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Blog GhostShark > Weekly Comic Book Reviews #7! Avengers, Thunderbolts and X-Files!

Posted 20 August 2010

Another fairly decent week with plenty of books to sate any appetite. Three Avengers books find their way to shops and one crosses over into Thunderbolts territory! A couple X-Men books, as well. Not to mention more Batman Beyond and some really amazing covers!

"QUICK SHOT" Reviews!
New Mutants #16 by Zeb Wells and Leonard Kirk
- Another stellar issue f...

Blog GhostShark > Weekly Comic Book Reviews #6 with The Walking Dead #76!

Posted 13 August 2010

Hey there, dudes! I am back for another week of comic book reviews!:bouncy: This week turned out to be a rather slow week as both DC and Marvel had very little to choose from and it was (surprise here) The Walking Dead that stole the limelight of the week once again!8-) The week was so slow that I had to reduce myself to buying old Brightest Day issues. T...

Blog GhostShark > Weekly Comic Book Reviews #5 featuring S.H.I.E.L.D. #3!

Posted 05 August 2010

For the week of 8/1 through 8/7!

The first week of August is off to a rather decent, but altogether slow start. However there were a slew of great books this week. I pulled a pretty decent assortment of comics (primarily Marvel) and am currently...

Blog GhostShark > Weekly Comic Book Reviews #4 feature X-Men Legacy!

Posted 30 July 2010

For the week of 7/25-7/31!:bouncy::bouncy::bouncy:


This week was a pretty busy week for comics. I pulled 10 when I had only planned to pull about 7. A couple of books caught my eye. Namely Stellar and Gotham City Sirens. I also picked out my monthly hardcover in X-...

Blog GhostShark > My Tales from Miami and Orlando, Florida!

Posted 26 July 2010

I recently just got back from my week long vacation in Florida in which I spent half the time in Miami and the rest of the time in Orlando. I must say that Orlando is a much more entertaining city.

There really wasn't much for me to do in Florida outside of walk the beach. That's quite enjoyable and fun in itself. The beach is nothing but MILF city, tho...