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Skylanders Giants Starter Kit deals on Amazon $49.99 (PS3) / $57.06 (Wii U)

16 December 2012 - 09:10 PM

Amazon is selling the Skylanders Giants Starter Kits for some of the lowest prices I've seen. The PS3 version is $49.99 and the Wii U version is $57.06. Regular price is $74.99. http://www.amazon.co...3/dp/B0088MVQAU

The Starter Kit is the one that contains the new game, a portal, a "giants" character, and two regular characters. It's bit surprising that these packs are cheaper than the "Portal Owners Packs" that just contain the game and one giants character (like the one I bought yesterday for $59.99...).

GameFly Subscription GC sale - effectively half price at $22.95/2 mo./2 games

26 November 2012 - 05:50 PM

GameFly is offering discounted gift certificates for subscriptions to their rental service. http://www.gamefly.c...Certificate/Buy

Although gift certificates for the various subscription plans appear to be discounted, the clear best deal by my estimation is the 2 games out for 2 months for $22.95. $22.95 is the current regular price for a 1-month 2 games out subscription, making this effectively half price.

I have long used these gift certificates to pay for my own subscription to GameFly by e-mailing the gift certificates to myself and redeeming them. The price for the 2-game/2-month certificate has ranged from $27.95-$29.95 over the last year. The current holiday deal lowers the monthly cost of a 2-game plan to $11.48. This is better than the previous regular price of $13.98-$14.98 per month using GCs, and much better than the regular costs of $22.95 per month.

The e-mail announcing the sale says there's a limit of 5 gift certificate purchases per account. Presumably, this just means 5 at the sale price, as I've redeemed about eight 2-month gift certificates to date. One can have redeemed gift certificates lined up that will automatically be redeemed for future renewals.

Threads about GameFly deals often devolve into debates about strategies for/effectiveness of the service in getting the best games at launch. For my part, I love the service and have used it successfully to get some (but not every one I've wanted) hot launch titles and kids games for which I can't bring myself to pay full price, even though my kids want them shortly after they're released.