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Blog 4thHorseman > Mother 4 - Need Questions

Posted 03 September 2013

So I write for a small site www.vgu.tv and I was trying to set up an interview with the people behind the Mother 4 fan-game that released a trailer last month. You can see the trailer here:

While I have my own questions; I wanted to ask the CAG community, especially those fans of th...

Blog 4thHorseman > It's Been One Year

Posted 05 August 2013

On Saturday, we celebrated the first birthday of my little boy. Last year I posted this: http://www.cheapassg...ially-a-father/

and now a year (and a day later), I'm posting another thing devoted to my son.

For those who aren't parents, let me say, it's probably the greatest feeling imaginable. I have no other way...

Blog 4thHorseman > Xbox One: Still Not Sold

Posted 28 June 2013


Recently Microsoft backpedaled on it's controversial decision regarding their DRM practices. While many were happy with the change, some of us still see more things that need to change. Some label us "Sony Cronies" or "Haters just to hate", Microsoft st...

Blog 4thHorseman > Why the Xbox One has a Harder Battle than the Xbox 360

Posted 23 May 2013


I think it's safe to say that the Xbox 360 proved successful for Microsoft. They are within 3 million sales of breaking 80 million units worldwide since it's initial launch in November of 2005. While it has had it's own hiccups...

Blog 4thHorseman > Outlandish Video Game Fan Theories

Posted 17 May 2013

Fan theories may border on fan-fic, but there is something about them that can take a substandard story and turn it into something else entirely. Movies and cartoons often get this treatment such as Dr. Claw being the real Inspector Gadget trying to get revenge on an inferior machine that replaced him or that The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is really Wil...