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#14506425 Black Friday Videogame 2022 List (Target Ad Posted)

Posted by io on 21 November 2022 - 09:52 PM

Bruh, why didn't you get the CE for Xbox to solve this problem months ago? I have a sealed PS4 CE waiting for me to open for that exact purpose lol. I'm waiting on the DLC first so I can do it all over again though.

Clearly I have no idea what you are talking about.  Was it on sale/clearance somewhere??  Basically, though, I'm letting my son decide.  He got all into Elden Ring and then afterwards played *every other* Souls game (which were all new to him).  If he wants to replay on Xbox One, I'll get it. 


Aren't GamePass Ultimate 3 month cards usually like half off on Black Friday?  I know I stocked up on four for my daughters *last* Thanksgiving.  Usually discounted PS+ and XBL cards are gimmes every Black Friday at just about every store, but I'm not seeing hardly anything like that advertised this year.  I just got a PS5, but I was waiting to reactivate PS+ to see what kind of deals were available this weekend.

I think the deals on these game subscription services will be rare and be lesser in amount than before.  In fact, I think we need to expect prices to increase sooner or later.  With that in mind, I bought another year of PS+ Extra for the 25% off offered by Sony (and may tack on one more year as well).  On the Xbox side, CD Keys has 1 month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate codes for $8-something (there's a thread here for it).  I bought 4 of those to push mine out till mid-2024.  I may get several more to top off 2024.  I'd be very surprised to see half-off deals for BF, but if they do show up, I'll get even more.

#14488535 Elden Ring General DIscussion

Posted by io on 22 July 2022 - 02:02 AM

I haven't been on here a while.  I got my older son to play Elden Ring and he loved it.  He had been mostly a Switch player before that - not too much Xbox/PS stuff.  Then he played Bloodborne.  Then I decided to get Dark Souls Remastered.  I hadn't played Dark Souls since it first came out (like 11 years).  I remember Firelink shrine and a few other things, but the late game stuff I do not remember at all (and I got a platinum back then).  It's weird how memory works (or doesn't).  Amazingly, I was able to do a small amount of coop - and was getting invaded constantly in Anor Londo.  So people are still playing.  One thing that surprised me as I remember those games being so hard - it is actually considerably easier than Elden Ring, especially the boss fights.


I'm considering upgrading to PS+ Extra to play Demon's Souls but I may want to get DS2 and DS3 again too.  Dark Souls Remastered holds up pretty good now - it is great playing DS with a solid frame rate in any case.  I remember it got a little iffy at times on the PS3.


And it seems like we ought to be hearing about Elden Ring DLC sooner or later!

#14473582 Elden Ring General DIscussion

Posted by io on 14 April 2022 - 06:15 AM

My son and I watched some interesting boss-vs-boss videos tonight.  Now those are cool!


I got the platinum and am taking a little break.  But I get back on every so often and do coop trying out different weapons.  I need to duplicate a few more remembrances too.  Gotta figure out which ones I still want to do.  I did Placidusax right away because I feel like it was pure luck I beat that guy, even with summons.  (Not a lot of people help there because it's a pain to get to).  My son gave up on it and started NG+. He had beaten every other boss.


I'm surprised how much I'm still getting summoned at level 160 and beyond.


I may go back to Horizon Zero Dawn, which I had just started after beating Bloodborne, about a week before Elden Ring came out.  Got them both through the PS4 hits thing on my PS5.

#14471753 Elden Ring General DIscussion

Posted by io on 04 April 2022 - 06:13 AM

Can someone please help me get to lake of rot from nokstella dragonkin soldier grace? I don’t know if I’m missing something obvious or what but it was driving me nuts last night. Basically explain like im five haha

Not sure.  I felt like I was teleported there.  OK, according to a wiki I just looked up you get there from Ainsel River Main via a lift.


Speaking of Lake of Rot, I kind of want to beat the optional boss out in the rot just for the sake of it.  I don't feel the need to beat the Ulcerated Tree Spirit there because apparently I maxed out my flasks with seeds to spare so I don't need more.  They were way generous with items in this game compared to their others.  I'm not even in Farum yet and I have 7 max normal smithing stones and 6 max somber ones.  I expected there to be just one each per play-through ;).


But I think I will go back there and fight the boss out in the lake.  It is a Dragonkin Soldier and it drops a Dragonscale Blade.  Plus it seems I missed a lot of other items out there including a cookbook.


The only things you lose are sites of grace and any boss souls you attuned. You get to keep everything else with the reset. Also to note, even though you can unlock endings they're not mandatory and you still have the option to choose which for some of them (the two witch quests for example). I'm not sure if any of the quests override this option but wasn't my experience the first time and I think I had 3 different ways I could have gone.


Deep Root Depths also has the Death Prince staff or something like that down there which is the best for INT/FAI endgame builds in case it was missed. It's what people still maining Night & Flame use at 150 if you're still rocking that. Buffs death magic as well, which needs it heh.

OK, I'm also a little confused about endings.  I don't want to get too into it here, but it seems like you'd have to make a choice very early in the endgame chain if you want to not



Anyway, my son just got to Farum and I'm about to get there myself.  Jodou, did you say you could keep playing in NG even after choosing an ending?  No biggie if not, I can just revert my save then anyway.


Also, I probably have that staff, but I'll check for sure tonight.  I explored Deeproot Depths pretty thoroughly a while ago. What I was talking about earlier was the hidden back door path from the Subterraneun Shunning Grounds to Deeproot Depths.  There are few items there but nothing critical it seems.  It seems like a completely random connection they made there but I suppose if someone missed the Deeproot Depths the first time around this would give them another chance to find it.

#14470842 Elden Ring General DIscussion

Posted by io on 30 March 2022 - 05:00 AM

The names are the worst part of the lore. So many G names. And R names. And M names.

Well dang, was that on purpose? G. R. R. M.?

I bet it was!  Just the God-based ones are ridiculous: Godfrey, Godwyn, Godrick, Godefroy, Godskin Noble, Godskin Apostle, and then just to mix it up Gideon Ofnir.  I actually looked these up to make sure I had the spellings right.  I actually laughed out loud when I came across Godefroy in the game.

#14470535 Elden Ring General DIscussion

Posted by io on 28 March 2022 - 11:08 PM

Start from the Deep Siofra Well site of grace in Caelid and walk eastward towards the two Golem Archers. You have to kill all 3 NPCs using the red summon signs in front of The Great Jar without dying, then you automatically get the talisman.

Well crap I could have done this like half the game ago ;).  At least I suspect it will be easy now.

#14470516 Elden Ring General DIscussion

Posted by io on 28 March 2022 - 09:34 PM

90 hrs in and I am finally done with Liurnia. Have been breaking my head at fighting the knights of the great jar. It seems doable but I keep getting greedy or miscalculating. I am not giving up on this fight though.


Is Caelid the next destination after Liurnia or is it Atlus Plateau?

See now I'm way past Liurnia and I have no idea what you are talking about.  The Great Jar?  Where/what is that?


Does this have something to do with the best equip load talisman?  I wanted to get that but the stuff I read made no sense.  I thought that was in Caelid anyway. (Edit: yes, it is in Caelid.  I ran into that guy WAY WAY long ago in my game but he didn't say anything.  Now I have no idea how to get back there.  Actually now that I think back on it I thought this must be some sort of multiplayer fight club like that one place in Dark Souls 3, because I think I saw the invader signs and just assumed they were from other people.  D'oh!).


I do get a little bit of the late game criticism.  The snowy area is yet another huge place, but it does seem to be rather empty and the normal enemies there are kind of cheap one-hitters. And how the hell would you ever beat the fog dragon thing?


Also, apparently I might have screwed up getting Bernahl's weapon by

.  I finished all the quests there so we'll see.  I'm not to the place yet where he supposedly invades.  If not, I'll clean it up quick in NG+.  It seems like you'd almost always want to beat that guy way before the place where Bernahl would invade, so hopefully they planned for that.


I got the legendary sorceries/incantations trophy.  That one you can finish as soon as you get to the snowy place.  The rest look like they require some very late game stuff.


I also used an interactive map to get SO MANY items I had missed in Leyendell (before I can't no more).  It's amazing how much I explored there and yet how much I missed.  I'd recommend being sure to get into the upper part of the

via hopping up on some abandoned stables in the back streets area.  Apparently there's a pure Faith-scaling sword that can hit through shields/barriers.  I'm hoping it's good on the Crystallian guys.

#14470383 Elden Ring General DIscussion

Posted by io on 27 March 2022 - 11:53 PM

Wow... Just when I think maybe I'm getting close to the end, no...


I finally got over half the trophies - but still like 19 more to go.


Just got to the snow area and of course that's another huge place.  But also I noticed I had some large empty areas in my Altus plateau map and sure enough, I had missed lots there.  So I was going around cleaning that up.  Then I was looking at some character quests and remembered that after Brother Coryhn left my Roundtable Hold (like 100 game hours ago) I never saw him again.  Turns out he's wrapped up in a quest with that strange guy with the golden sun mask in Altus.  So I went back and found them at their various locations and progressed their stuff.  It is also something you'd want to do before the thing happens to the capitol city.  He offers a bunch more incantations for sale that I don't think you get otherwise.  I guess this leads to yet another ending.


And I keep finding more dungeons and scarabs in places I've been to many times.  I don't think I've even explored Caelid very thoroughly at this point and I'm sure I've missed stuff even in Limgrave.  The sheer amount of content in this game is staggering.


I went back to Volcano Manor where I had stopped progressing because I thought I might stumble upon the boss there too soon.  It turns out I had stopped short of another whole huge area that didn't even have the boss (though at the end there was a teleporter that takes you to the boss).  There is a seedbed curse in there for one thing (needed for Dung Eater quest).  Also found Rya there after she left the manor, so that was a surprise.  I guess I finished up her quest.  You get a talisman that increases all the damage you take.  There should have been a trophy for that ;).


Then when I was doing the Rykard fight I was getting some summons and got invaded.  Because that boss area is only available via teleport (via either the actual teleporter or Tanith) the room is very small and consists of just a grace and a small passage before the boss fog.  As a result, the invader spawned right on top of me and the one summons I had gotten at that point (I was trying to get a second at the time).  Things did not go well for that invader.  We destroyed him before he could even make a move.  I should have captured a video.


As for Rykard, when both me and my son did it we had some summons helpers that all used the same spell/incantations.  One was a white spear thing that maybe is an ice version of my favorite the lightning spear.  Another looked like maybe gusts of wind or some sort of expanding ice attack.  I guess it would have been nice to have these.  Anyone know what they are and where they come from?

#14470162 Elden Ring General DIscussion

Posted by io on 26 March 2022 - 01:52 AM

Yeah, not sure why that phrasing. I'm pretty sure the guide mentioned unlocking the site of grace was OK last week, so maybe it was updated to be super-duper cautious.

Probably someone wasn't paying attention and went too far and then got mad at them, so they made it more cautious.

#14470152 Elden Ring General DIscussion

Posted by io on 26 March 2022 - 12:47 AM

Found a dungeon (Sage's cave I think in Mt Gelmir/upper Altus?) with a huge amount of chests in it. This is just one room there:


#14470149 Elden Ring General DIscussion

Posted by io on 26 March 2022 - 12:30 AM

I like that's this game has been something for me and my 14 year-old son to connect over.  We've always had different tastes in games.  I don't know what made him want to play this, but he's all into it now.  My 21 year-old son also wants to play.  Had I known they both wanted to play Elden Ring I probably would have gotten the Xbox version since they have one upstairs they can share.  My 21 year-old now wants a PS5 so he can play Elden Ring in his room - he won't play it on the downstairs TV in front of us ;).  I'm not even sure of the game share potential because my *other* son who is away at college uses my old main PS4 to share my games (not sure if he's playing Elden Ring but he should!).


So... this game.  I was looking at a guide for the legendary stuff and it turns out I was missing a spell in an area I could already get to.  But to get to that area you need to

after an optional boss.  Turns out I had beaten that boss but didn't notice the thing or the notes weren't there/hadn't loaded for some reason.  When I went back this time there were notes galore telling you what to do.  Note that this is a different incident of this mechanic from when you use it during Ranni's quest. I didn't expect there to be 2 of those.  Oh yeah, and there's another one in the level, so make it 3.  I didn't take that one yet (maybe it just goes back up?).  Anyway, this opened up an whole new huge underground area I didn't even know existed:
with yet another optional and rather tough boss.  I actually helped someone coop that boss.  I need to do it myself tonight.  There's also another walking mausoleum hiding down there.


So, yeah, just when I think I'm running out of game, oh, here's a huge new area to explore!


I did look ahead to the endings and there's some very important notes on how not to trigger the endings too soon. I definitely would have stumbled upon one of them (probably tonight as I was going to explore the capitol sewers) and locked myself out of the others had I not read this.  I will add it to the OP and if you guys that finished could verify it for me that would be great.

#14469823 Elden Ring General DIscussion

Posted by io on 24 March 2022 - 03:20 PM

I believe there's a second lift, but I can't recall exactly where it is--I definitely attuned Radahn's Great Rune.

OK, so this was so stupid. When you go upstairs from the central tower grace, which is where you first come into the tower, the door to the upper lift is right there.  However, it doesn't look like a door.  It is not directly in front of you, it is to the left. The thing directly in front of you looks like a door, but isn't.  I finally just went up there again and got in the right spot to trigger the door open prompt.  D'oh!  I had been up there 3 or 4 times and it didn't trigger it!  Apparently this is a common issue as I discovered during a web search.  A freaking user note would have been nice there!


Also got another notification last night that a CAG beat a shardbearer boss.  Pretty cool feature.

Weird, I'm not getting these.  I did see a message from a CAG though - same weird symbol as the bloodstain I saw the other day.


I went ahead and beat

in the capitol.  I would recommend it to anyone who is there as you get a 4th talisman slot afterwards, and that's always gonna be useful.  He was pretty easy too.  I did some coop for the next boss but didn't beat it myself yet.


I also finished Ranni's quest.  Afterwards, there is a small new overworld area that opens up and the things there are just destroying me ;).  There are regular enemies there that I've only seen before as dungeon bosses.  Plus a red wolf and a pair of dragons that are super tough.


Otherwise last night I went around and cleaned up a few dungeon bosses I had put off, including the rather unique dungeon you can find in Radahn's area.  Tonight I'll go back to the capitol and try to get around to all those areas I missed, including the sewer area to do



I'm quite surprised at the percentage completions on a lot of the PS version trophies.  Early bosses are well over 50% and there's still one I don't have that's at 30% and that's with me 150 hours in.  I would have expected much lower completion numbers.

#14469756 Elden Ring General DIscussion

Posted by io on 24 March 2022 - 02:01 AM

Congrats to whoever just beat the game.  I just got a notification in-game that someone in the cag group did.  That was pretty cool.

Interesting.  When I was at Radahn I saw a strange bloodstain that looked different from the others and had a weird symbol on it.  I have a picture I'll post later.  But apparently that means it's someone from the CAG group.  I saw another in Leyendell a few nights ago.


I haven't gotten any notifications but then I actually took a break from Elden Ring last night and played Destiny 2 instead ;).


My son apparently pushed ahead and beat


#14469685 Elden Ring General DIscussion

Posted by io on 23 March 2022 - 04:24 PM

Still confused--after I finished the festival and went back to talk to the festival announcer, then reloaded the area to trigger the dual-boss fight and got the legendary weapon, the castle reverted back to having enemies to fight and those closed doors were now open. I was able to clear out the area long after finishing Ranni's (...and Blaidd's) questline.

You can do it both before Radahn (as my son did) and after (as I did).  I think some people might miss the "after" because it's pretty easy not to encounter the festival announcer as he moves into the building with the lift that takes you to Radahn.  I know I had to look it up to see why the castle hadn't opened up for me.  I was just trying to figure out why I couldn't get into the buildings that clearly had enemies and items in them - I didn't even know about the optional (legendary weapon holding) boss.  And of course the "before" requires you sneak into the castle from the right side since the teleporter isn't active yet.

#14469576 Elden Ring General DIscussion

Posted by io on 22 March 2022 - 05:23 PM

Today’s picture. By the way, you can get that legendary from the “Avenue” grace before doing any bosses. You can run past the enemies, jump on to a small domed building right below the weapon, then up to the ledge that it starts on.E29D1E00-A1E6-4B18-B618-EEB2C35B33D1.jpeg