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Blog Tgebbs > Doing the same thing over and over...

Posted 07 June 2011

This probably won't make sense if you didn't watch the Ubisoft press conference.

Just curious, are we all falling for the same trap? I still think the PSP is a nifty device, though I do not own one. I just recall the PSP being shown off and everyone thinking it was going to be the next big thing, and totally crush the DS, however we all know t...

Blog Tgebbs > Instruction manual section for 'Notes' .... discuss.

Posted 02 June 2011

Just stumbled upon one just now, and I was kind of surprised this is still around in this generation.

Kotaku has touched on it multiple times that we're moving towards a generation where instruction manuals will be a thing of the past. I literally never touch them in all of my game purchases, but for some reason it's something I am sad to see go. I have...

Blog Tgebbs > I do not understand economics.

Posted 16 January 2011

Vague blog title go!

Basically what I hope to accomplish here, is to get a question that's been on my mind for awhile answered. I just tried to submit said question to the PachAttack on GT, but after carefully typing it out, when I hit submit, nothing happened -_-. I figured, hey, people on CAG are pretty smart, they probably know the answer to my ques...

Blog Tgebbs > Death of a Console

Posted 13 January 2011

After almost four years of gaming, my 60gig PS3 bricked on me last night. It's strange they call it a YLOD, as the yellow light only appears for a moment, and the blinking red light just laughs in your face instead. While this is certainly distressing, I'm not nearly as distraught as I thought I'd be. I have barely enough money to keep up with games, b...