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Blog Digital Idiot > My fondest (and worst) video game memory.

Posted 24 February 2010

In 1992, when I was 13, I was in a horrible car accident.

Driving 500 miles across Texas to get home for Christmas, my Mother fell asleep at the wheel and drove off of an overpass. The car bounced off the left side guardrail, hit the right side guardrail, mounted it, and rolled over it onto the highway 20 feet below.

The car landed in a heap, upside do...

Blog Digital Idiot > New Online Service to Offer Digital Trade-Ins

Posted 22 January 2010

So a start up digital distribution game vendor is going to be allowing you to "trade in" games you have purchased for credit towards another purchase.

Oddly enough they will be "reselling" these "used" games at a lower price point. That is just mind boggling. We are talking about digital downloads, there is LITERALLY no difference in the 1's and 0's of...

Blog Digital Idiot > Five Hundred Eighty Two

Posted 22 January 2010

Five Hundred Eighty Two. 582.

That is the number of games I currently have in my collection.

When does one admit they have a problem? When does one need help?

2010 Game Expenses are currently already $272.60. And we aren't even out of January yet!

At least I can console myself in the fact that I've saved on average 35% off MSRP of my purchases this...

Blog Digital Idiot > Retro Gaming History Lesson: Tetris comes to the West

Posted 21 January 2010

I planned today to do a write up of the weird copyright problems, controversy, and lawsuits surrounding Tetris as it moved from the USSR to the Western world, but I found as I was doing my research that people much smarter than I have already covered it extensively, and much better than I would have been able to.

So, here are some great links to read abo...

Blog Digital Idiot > Halo Reach Screenshots revealed, looks like Halo

Posted 20 January 2010

Earlier this morning EBGames.com.au mistakenly put up direct feed screenshots of Halo Reach. These are the same screenshots found in this month's Game Informer cover story.

Overall I'm not too impressed with the look of the game. Not much has changed since 2007's Halo 3 engine. I see some (slightly) higher resolution textures, additional geometry, and...