12411143 New Nintendo 3DS Bundles up for Preorder at Gamestop, Best Buy, Target! (...

Posted by NeoGutsman on 14 January 2015 - 07:46 PM

So what's the first game everyone will be playing on your brand new "New" XL?

I'm actually going to try out Kid Icarus Uprising and Zelda: TOoT first.  I really liked KIU a lot but stopped about 1/3 of the way through because all my stylus flicking and circle pad movement kept jarring the 3D just enough to make some levels really hard for me.  As for Zelda: Ocarina of Time, I could never find a good middle ground for the 3D slider on that game.  Not sure if it was just me as most other games in 3D mode worked fine for me.

#12410851 New Nintendo 3DS Bundles up for Preorder at Gamestop, Best Buy, Target! (...

Posted by NeoGutsman on 14 January 2015 - 06:43 PM

Do we know how transfering memory from the 3dS to new 3DS will work? Was it ever more complicted that an SD transfer?

System to system transfer FAQ here:




You can't just swap out SD cards; there are licences that need to be transferred from the original system to the new one (so it also requires an online connection).  I did this with my original 3DS to my 3DS XL, and I imagine it's essentially the same to a New 3DS XL system.

#12393132 Humble Megathread - Might & Magic Bundle - Indie Mag Weekly - Mobile 12 -...

Posted by NeoGutsman on 07 January 2015 - 06:53 PM

Wow, talk about great timing.  I checked out this thread basically because I just bought the Doctor Who Audio bundle, hoping to find someone who would chime in on the details.  Thanks, warreni!


Is there a particular order I should listen to these in?  I've read some are better than others, etc.  I suppose as long as I'm just listening to a good audio play that's good enough for me.  Thanks for any advice!

#12388804 GameStick $17/$20 (in store/online) at Gamestop

Posted by NeoGutsman on 06 January 2015 - 07:52 AM

I just remembered that I also buy most of the Humble Bundle Android deals when they come up. Looking forward to trying to get the HB app on the stick and download some of my purchases :D

#11838468 RetroN 5 $129.99 with free shipping @ ThinkGeek - The RetroN 5 deals thread

Posted by NeoGutsman on 13 June 2014 - 12:35 AM

Do I need any specific memory card in order to complete the firmware updates? I actually don't have any random memory cards floating around, only a flash drive.

You'll definitely need an SD memory card. I used a microSD card with SD adapter, but same thing, really. Your flash drive won't work, unfortunately.
The food news is that you don't need a big SD card since the files for updating are small. A cheap 4GB card is more than enough for your needs, if that.

#11456244 Amazon PCDD - Important Update New Community Manager Incoming!

Posted by NeoGutsman on 19 January 2014 - 07:58 AM

Marlowe Briggs is awesome, guys.  It's beautifully audacious, and that's a compliment.  I just started playing, and it's actually rather tongue-in-cheek in a fun way.  This is the exact kind of game I've been looking for my PC.

#11454956 Amazon PCDD - Important Update New Community Manager Incoming!

Posted by NeoGutsman on 18 January 2014 - 08:42 PM

Just wanted to chime in to anyone who is curious about Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.  I picked it up last month on Amazon PCDD and finally got around to playing it this week.  No spoilers, but basically it's one hell of a treat and I totally recommend it.  I think I'm near the end (it's a short game), but what's there is sweet and engaging.  The mechanics, as executed, are charming (you use the analog sticks to control each brother respectively, and the corresponding trigger button to activate context-sensitive actions).  I thought it would be maddening, but you're rarely forced to play as a pure test of your dexterity, and the game generally gives you ample time and clues to figure out how to progress.
Of note is the relationship between both brothers.  I won't go into detail, but it's very sincere.  I can't wait to finish the game tonight.  I kind of wish there were more games like this.  It's a real treat.
P.S. How do you make Secret selections on this board now?  I haven't posted much in a while and can't seem to find it.


P.P.S. I just finished the game a few minutes ago.  Wonderful, just... wonderful.  I HIGHLY recommend playing this with a good analog gamepad with rumble.  There are people who have played using keyboard, but trust me when I say that the game is totally worth having a rumble analog pad to play with.

#11417060 Groupees: [NEW] WDN! Twitch and Famous Bundle + WGN! Carlmageddon + A...

Posted by NeoGutsman on 04 January 2014 - 09:30 PM

It's not just Arthur Darvill's likeness and voice; it's actually the most sophisticated of what are admittedly a series of not-terribly-complicated adventure games. There's a lot going on. Here's my four-year-old review of the first two games: http://rimeoftheanci...-in-the-tardis/


You can't put him in the cupboard with a vicious dictator! That wouldn't be very cricket, would it?

Now I'm really looking forward to finishing these.  In a way I was hoping these wouldn't be overly complicated anyway.  I kind of just wanted to enjoy more of the story and characters, sorta like the Telltale Back to the Future adventure games.  Not that I don't like involved adventure games (I love The Longest Journey and similar games).


For the record, you guys made me laugh with the reference to the cupboard :D

#11415758 Groupees: [NEW] WDN! Twitch and Famous Bundle + WGN! Carlmageddon + A...

Posted by NeoGutsman on 04 January 2014 - 09:17 AM

I think the first season is episodes 1-4 for some reason.

I can confirm that the first "season" of the Doctor Who game is episodes 1-4 (after extracting the .zip, you'll find four executables).  The fifth episode is just that.  I agree that it's a bit confusing.
I've only played through about half of the first episode, and so far it's not bad.  The controls and camera fight each other a little, but given the price it's worth a download.
More thoughts:

  • The environments are pretty good.  The character models and animation, however, are a tad rough.  I think they should have gone with a more stylized look, like a mix of realistic and slight caricature.  There's an uncanny valley here, but it doesn't detract from the gameplay, of course.
  • Puzzles are fairly simple, but I've already encountered a kind of dexterity-based minigame which I'm going to dread if it appears again a third time (or more).
  • Stealthing around is fairly easy so far, but remember that I'm barely finished with Episode 1 ;)  We'll see if it gets harder; Amy is right behind you, so if you don't hustle, she'll get shot and you'll go back to the most recent save point.  I'm not a fan of stealth games, but so far it's okay.
  • Music is basically all Murray Gold (which I love).
  • You can collect cards which give you data on characters, villains, etc. in Doctor Who.  These aren't essential to beating the game, but they're kind of fun to go out of your way to obtain.
  • Some objects in the game give you random information about the show or info on things in general.  I'm not sure why I'd need to know the origin of an English taxi cab, but there it is :)
  • Lastly, Karen Gillan is as lively as Amy as her lines allow, which is to say she does well with what was written for Amy.  Matt Smith's lines are delivered a bit flat, and sometimes they don't seem to carry the gravity they should given a situation or character dialog.  It's not awful, but in fairness he probably had to read his lines quickly as he was likely also working on the show at the same time.  Perhaps things will pick up near the end of Episode 1 or in the other episodes.