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Blog SolidSnake86 > Danger Zone One webcomic

Posted 25 July 2016

Shameless self-promotion time!  
I'm writing a webcomic that has recently launched and wanted to spread the word to fellow CAGs. You can check out the comic at www.DangerZoneOne.com  
The comic updates every Sunday, but you can keep up with all of the latest updates by following Danger Zone One on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/dangerZo...

Blog SolidSnake86 > Shadowland Magazine #10 (Horror, Sci-fi & Fantasy Zine) I wrote for

Posted 10 December 2014

Shadowland Magazine #10 is now out! I wrote an article on the cliffhanger serials, featured in the issue. There are also some great articles on the Skeleton Warriors cartoon from the 1990s, Nightmare on Elm Street, Ultraman, 80s ninja films and more.

Here's the front/back covers...


Blog SolidSnake86 > Favorite New Magazine: Shadowland #9 (Batman, King Kong, Sleepy Hollow)

Posted 28 October 2013

I just ordered the latest copy of Shadowland Magazine. I wrote a review awhile back of an earlier issues. Just received issue #9 in the mail, and if this is a sample of what I've been missing recently, I'll be needing to order the back issues very soon!

Quick run down of issue #9, there's a phenomenal Adam West Batman cover (also a neat, decent-sized ar...

Blog SolidSnake86 > Car Repairs? Anyone know anything about transmission shift pins?

Posted 06 September 2013

So I was going to the dentist yesterday, and my 1998 Dodge Neon was working like a charm. Left the dentist, got into the car and the manual 5-speed gear shift was completely loose. It wouldn't catch any of the gears whether the car's engine was on or off. It almost seemed like the base of the gear shift had collapsed. Needless to say, the car is immobiliz...

Blog SolidSnake86 > Shadowland Magazine #8 (Sci-fi, fantasy and horror mag)

Posted 07 August 2013

Any fans of horror, sci-fi & fantasy genres out there? I've posted about a few of the older issues of Shadowland Magazine in several previous blogs...

The latest issue has content on all of the Alien films, the 1990s Flash TV series, the Phantasm films, Golgo 13, Wolverine, and tons more. They're currently carrying the magazine at Barnes & Noble....