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Blog Spanky > Kids and electronics

Posted 15 November 2012

So this was inspired by a thread I seen earlier today about finding a good tablet for a child. A tablet. A electronic device that has no rhyme or reason to be in a childs hand. Call me old school even though I'm only 25 but what happened to sending your kids out to play in the backyard or playing with the toys you buy them like GI Joes or Barbies. Instead...

Blog Spanky > It's been a while.....

Posted 23 July 2012

and it's gonna be a little bit longer but I'll be back in the community soon. More to come!

Blog Spanky > Interesting Read of the Week

Posted 29 July 2011

So in wanting to start a weekly blog on here aside from my gaming I've decided to post a link a week to an interesting read I found. This week it's about the most decorated dog in WW1. Sergeant Stubby.



Blog Spanky > 20k Gamerscore Reached!

Posted 06 May 2011

Current Gamerscore: 20517
Achievement that broke into the 20k marker


Well I've finally reached one of my goal points. 20k gamerscore. Sure it's not a whole lot compared to a lot of 360 players but this is my second gamertag and I went through a huge game slump for a while. I thought about w...

Blog Spanky > Weekend Gaming; What did you play?

Posted 02 May 2011

The weekend is slowly coming to a close and I'm tired with not so fun allergies. Not much gaming happened this weekend for me. Originally I had planned to finally break 20k gamerscore on my tag but I ended up helping friends out with their Garage Sale (was given CIB copies of Diablo 2 and Lords of Destruction since they didn't sell) and doing more outdoor...