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Blog dafunkk12 > Reason #102 why the PS3 is so damn unenticing

Posted 07 April 2009

For some odd reason, I decided to finally upgrade my Playstation 3’s hard drive this past weekend. It was the 80gb (w/ software backwards compatibility), and like everything else, I’ve consumed all the hard drive space. Wanting to continue downloading–and hoarding–high-definition videos, I juggled some of my extra laptop hard dri...

Blog dafunkk12 > Movie Mini-Review: Fast & Furious

Posted 07 April 2009

First, a little background. With the notable exception of Tokyo Drift, I’d never seen any of the previous movie in whole. I caught bits and pieces of them on TV or on flights, but I never got pulled in. This past weekend, in anticipation of catching director Justin Lin’s second go at the franchise and the original’s direct sequel, I w...

Blog dafunkk12 > A rose by any other name...

Posted 18 March 2009


During the stressful development process, coming up with a title for your game is just about the least tangibly productive use of time. And because arguements rage for what seems to be forever, certainly a lot of time is spent on the subject. Just like the thought a parent should give to naming a child who mu...

Blog dafunkk12 > A different sort of "economy"

Posted 06 March 2009

Nintendo games always have been the gold standard, the benchmark for making quality games. Like any other benchmark, though, competitors can rank above and below. There have been plenty of video games that exceed or have more depth than the Nintendo version, but Nintendo can always be counted on for nailing the basics and making the most of simplicity....