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In Topic: The Official 2017 Yard Sale Thread - Passing the torch

30 July 2017 - 02:45 AM

Florida yard sales are dead in the middle of the summer.  There wasn't anything really advertised today outside of a sale I hit at open that stated they had games.  They let me hangout while they set up and I ended up with Knack PS4, Disc Only Vampire Rain 360, PS2 Complete GH Kingdom Hearts 2 and PS2 Final Fantasy X-2 missing manual for $6.  I drove around to a few sales and came close to buying a Mario Kart power wheel for the babies to grow into but passed.  I did find a estate sale where I bought to boxes of Magic Cards for $31 total which including 192 rares (mostly bulk) but 7 cards sell for what I paid..  A few years ago I would find MTG and Pokemon cards consistently but now they are hard to find as Cool Stuff is based where I am.


At the final sale I went to I found boxed NES games.  I may have overpaid but got Yoshi, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1 and Super Mario Bros 3 for $30.  TMNT is missing manual but I think I have an extra.  It has been a long while since I have seen boxed NES games.


Community Sales should start up soon, I have seen a lot of PS3 and 360 games this summer and hope to start seeing and acquiring  more retro games as we shift into fall.

In Topic: Minnesota Deals Topic

22 December 2016 - 03:55 AM

Yeah, I have been looking at the local trade sites and there isn't much to be had.  I hope that changes after the holidays.

In Topic: Minnesota Deals Topic

20 December 2016 - 11:31 PM

Hello Twin Cities.  I see this Thread has been Dormant for awhile but I am hoping there is some CAGs still around.  I am a CAG that has been on the site for a very long time and will be in MN for at least several months.  I have started hitting SAVERs but if anyone CAGs can direct me to some good game hunting spots, it would be appreciated.  Also, is there any indoor flea markets that are active during the winter?

In Topic: The Official 2016 Yard Sale Thread

08 December 2016 - 02:09 PM

Had a decent week last week.  I was at a sale that was setting up, another game guy I know rode up after me and asked me if I was going to buy everything.  I said I usually try to buy as a lot (this guy knows this, he asks to share) and the people running the sale were noticably uncomfortable with us waiting.  I ask the guy if he could hold the game stuff for me, since I was first, and Ill be back when he is scheduled to open.  He says yes.  I leave and, of course, the other guy is buying all the game stuff when I come back with another guy that showed up (I was gone for 10 mins).  They are buy a Final Fantasy 8 action figure.  The games are not that good and what they miss are some old DC Direct Sandman Figures.  I end up getting (packaging a bit rough) Morpheus, Death and Delirium for $1 each.  Delirium is quite collectable.  I then go off map and (finally) find some gamecube games at a sale.  They would not move on $5 each and I paid $10 for both Rogue Leader and Smash Brothers Melee.  I got back later and get XMen Legends II, Resident Evil 1 and another NGC game 3 for $10.  I also find a sale and end up with a NIB Optimus Prim Might Mugg figure, Kingdom Hearts Game Boy w/ Manual and 3 Common Complete GBA games for $9 total.  I also find a complete PS2 Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence (regular version) for $3 at a pawn. I continue hitting random sales on my way home and, near the end, I get New Copies of Return and Escape from Monkey Island for a quarter apiece.  One of those appears to be worth about $40 new..


Not a bad wrap to my yard sale year considering I did not have a lot of luck this year.  I will go out next week for an encore but I do not expect much.

In Topic: RPG Thread XX has over 100 hours of gameplay

06 December 2016 - 03:00 PM

Some very good points and I don't necessarily disagree with you on everything but I also had a different view, especially on Ardyn.



Spoilers away






Ardyn is not one of my favorite villains by any stretch.  I did find him to be a very confident villain.  I actually wanted to see him have a private moment or another villain to latch on to where (like a second in command) to where he would express some uncertainity to what he was doing, but that did come not happen.  I found Ardyn to be pure revenge and he seemed to not respect Noctis at all.  He was almost delighted to see Noctis had no control over his life (the arranged marriage to Lunafreya - followed by Insomnia fall - followed by collecting tombs / awakening the powers)/  Ardyn was able to manipulate Noctis easily (I could see why Noctis followed Ardyn at points) and for that, I understood why Ardyn was all snark.  When Noctis finally attacks Ardyn it seems that Ardyn is surprised that Noctis was finally not buying in to him (the dialogue for this part for Ardyn was Atrocius - "not cool man" did not fit with the character).  I thought when Ardyn met Noctis he hit the jackpot.


I agree with the Emperor, there should have been many more scenes with the Emperor and his advisors and many more boss battles with them.  There was a golden opportunity here and some cutscenes and dialogue showing the Emperor losing control of his empire was needed.  Instead, we never see him and that was a waste.


Ditto for Ravus, who we see, but he could have been a great tragic villain.  I think the issue here is expectation of what came before (Gilgamesh / Kuja / Seymour etc) for the character in his position.  He was serviceable but more time fighting and seeing Ravus would have worked out more.


I thought Prompto was going to be turned into a full daemon when you found him.  This probably should have actually happened.  It would not have actually changed what happened next, but that is where I thought the game was going.  I also thought Gladio was going to betray Noctis for his sister's safety when you confront Ardyn (reasoning was that Noctis didn't have it in him to save the world) and this would have explained his absence.  Scenes like these would have required an extra chapter or two before the end game to allow the party to heal but may have helped the game.


The developers absolutely blew a golden opportunity with Lunafreya.  There was not enough of her or the definition of her relationship with Noctis. 


Just a differing opinion on some things.  I agree there will be a sequel.  There was way too much money sunk into this game for Square not to use the world map again.