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Blog radioactivez0r > I hear Zelda games are alright

Posted 25 October 2014


This is your fault, CAG. Half of them aren't even opened. Wii U is playing Link to the Past on VC but that screen doesn't like losing focus in a picture.

Blog radioactivez0r > Bioshock: A Tale of Save Files, Steam, and Too Many Hard Drives

Posted 06 May 2013

Back in 2009, I was all about the consoles. I had finally joined the current generation the year before with my 360. Even before then, my late introduction to the PS2 (seriously, like 2006?) had weaned me off countless hours years of Counter-Strike and before it, Quake 3. I was deep into the gamepad universe. My Steam account was the original Half-Li...

Blog radioactivez0r > Too many games, not enough hobbies

Posted 22 February 2013

This weekend, I attended a performance of “Into the Woods”, a musical in which a friend of mine was performing. I've gone and seen him perform before at this theater, but not for years. Sitting in the audience, surrounded by people who were also there to see a great show, was something of a revelation for me.

I play too many games.

I know, I know – firs...

Blog radioactivez0r > Thanks CAG - you're swell

Posted 06 October 2012

I've been on here for a couple/few years now and I've gotten pretty good at hunting down my own deals, but the info on display here is always welcome.

This weekend I have bought:
Spec Ops $6 (download)
Civ V GOTY $10 (download)
Skyrim $10
Starcraft 2 $10
Mass Effect 3 $10

because of CAG. In other words, less than a single full price PC game for 3 game...

Blog radioactivez0r > I feel kinda dumb

Posted 07 January 2012

I bought Trine about 2 years ago during my first Steam winter sale, played a little and got frustrated. I decided it was time to go back and finish it recently, and not worry so much about getting all the experience jars (though I did a much better job getting them anyway). This morning I was working on the penultimate level - Iron Forge - and was confu...