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In Topic: Wepowershop $50 off 150

05 December 2015 - 10:40 PM

You sure you're doing it right checking the FedEx trick? Also what state are you in?

Yup, I even have the fedex shipment tracking. I'm in Colorado.



im 689 still nothing too. Weird. Did you have an order previously? Maybe they somehow messed up since I also had an order before it 

Nope, the WII U is the only order.

In Topic: Wepowershop $50 off 150

05 December 2015 - 08:59 PM

So is it safe to say that, I'm the only one who ordered a WII U and even had order number 667 and still haven't received any updates on my order? While I've seen people with order number in the high 16xx to 2xxx already received theirs (I tried using the fedex reference tracking, still nothing.)

In Topic: Wepowershop $50 off 150

02 December 2015 - 09:45 PM

Mine was 715.  I ordered mine probably in the early afternoon last Wednesday. 


Yeah, that's weird.  Most people posting that they received stuff had ordered PS4.   Hope you get yours soon though!


Thanks for the info.  That makes sense.  Now that I think of it, I think I have been in that situation before.  So you have ordered from this company in the past?

No, I never ordered from wepowershop.

In Topic: Wepowershop $50 off 150

02 December 2015 - 09:28 PM

Hi guys,  I've been lurking on this thread for the past few days.  I ordered the PS4 Battlefront bundle with the TAKE30 code last wednesday.  I received an Order Confirmation email but never received an Order Shipped email.  I did the Fedex reference# trick and it was shipped on Monday and arrived today.  I'll check it out tonight.


Like some people mentioned, the $220 charge on my CC statement is now also missing.  Who else received their order and no longer has the charge on their statement?

Mind if I ask what you order number was? Mine is 667 also ordered on Wednesday at 10:30AM-ish (I bought the WII U) but still haven't gotten any updates, no tracking using the reference tracking either. I also haven't seen anyone receiving their WII U yet either.


As for missing charges, there have been time where I ordered things online from a store outside of the US and have received the items, but not charged up until near the end of the month or at the start of the next month and this was the case with this store every time I purchase from them. (What I believe is that the company does a "bulk charge" (my own term for it, might be a real term though) where what they do is, they don't charge anyone up until their "charge period" then everyone will get charge by them).

In Topic: Wepowershop $50 off 150

30 November 2015 - 11:30 PM

What day did you order? I didn't order the Wii U, I ordered the PS4 on the 26th, but I haven't heard shit. I think after the SDers got a hold of it they got swamped with orders, so I think they are taking an especially long time to process them now.

I ordered on the 25th at like 10:30 in the morning. Did get a confirmation mail right after I ordered though.