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#13886635 Toys"R"Us TRU YMMV In Store Clearance Thread I

Posted by Otherguy676 on 23 November 2017 - 01:27 AM

I'm at tru right now

Can add

Mario Tennis Wii U - $15.98
Mirrors Edge PS4 - $5.98
Talos Principle PS4 - $5.98
Rainbow Wii U - $5.98

Was able to get the dragon quest games and they had a Shantae deluxe Wii U for $20

#13868445 The Official 2017 Yard Sale Thread - Passing the torch

Posted by Otherguy676 on 05 November 2017 - 12:42 AM

I think I had my best gaming find in a long while this morning while driving home.


I had hit two community sales in the morning and did not find much.  Gaming wise, I got complete KOTOR II Xbox for $1 and Yoshi Touch and Go Complete for $5.  The Lady had a bunch of DS games but decided not to sell the rest as she was posting on ebay.  I also found a Game Boy Color with 5 games (Donkey Kong Country being the best) for $5.


I started to go back home and hit a sale that was posted all week and occurred on Friday.  Gaming competition is very competitive in my area and I was shocked to see there were still quality Genesis games there.  I got Complete Copies of X-Men, X-Men II, Indiana Jones, Shadow of the Beast, Superman, and Pirates Gold for $10.  On my way out I noticed a very dirty Radio Shack computer. I left and decided to look it up in my car. 


It turns out the Radio Shack computer is a Tandy and had 10 cartrideges with it along with a bunch of attachments.  The person told me she was going to throw it away and said they would take $10 for it.  I could have gotten it cheaper but knew the Tandy itself goes for $40 parts only.  I looked up the cartridges and they go between $10 to $50 apiece.  The various attachments seem to be pretty rare. 


I continue to drive home and find a yard sale sign for a sale that took me all over the place.  I drive all these back roads only to find the yard sale is next to a main road which would have saved me time. I ask for games and the guy walks me to another game boy lot with a very dirty game boy and 6 dirty games.  I see Contra Alien Wars with some other games and the guy tells me he wants $2 for everything.


I don't really look at the games until I get in the car.  I see Tetris, Wheel of Fortune, Snoopy, F1 Race and a Potato game I vaguely remember hearing about.  I start to drive when I realize the potato game is an Atlus game and I look it up.


It turns out I lucked into Spud's Adventure, one of the rarest games on the system.  It was really dirty and worked after several attempts and ends up being a not so bad game.  Between the Tandy lot and Spud's Adventure I think I made out well today.

#13539003 $8 Video Games List @ TARGET during Black Friday Sale (11/24 - 11/26)

Posted by Otherguy676 on 25 November 2016 - 02:14 AM

You can add


Lego Batman 3 PS3

Arkham Origins Blackgate 3DS

#13418272 The Official 2016 Yard Sale Thread

Posted by Otherguy676 on 30 July 2016 - 07:10 PM

Not much today but I did end up with


Naruto 1, 2, and 3 for 360 for $9

Sleeping Dogs PS4 - $5

Metal Gear Solid V PS4 - $5

The Division PS4 - $5


Also ended up with 8 DC Rebirth #1s and 2 other DC comics for $5 (Includes DC Rebirth and Batman Rebirth 1)


Also ended up with 11 Anime (I believe One Piece and Naruto) figures / PVC display figures for $11 from the people that sold me the Naruto games.

#13396802 The Official 2016 Yard Sale Thread

Posted by Otherguy676 on 10 July 2016 - 12:24 AM

Drove a lot today but I saw my competition at the first sale I went to, knocking on the guys door.  I ended up going to a community sale 30 miles away and came back later and got some shovelware that was left and a Pikachu Amiibo.  I also saw the same competition waiting at another sale that specifically stated no early birds.


Anyways, I think I was the only game guy at the Community Sale and, despite many people telling me they werent bringing out games, I ended up with


Spore Heroes Wii - $2


WRC FIA World Rally Championship PS3

Skylanders Trap Team Wii

Skylanders Giants Wii

Need for Speed Wii (Disc Only)

Hasbro Family Game Night 3 Wii

Star Wars Force Unleashed Wii

Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword w/ Symphonic CD

Skylanders Accessories, 6 Skylanders, portals


All for $7.  I think they wanted $2 for Zelda, I bought the whole thing as I knew I was making out and they basically gave me the skylanders.


I then got


Wii Sports Resort

Wi Mario Super SLuggers

Wii Rayman Raving Rabbids 2

Wii Mario Party 8

Wii Super Mario Galaxy 2

Wii Mario Super Sluggers


All for $10 (asking $14).  The same sale had a few PS4 games, I offered $3 apiece but they held at $5 (The Crew and Farcry 4) so I left them.


I then went back to the yard sale where the guy was knocking on the door.  They sold a lot but I saw the loose Pikachu Amiibo and was able to get that and


Scooby-Doo! First Frights Wii

de Blob Wii

Spongebob's Truth or Square

Namco Museum Remix


All for $6.  Not a great deal, but my wife will like Spngebob.


On the way home I was able to get a few more things.


Bolt Xbox 360 Sealed

Super Bust a Move 2 PS2

Kingdom Hearts 2 PS2

Sword in the Stone DVD Platinum Edition Sealed


All for $5.  I saw the DVD and figured it worth it to build a deal around.


Finally, someone sold me Complete DS My Sims Kingdom and Zoo Tycoon DS for $1 Total.  The wife may like to try those.


Lots of Wii stuff.  I also ended up with a lot of baseball cards for $5.  It included 4 albums full of sheets.  2 albums were empty, 1 was filled with base 2013 Topps Magic football and the other had a bunch of 2013 Topps Allen and Ginter base cards with some SPs and common inserts.  There was also a box of 1992 Donruss baseball.  I usually stay away from Sports cards unless they are pre 1980 or high odd inserts but I know Allen and Ginter are $3 to $4 a pack and thee are abouts 30 to 40 SPs (short print) cards that should be $1 apiece.

#13395457 The Official 2016 Yard Sale Thread

Posted by Otherguy676 on 08 July 2016 - 02:30 PM

Yard sale ethics are always an interesting topic.


When buying games, I try to judge it on the day I am having, who the seller is, and on how my most recent encounter with competition has been.  For example, if I having spent much time going around or haven't driven around much or eaten, I think I am more likely to pay the asking price or talk down less.  If the seller is a kid versus an adult, or if they don't begin by stating something along the lines they want this gone,  I think I try to pay more for games.  I also try to pay more than competition in case someone has more games and calls / texts later, that way the competition doesn't try to persuade them to be called instead.


I am also more likely to buy a lot of common games if I get a harder to find one in the process.  For example, this morning someone had a Raiden Project PS1 complete for $2.  Instead of buying just that one, I bought 6 for $10, including games I would not have bought otherwise as $10 was more than fair for Raiden Project and Resident Evil 2.  So I ended up with some filler games I do not believe I have that I normally wouldn't have paid more that a buck for - Pitfall 3D, Activision Classics, Wipeout XL and a disc only Wii Sports Resort (the 'free game').


I did start recently to pay more than asking price if the deal is stellar (as long as the seller isn't rude) and I hope to continue this trend as I do not want to feel bad about something.


For items in less demand, such as comics or magic and pokemon cards, I tend to negotiate a lot more as those items are more condition sensitive and people usually have a better idea of what the actual value is.


That being said, this is just my opinion and I do not blame anyone for getting a cheap price as long as they aren't being an obvious jerk.


I do not believe its right to snake a deal (being the first one there in cutting in line, offering more than someone is trying to negotiate for), 'spreading out' over items, trying to resell what you buy on the spot, using one of the cliche'd lines that isn't true that we have all heard, and many other jerk like things that I am sure we've all seen.




I didn't realize Raiden Project was a $50+ game.  I thought it was half that max.

#13389745 The Official 2016 Yard Sale Thread

Posted by Otherguy676 on 02 July 2016 - 10:46 PM

I expected it to be dry like it has been the last few weeks.  FL is usually dead in the summer because of the heat and this is usually one of the worst weekends.


I did get some comics and games after not being the first to a few games. 


I ended up with


Madden 15 X1 - $1

COD IV X360 - $1

Battlefield III X360 - $1 (Im close to finding one of these a week)

Ratchet and Clank Into the Nexus and another Ratchet PS3 Game - $5 total


At one of the last sales, I was looking through a box and a guy asked me to move my car as he stated I trapped him in (which I didn't, bu Im happy to help).  As soon as I left the boxes, a guy pulled out a bunch of DS games in a holder.  I came back after moving my car and was kicking myself and went to leave.  As I walk off, I see him out the game holder down.  I casually walked back and grabbed it.  The Kid sold it to me for $5, I gave him $9 as I expected it to be a lot more.  I ended up with (highlights, mostly cart only, some with manuals)


Pokemon Pearl (2 Copies)

New Super Mario Bros (has manual)

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

Pokemon Soul Silver

Mario and Sonic at Olympics (cart stick ripped off, came with manual)


Super Scribblenauts

Lego Indiana Jones 2


Spongebob Drawn to Life

9 others I dont recall but mostly shovelware


I also got 45 comics for $15, nothing great but highlights include


X Factor 6 (1st Apocalypse, probably in F / VF-

Spider Man Annual Wedding - NM / VF +

Spider Man vs Wolverine 1 - VF - / VF +

3 issues in Kraven's Last Hunt Story

About 15 to 20 Marvel GI Joe Issues

Transformers Marvel 4 through 12 with a few others

5th Marvel Graphic Novel 4 (1st New Mutants)

Random 1st printing Marvel Graphic Novel of a concept that didn't go anywhere


Not the best comic lot but I am stocking up on Marvel GI Joe and Transformers as IDW begins the shared universe (and apparently so does Dreamworks).

#13354156 The Official 2016 Yard Sale Thread

Posted by Otherguy676 on 03 June 2016 - 11:23 PM

I went to a few sales today and could not find any video games.  Someone advertised a bunch of Pokemon figures so I went to grab my wife a Squirtle figure (ended up being a large drink bottle).  They had a bunch more items and I bought the following for $25


- loose 1992 Deadpool Figure

- loose Joker Hush Figure

- loose Batman Hush Figure

- loose 2004 Darkseid figure

- loose Hush Poison Ivy Figure

- loose 2015 Power Armor Lex Luthor figure

- loose Unknown set Batman figure with stand

- a box of Pokemon Cards with 42 Foil Rares and 1 EX Card

- Box of G1 Transformers with some accessories - G1 Brawn, G1 Red Alert, G1 Skids, G1 Hoist, G1 Bluestreak, G1 Twintwist, G1 Sideswipe

- A near complete Diaclone including Small figures (missing missles)


The Diaclone was the steal of the day.  I dont usually buy toys unless they are G1s or boxed but once I saw the G1 and pokemon cards I decided to take a chance on the DC figures.  I left a lot of DC figures and I may go back in the morning and grab them.  The Diaclone looks really nice on the shelf in the game room.

#13337435 The Official 2016 Yard Sale Thread

Posted by Otherguy676 on 21 May 2016 - 09:16 PM

Had a pretty good find today. I haven't had a NES find in awhile and that changed this morning. I hit a Community sale of townhomes as it started at 7am. The third or fourth sale that was opening had a lot of baby stuff and I asked for video games. The game asked if I bought old games and I told him the older the better. He went inside and I bought a bath toy for my 5 1/2 month old. He then walks out with a junky storage container of consoles (NES toaster, N64, Yellowed SNES and a brick game boy) and a really nice box of games. I ended up getting the whole lot for $40 and got (all cart only)

Zelda 1
Zelda 2
Double Dragon 2
Super Mario / Duck Hunt w/ manual
Mario 2 w/ manual
Mario 3
Road Blasters
Turtles 1
King of the Beach
Dragon Warrior 1
Tetris 1 w/ manual
Final Fantasy

Super Mario Kart
Star Fox
Super Mario World

Star fox 64
Perfect Dark
Ocarina of time

Game Boy
Double Dragon

Also got a NES game doctor and a NES controller Doctor

The rest of the day was slow. I actually went back to the above Sale and x360 Need for Speed Most Wanted

I ended up hitting 2 other Community sales. The rest of the games I got were

3x Mario Kart wii (one from Friday) - $5, $5, $4
New Super Mario Wii (in pack in sleeve from Friday) - $5
Kingdom Hearts GH - $2
Star Wars Battlefront GH - $2
Model 2 Xbox 360 no wires - $5 (no idea if it works, with the new lot I figured I could take a chance)
GBA AC adapter - $1

#13328673 The Official 2016 Yard Sale Thread

Posted by Otherguy676 on 14 May 2016 - 09:35 PM

Made a mistake and went to a community sale at the Southern end of Orlando that was over an hour from me.  It ended up being a bust and only got 360 Black Ops, 360 Battlefield 3, and 360 Modern Warfare 3 for $4 total.


I hit a bunch of random sales on the way home and made my way to an advertised video games sale that stated no early birds.  I figured I would miss everything as they would have people waiting.  Instead, I was told I was the first person there to want video games and ended up with a 12 gig PS3 Slim, 1 PS2 Game (Crash), 8 DS Games (Cart Only) and 7 Game Boy Advance Games (Cart Only) for $30 Total.  Not a bad find and saved the day a bit.

#13319761 The Official 2016 Yard Sale Thread

Posted by Otherguy676 on 08 May 2016 - 12:08 AM

Not a great games day today, ended up with some scratched disc only Wii games (New Super Mario Wii, DK Returns, Wii Mario Baseball, Broken Sword, Mario Kart Wii and Mario Party 8 with Case) for $9, DS cart only Sonic Chronicles and Sonic Rush for $3 total, and 360 Stoked Snowboarding(?) with Disc Only Shaun White 360 for $2.


On the non game front, I ended up with hot wheels in box for $1 total (I think there is 7 of them, bought them to divy out to nephews), and a few game plushes and toys on the cheap.


The most impressive finds were a 32 inch JVC flatscreen TV for $20.  This is the second straight week I have found and bought a small working flatscreen and I think I may hang this on my porch.


I also got a working, like new, ASUS Nexus 7 tablet with case for $5 for my 5 month old son.  He has started to hold his grandmother's tablet and watch cartoons on it.  I was going to buy a cheap tablet for him for his 6 month birthday next month but I lucked out with the Nexus 7 which is much nicer than anyone I would bought him.


Also, today is Free Comic Book Day and George Perez (Avengers, Justice League, Crisis on Infinite Earth, Teen Titans and Infinity Gauntlet artist, among other stories / runs) was at a Comic shop up the street from me.  He graciously did a sketch of my son as Beast Boy on a blank comic cover for me that I gave to my Wife for Mothers day (they watch Teen Titans Go together).  If you ever get a chance to meet George Perez, he is far and away one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet and it was really cool of him to spend time drawing my son.

#13310754 The Official 2016 Yard Sale Thread

Posted by Otherguy676 on 30 April 2016 - 08:35 PM

I hit a Community sale today that I did not really want to to go to as its full of competition.  When I pull up to the first sale, I ask for games and told that I'm 'like the 100th person that asked that this morning'.  Not a good sign.


I hit about 10 sales and nothing.  I start looking to where to go next and I find this old man who had some PS1 games in the corner.  While I am looking through them, he tells me $5 apiece, then $3 apiece.  He then hits on a woman that walks up to his sell by telling her she looks like a swimsuit model.  She starts to yell at for insullting her and he turns to me after the exchange and asks me to make an offer.  I offer him $20, he tells me I'm killing him and he takes my money.  I end up with (all complete PS1)


Pit Ball

Tenchu 1

Twisted Metal GH

Twisted Metal 3

Twisted Metal 4



Point Blank

Final Fantasy VII Black Label

Time Crisis


As I'm leaving, I see an old Konami Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Basketball LCD games that I ask him to through in.  He does and I decide to stay in the neighborhood.


Close to that sale I find a complete Gamecube Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess for .50 cents.  I then end up with PS2 Dirge of Cerebus, PS2 Champions of Norrath, DS Atari Anniversary, and 3DS Mario Party with 2 Naruto plushes for $10.


Finally, for game sales, I negotiate 13 complete Common X Box 360 games for $20. 


I end up also buying a 24 inch Westinghoute Flat screen TV for our kitchen which is the first time I've been able to get such a TV at a yard sale. Guy let it go for $15 and showed me it worked and said he's moving and impressed upon me no one else had asked about this morning.  His neighbor down the street was selling nearly the same TV for $100, which I got a good laugh about.


I also found a couple clearing up their DVD collection.  The apparently do not open their DVDs and I ended up with 16 Disney Classics, most still sealed and complete Blu Ray 3d Copies of Guardians of the Galaxy and Amazing Spider Man 2 for $15 total.


Not a bad sale day. I cut my day short as he wife graciously agrees to watch the baby Saturday morning so I can go to yard sales and the gym.  Its the first yard sale season with the little guy and I have taken him to a few on Fridays when I'm off work.  He helped neogtiate some comics for me a few weeks ago by laughing at the lady holding the sale.  I ended up getting 21 comics (for $20), among which were


Legends 3 (First Villain Suicide Squad)

Avengers 31, at least VF (first cheap silver age book Ive found in a while)

Punisher first series mini series # 1 , # 2, #3

Amazing Spider Man 289

Amazing Spider Man 296

Web of Spider Man # 1

X Factor 5 (first Apoc cameo), 6 (first complete Apoc)

Legends 1 (first Amanda Waller)


He was a good little negotiator.

#13247383 The Official 2016 Yard Sale Thread

Posted by Otherguy676 on 14 March 2016 - 12:32 AM

Decent value day, although the competition is getting worse each yard sell season.


Ended up with

Complete Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes - $5

Shenmue complete - $7

Resident Evil Operation Racoon City PS3 - $3

Call of Duty Black Ops PS3 - $3

1996 Final Fantasy Keychains, set of 5 - $4

1997 Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3 figure set - $4

PS2 Fat with accessories in excellent shape - $10


The Final Fantasy keychains are worth $15 apiece and the Zelda figures look to sell for $20 apiece.  They really look nice in my game room.  I've been looking for a complete Twin Snakes for awhile so that was nice addition. 

#13029939 The Official 2015 Yard Sale Thread Post your finds!

Posted by Otherguy676 on 14 November 2015 - 10:07 PM

I appreciate the advice.  I didn't see the guy today.  My area, which has a few universities, gets extremely competitive with games.  Most of the game buyers I've met have been decent.  It's unfortuanate someone like Acura guy can't wait his turn.


Anyways today was weirdest day of the season.


I got up and left early as there were a number of game and comic sales advertised.  I was the first one at many of them, and almost everything was overpriced, however, all the sellers were really cool.


Having no luck, I hit a few community sales and was ttold I missed out on a big game bundle.  Other games I saw weren't great, and ended up with a few dollar 360 games that I wasn't sure if I had.  Also forgot to check game cases and ended up buying 2 PSP cases without games for $1 apiece.


So I head home and see this yard sale on the side of a busy main road at around 11am.  The girl running the sale tells me she doesn't have video games but she does have some old toys and pulls out a Return of the Jedi Ewok still in the package.  She sells it to me for a $1 and I continue to look at her stuff and ask her again about games.  She comments her brother had a Sega CD and she walks into her garage and she pulls out a Sonic CD (pink disc) and a NES controller.  She sells me those for $3 and I start to leave when she yells for me that she found her Sega CD.  She pulls out a large box (so Im expecting a Model 1) and hands it to me.  Its a complete CDX!  She sells it to me for $21 as she isn't sure its working (this one turns out to work great).  I am going to check with her tomorrow as she said she has tons of crap to take out and may have a lot more games and maybe some G1 Transformers now that she thinks about it.


So after my wife meets me to drop my car off for an oil change, we drive home and see a yard sale in my very well traveled neighborhood.  I have never had a game find pass 8am and I know a number of resellers hit my neighborhood early every Saturday.  We see overpriced old games at this yard sale and I spot a torn apart DS case with Pokemon on it.  I ask if they have any more games and they say no and then I ask for any Pokemon stuff.  Guy walks out with Pokemon cards (something I dont see anymore as stores offer $60 per 1000 commons in my area) and theres some EX cards and bunch of cards my wife likes.  Guy sells them for $5 to get rid of them and then hands me a case with a DS and some empty pokemon DS game cases.  He sells me the DS lot for $20.  In the car, my wife counts 27 games, 11 of which are main series Pokemon games (with a bunch of side games and notable GBA games).  This was found close to 1pm which is crazy.


Definitely my best 'late day' finds in a few years.  I'm glad to have a working CDx which takes up a lot less space than the Sega Genesis I have plugged in up in my game cave.

#10162476 2013 Yard Sale Thread

Posted by Otherguy676 on 06 January 2013 - 05:39 PM

Yesterday there was one community sale. Only a few video games purchases to talk about.

1) A DS game case with 4 cart only game - Super Princes Peach, Nintendogs, Tamagotchi 2, Hannah Montana
2) A PH NGC Paper Mario (w/o manual) for $10, I caved to sell it to pay for the day and travel

My first stop of the day netted me a Sonic plush, Knuckles plush, some pokemon figurines, 3 Pokemon comics, and (ironically enough) a NGC Paper Mario manual