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Blog kburns10 > The Game Room is Actually..Fun?

Posted 13 October 2010


Remember this thing? Remember how everyone speculated it would be an old school arcade setup for our XBLA games and how wrong we were? Well it seems this thing has fallen into obscurity. Well this morning I was sick and looking for something to kill time with since I was...

Blog kburns10 > EA You're Doing it Wrong!

Posted 24 September 2010

This title is something that has been uttered by people countless times before. But today, I want to talk about something a little different. Fight Night.


Yes, Fight Night. This game revolutionized the boxing game as we know it. It's a great game and one I've particularly enjoyed playing against friends locally. But...

Blog kburns10 > Press Start

Posted 05 July 2010

This is the poem I've always wanted to write!

After writing Daydreamin' (An Ode to Super Mario Bros.) I knew I wanted a poem that referenced more than just Mario. And since video games have been a big part of my life, I wanted to personify my life as a video game. I think I finally accomplished that in this poem. I worked hard on this one and I hope you...

Blog kburns10 > The 90's: Part 2

Posted 27 June 2010

Sorry for the wait guys! Here it is! Part 2 of my 90's poems. I hope to someday finish Part 3!

Woke up the next day and it would appear
I've lost Scooby Doo. Where are you?
(Ooover here)
Ah! That's better! Now my day gets started

Hit the bus
Couldn't cuss
But the School House Rocked
Back in the day I was All That!

Plotting, scheming like Kenan
But yo...

Blog kburns10 > The 90's: Part 1

Posted 21 June 2010

Inspiration can come from the weirdest places!

Chain letters. We all get them. We all hate them. Except for the one that became the inspiration for this poem. I got a chain letter one time asking if I remembered the 90's. Of course I do! Best time to be a child EVER! Power Rangers, Pokemon, Ninja Turtles; we had it all! I started to think about the 90's...