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Want to hear what is going on for the Wii U launch?

16 November 2012 - 03:12 AM

Want to hear what is going on for the Wii U launch?

Listen to my 25 minute spiel on the Wii U, Wii U online play, Wii U launch games, and much more.

I wasn't sure if this is appropriate to post here but i wanted CAGs to hear my experience with WalMart layaway for the launch of the WiiU.

You can download it here:



I will post the ITunes link when it comes available.

Thanks for listening.

Q and A Gaming Podcast

13 July 2012 - 02:32 AM

Hey all,

I am a long time CAG lurker and i've made a lot of money for cheapy over the years buying games from this site! I was not sure where to post this but a few friends and I are starting a new video game podcast. I just wanted to see if any CAG's would give it a listen and give me some feedback. We owe a big thank you to CAG for the guide on how to create a podcast and for inspiration for the show.
We had an interview with a professional mortal kombat player in the last episode. I know that we will eventually need to buy new mics for audio quality but any constructive criticism would be appreciated. You can check us out at QandAGaming.com. (Download it hereor on itunes! ) In the near future we are going to have some game giveaways for listeners. Please check us out!


P.S.-If i posted this in the wrong section I apologize!