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In Topic: Target Circle Deal: May 17th - May 30th 15% Off Mortal Kombat Legends Scorpio...

23 May 2020 - 06:23 PM

I don't know if this is a regular Circle deal, but I have a coupon for $10 off a pick up of a purchase of $50+ 


Thought about using it on Persona 5 Royal but when I checked they said they didn't have any copies at the nearest store for pick up. (Now they have one left and I'm not sure I want to use.)

In Topic: Target Clearance Thread XXIV

29 February 2020 - 05:38 PM

It does apply to some of the games they have on sale. (At least they're on sale locally.) So you could pick up Borderlands 3 for $22.49 after discount which isn't a bad price. (I see Amazon has matched that - actually 50 cents less if you factor in Target's 50 cent bag fee.) Or Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition which is on sale for the usual $19.99 would be $14.99. (Again matched by Amazon.) 

In Topic: Target Clearance Thread XXIV

11 December 2019 - 08:33 PM

Saw a golf game yesterday for PS4, and I want to say that the price was like $14 and some change, but I was kind of being rushed by my mom, so I didn't get to take a very good look. Most of the time, clearance at my local store is totally garbage.


I saw the The Golf Club 2019 (PS4) for $8.98 yesterday. BrickSeek says the DCPI is 207-34-1998 but it also said that it's not available near me so I don't know if that's correct. 

In Topic: Target Black Friday 2019 Ad Deals

29 November 2019 - 03:49 PM

Went last night. Didn't buy anything. Saddest (early) Black Friday Sale. I actually felt insulted by some of the movie offers. 


When I got there around 5:10 pm, some guy rushed by me with a cart. When I caught up to him, he was grabbing ALL of the Xbox Ones they had on the floor. Was it really that good of a deal?

In Topic: Target Black Friday 2019 Ad Deals

24 November 2019 - 06:52 PM

My local Target got some of the Playstation Greatest Hits in for the early sale. I haven't seen a lot of these titles there for months. Looked like they only got in a couple copies of each. 


There were still empty slots in the plastic game prison. Interesting if they stock up anything more for Black Friday.