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why do deal threads get deleted constantly

02 November 2010 - 08:21 PM

my deal thread about the $199 ps3 due to a price error by hhgregg with a link to the pdf of the original paper circular they had online, got deleted. hggregg knew about it but was still honoring it by offering a GC for $100. other stores that knew too would still honor it with a price match with an original paper ad or print out. i PMed the mod shrike4242 and he said it was being 'exploited'. i told him how is it any different from any thread about price errors? he replied i was looking for an argument and that such deals belong on SD.

i think CAG misses out on deals due to such thinking. how can it even be thought of being 'exploited' when stores are aware of it and will still honor it at their discretion and with the legitimate evidence provided?
also, is CAG not a known deal site? and why does one have to think of SD in an unfavorable way for such deals? SD and FW are two of the largest, most visited, and known deal sites, and they get sponsorship and cash back from a lot of large, known companies, so why are they still doing business with these sites, if SD is to be thought of as a site only for 'exploited' deals? i only see GameStop as a sponsor at CAG, and no cash back.

i use CAG to look for deals and info and also post any that i find and know so that all can share. but i don't understand why there is always an ongoing problem with posting deals and info on CAG with mods that seem to think of them otherwise. any deal and info can be 'exploited' in any way by anyone so whatever good deal and info that gets the most attention gets deleted here whenever it seems. FW and SD have threads about the same deal and info and they have tens of thousands of views, so such threads here would be likewise and benefit CAG and its users and visitors, and my thread did. and their processes for communication with mods and deletions are much better and more professional than CAG from my experience.

i sent an email and used the Contact Us form to contact CheapyD explaining the above to ask to have my thread restored.

enable attachments in posts

01 November 2010 - 02:46 PM

can you enable attachments of file types pdf, excel, txt, jpg, bmp, png, gif please.

who moderates the mods

20 August 2010 - 02:31 PM

please do tell.