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Updated: Amazon: LEGO Jurassic World X1 ($16.88) or PS4 ($21.34)

04 August 2016 - 06:34 PM

CamelCamelCamel.com says this is the cheapest it has ever been for the X1 version on the site.


Both have been slowly decreasing the last few days so maybe it goes lower.


X1:  https://www.amazon.c...pf_rd_i=desktop Edit: Now $16.88


PS4: https://www.amazon.c... jurassic world Edit: Now $21.34

GameStop Spring Sale Starts 3/18 thru 3/27

15 March 2016 - 06:32 PM

****​Offer not Valid until 3/21 for most games*****


Link to GameStop Website (Thanks Geco17)




:xb1: Gear of War Ultimate $9.99 (Starts 3/21)


:ps4:  :ps3: Little Big Planet 3 $9.99


:ps3:  Gran Turismo 6 $4.99


Save $50 on Xbox One Bundles (Starts on 3/20 and goes until 4/30)

Gears of War Ultimate Bundle 500 GB $299.99

The Division Bundle 1 TB $349.99


$41.99 (EA Games) Deluxe Versions are $10 more.

Offer not Valid until 3/21 for most games.

:xb1:  :ps4: Star Wars Battlefront

:xb1:  :ps4: Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2

:xb1:  :ps4: UFC 2

:xb1:  :ps4: FIFA 16



Offer not Valid until 3/21 for most games.

:xb1: :ps4:  Fallout 4 

:xb1: :ps4:  NBA 2K16

:xb1: :ps4:  WWE 2k16 

:xb1: :ps4:  GTAV 

:xb1: :ps4:  LEGO Marvel Avengers

:xb1: :ps4:  LEGO Jurassic Park

:xb1: :ps4:  Mad Max

:xb1:      Tomb Raider

:xb1:      Halo 5

:xb1:      Forza 6



:xb1:  :ps4: Batman Arkham Knight

:xb1:      Halo MCC



:xb1:     Rare Replay


Lego Dimensions

:xb1:  :ps4: Starter Packs $59.99

:xb1:  :ps4: Level Packs $19.99

:xb1:  :ps4: Team Packs $14.99

:xb1:  :ps4: Fun Packs $7.49


:xb1:  :ps4: Disney Infinity 3.0 Starter $44.99

:xb1:  :ps4: Disney Infinity 3.0 Figures $9.99

:xb1:  :ps4: Disney Inifinity Marvel Battlegrounds $24.99


:xb1:  :ps4: Rock Band 4 (with guitar?) $69.99


Buy any 2 Pop Vinyls get a Dorbz Free (WTF is a Dorbz?)

Buy 3 get 1 Free on all Plushes ($12.99)

Buy 4 get 1 Free on all Pokemon Booster Packs ($3.99)

Buy 4 get 1 Free on all Blind Boxes