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Blog io > Random solar system picture of the week #2

Posted 17 May 2012

For the second picture I'm sticking with Saturn's moons as there are just so many great shots of them currently being sent back by Cassini. This one features Saturn's largest moon Titan with the smaller Rhea in front of it.

Titan is "fuzzy" because it has an atmosphere. In fact, the atmosphere is mostly Nitrogen and the atmospheric pressure is actually...

Blog io > Random solar system picture of the week #1

Posted 11 May 2012

OK, so WAY WAY way back when I was a grad student, I was really into space exploration. I grew up watching the Mariner and Voyager results and I actually took some planetary science classes as a grad student (in Electrical Engineering, so that was sort of a stretch) just as a new phase of robotic exploration was kicking off with several cool missions....

Blog io > Baby io announcement!

Posted 04 March 2010

OK, I've never made a blog post in my entire life, but here goes...


Baby Girl Io (we haven't actually picked a name yet) born March 1st, 2010, at a mere 8 lbs 15 oz (less than 2 of the other ones but the exact same weight as my first child and only other girl, interestingly enough).

Here she is, not quite a day old, with my oldest son: