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Blog jacobeid > What Sony Has Done Right, And What They Need To Do With The NGP

Posted 28 January 2011

Nobody can deny that this is a huge year for the Playstation. Along with the multitude of exclusives coming to PS3 plus the all of the amazing multiplatform games due this year, it is a good time to be a playstation owner. What I did not expect was Sony to bring out the big guns last night. The PSP, despite its high sales numbers, can still be considered...

Blog jacobeid > Hello, extra life, and a preview of what's to come

Posted 18 October 2010

I’d like to start off my blog here at CAG by talking about my background a little bit. I am nineteen years old, and I have developed a serious love for gaming. Of course, I was not always a gaming addict, but it did not take me long to get here.

My first passion in life was music. My father is a musician and I started playing drums and guitar at a very e...