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Blog Drclaw411 > Why don't we just create a used game account and tell the world the password?

Posted 23 May 2013

Why not? If Xbox One and/or PS4 require a fee of any sort to play used games unless they are tied to an account, how about the gamers of the world help each other out?

Here's how it'd work:

(1) an account is made with username/gamertag as Playused, and the password as password. Email could be something like playused@yahoo.com . Plaster this account info...

Blog Drclaw411 > February 2013 Pick-Ups

Posted 24 March 2013

I actually forgot I hadn't posted this yet...better late than never!

I found this at TRU and thought it'd look great on my gaming shelves. I'm pretty happy with it. I took him out of the box already, he's on the top shelf with So...

Blog Drclaw411 > My PS3 just died. I have a few questions, if anyone can answer them.

Posted 13 March 2013

I posted this in the Sony forum first, but I figured more would see it here.

Well, this sucks. My launch 60gb PS3 just died. Red blinking light. It happens a few moments ago while I was watching my brand new Wreck It Ralph blu-ray (seems Ralph wrecked my PS3, lol).

This is extremely deflating. I've had this thing since launch, and played the hell out o...

Blog Drclaw411 > eBay: decent price? Auction ends in 6 days.

Posted 10 March 2013

Anybody else frustrated with the expensive of the vita? Sony asks essentially $400 to start their handheld ($250 for console, $100 for largest memory card (needed), and $50 for one game.

I have found myself in the market for a new Vita. I do have one Vita game, but there are many I'd like to play. Problem is, the console is, essentially, over half the li...

Blog Drclaw411 > January 2013 Pick-Ups

Posted 13 February 2013

I'm a bit late on this blog, but I'm quite pleased with what I grabbed in January.

Most of this is from the GameStop GC clearance. The two games without covers are Harvest Moon and Mystic Heroes. The Kao game for PS2 was suppose...