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Dave Mirra: Dead at 41 of apparent suicide

05 February 2016 - 05:11 AM

Was never into skateboarding or BMX but I still loved watching a guy like Mirra do his thing.  I feel bad for his family.  Not sure if this is a depression thing but if so please go get help before making a permanent solution for a temporary problem. Peace.



American Express Offer: Spend $100 get $30 statement Credit at Walmart or Tar...

27 June 2015 - 04:00 PM

So I am posting this very well knowing I could get crap about posting it but I decided I would share anyway. Mods can move this is they choose.


I received an email from my AMEX telling me I had a new offer of spending $100 at Target or Walmart and getting back $30. It also said I could do it up to 5 times.  It expires on 7/31/15.


Anyway it is definitely YMMV but if you have a AMEX card you might want to check it out.


Good deal on XBL or PSN credit.

ANOVA One Sous Vide Cooker for $99 on Amazon

31 May 2015 - 12:38 AM

Credit goes to ruxpin810 over at slickdeals. 


Original Anova One Sous Vide Cooker for $99 on Amazon
Anova's running a $100 off promo on Amazon for their original model sous vide device. 


Originally $199, $99 after promo code ANOVAONE, good until 6/12/15. Ships free, even free One-Day shipping with Prime.

I am really considering getting this at what seems a great price.  Anyone actually do any cooking by this method? I hear steak turns out awesome.

RAPTR Phasing Out Console Support

20 March 2015 - 12:51 PM

Not sure how many of you still use this because it seemed to be broken a lot but Raptr is dropping consoles in favor of concentrating on the PC experience.  Not sure if I will close my account or not since I do a little PC gaming.  Here is the E-mail.




When Raptr started out, we offered Steam and XBL achievements and PSN trophy tracking, PC/Xbox 360 gameplay tracking, plus unified buddy lists and chat. As Raptr grew, we realized there was a big demand for features that improved the PC gaming experience, such as game optimizations, easy Twitch streaming, and lightweight video capture. 

But on the console side, you may have noticed some features stopped updating, as changes to Xbox Live and PSN would repeatedly break our system. 

We believe our mission is to make PC gaming fun and effortless, and therefore we've decided to focus our resources on PC gaming exclusively. We will retire all remaining console support in the near future. For additional details, see our FAQ.

Your console-related information is still available on Xbox Live and PSN, and for those looking for a unified tracking solution, we recommend Playfire.

We'd like to thank console gamers for using Raptr, and we hope you'll check out our PC gaming features and stick around!

-Team Raptr 

AMC and Regal offering 29 hours 11 movie Marvel Marathon For Age of Ultron

09 March 2015 - 12:33 PM

As long as deodorant is required for entry I guess it could be fun.  Oh yeah $65 for all 11 movies including Age of Ultron.