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Blog merchie89 > Started a thread in Off Topic to talk about movies.

Posted 20 May 2012

Like the title states, I started a thread in the Off Topic section to hopefully start a thread on movies in general.

Dont really have to the time, ambition, or money to spend alot on games anymore but still like coming on CAG to see whats going on.

Posting a blog to get more exposure to it. If you wanna talk about movies, come check it out.:hot::hot:

Blog merchie89 > Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives

Posted 12 May 2011


Blog merchie89 > It's Raining here in Iowa

Posted 07 May 2011

Its raining in iowa.

Whats the weather like where you are at?

Blog merchie89 > Really miss my ps3

Posted 27 January 2011

This is my first blog post here on CAG! WAHOO! Ive tried to blog a couple separate times and its failed but heres for starting new.

Over the summer while at home from college, I decided to get rid of my ps3 with the gamestop deal they had going on at the time where I got like 220 credit for it. Decided to trade it in because I had like 5 games, never pl...