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Blog skadave > The Aging Gamer (Guacamelee - I'm Done)

Posted 22 April 2013

2D Platformers are one of my favorite all-time genres. So the amount of arm twisting it took to purchase Guacamelee was negligible. I think I read about 4 tweets from a few video game journalists who convinced me to buy this game.

I purchased the game last week when I was on vacation with my wife, 2 children and my inlaws. For the record, traveling w...

Blog skadave > The Aging Gamer (Blog of Skadave)

Posted 18 April 2013

I am starting this blog to keep a journal of how my gaming experiences play out as i get older. I would like to start off by giving you some information about myself that may put things into perspective.

Age: 39
Born and Raised: NY Metropolitan Area
Current Residence: Maplewood NJ
Work: Manhattan Based Printing Company
Marital Status: Married
Children: 2...