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Blog rjbooth > Pandora's Tower Coming in March

Posted 19 January 2013

Was at gamestop today and got asked to preorder Pandora's Tower for wii. Almost fell down thinking they were messing with me but it appears to be true Pandora's Tower is coming out in March. Oh I did preorder.

Blog rjbooth > Hunted Early Impressions

Posted 02 June 2011

I picked up hunted on Tuesday but didn't get a chance to play for more than Chapter 1. So far here are my thoughts. The story seems decent. The game play controls are average except for running I hate the running controls and the camera when running when you play it you'll understand. The AI is okay for your co-op player however split screen is where this...

Blog rjbooth > My First Entry

Posted 25 May 2010

Well I figured my first blog should be about my lastest haul. I got home about an hour ago from gamestop's midnight opening and these were the games that came home with me.


Looking forward to playing all of these. The game I am looking forward to the most is actually Blur. If there are any other PS3 owners that have this game please let me know....