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Blog Darklurkr23 > Win 500 bucks

Posted 06 September 2013


Blog Darklurkr23 > Win a 50 buck Amazon Card

Posted 06 September 2013


Blog Darklurkr23 > Vote for typhoon contest! - Now Sweeter!

Posted 02 June 2010

Hey everybody. I know it's not a secret that I love the new Mountain Dew Typhoon flavor. Well I'm starting to get a little worried it might not win as it's down 40/16/44 (Typhoon /Distortion /White Out Respectively).

So. I've decided to hold a "contest" of sorts.
I know I may be a new CAGer but I assure you all I'm quite serious.

At stake here...

Blog Darklurkr23 > Vote Mountain Dew TYPHOON!

Posted 29 May 2010

Ok this shouldn't come as a surprise but just reminding everyone out there to vote for the new Dewmocracy flavors. Voting ends June 14th and Typhoon magically is down by 3 points versus Whiteout. God that stuff is garbage. Weird in America how the worst is first, the best is 2nd, and the third hasn't even been tried. I must've spoke to like 50 people...