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Blog ssk Phantom ssk > Must read!!!!!!

Posted 02 May 2010

Must READ!!!


Dave's brother is a very advanced programmer who does computer work for a
living and has a high up status with Microsoft. He doesn't send these if
they aren't real. If he says this is for real, it for sure is. Be


Hi All,

I checked with Norton Anti-Virus, and they are gearing up for this

I check...

Blog ssk Phantom ssk > Sigma Team Website

Posted 15 April 2010

This site is cool, and it has some free games to download,but also you can buy games for real cheap on this site. Here is the URL to the website, www.sigma-team.net I like there games alot and I have 3 games from them. I got Zombies 2 and Theseus - Return of the Hero and Alien Shooter 2. They are all good games.

Blog ssk Phantom ssk > Tampered with

Posted 05 April 2010

I did this trade with a guy with no feed back. It was going good till I got the package. First the package looked like it was riped open and then resealed. So I was looking some more at it and I looked and I tought I could be wrong, so I open it and got the 2 games cases and opened them and there was no game in each of the cases. And now the guy wants me...