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In Topic: Amazon PCDD - Important Update New Community Manager Incoming!

23 January 2014 - 05:43 PM

Same here. Future reference, if you are gonna give away keys, don't play the guessing game... Now I can't fire up Blag Flag for another hour...



In Topic: $164.99 w/$15 MIR XFX Radeon 7850 w/BioShock Infinite, FC3 Blood Dragon, Tomb...

23 April 2013 - 03:00 PM

True, but realistically when purchasing any computer component, you can expect it to be outdated in a year. If you're a PC gamer, it's just something you get used to. For example, I'm selling my 6970 for about $150 less than what I paid for it last year to upgrade to the 4GB 7850. Depending on what I get for it (and what other cards of the same model have been selling for) I should be able to pay for the most, if not all of the 7850. I'll probably wait another year or two before I upgrade again. PC gaming is an exciting waste of money.

If you have to upgrade video cards every year, you either have unrealistic expectations or you are making unwise purchases.

6970 is still a great card for 1080p gaming. You have a 2gb, am I correct? the extra 2 gb of memory (on that 7850 you are eyeing) will make absolutely no difference at 1080p gaming, nor will it make a positive impact if you are doing eyefinity. 7850 is not really much of an upgrade at all for you.

In your case, I would definitely suggest waiting.

As far as any negatives on PC gaming, the money that you spend up front you make up on the back end with ridiculous steam and amazon sales. PC gaming isn't a waste of money at all for those that are really into it.

In Topic: $164.99 w/$15 MIR XFX Radeon 7850 w/BioShock Infinite, FC3 Blood Dragon, Tomb...

23 April 2013 - 01:27 PM

You make it sound like they won't come out with another series within a year or so after the 8000 series launches. :P

Your point only reinforces my point. Where we are in the (multiplatform) console generation, and video card generation, it doesn't make much sense to buy a 7800 series card right now. We are at the tail end of the 7800 series. That's why they are selling for so cheap and getting free games bundled with them.

Like I said, in the end, everyone makes their own purchasing decisions. Some people will feel that having "free" games makes it worth buying. Knowledge is power, and it helps when making sound buying decisions.

In Topic: $164.99 w/$15 MIR XFX Radeon 7850 w/BioShock Infinite, FC3 Blood Dragon, Tomb...

23 April 2013 - 12:47 PM

Just to let you guys know, the reason AMD is pushing all of these "free" games with the 7800 series cards is because they are on the verge of unveiling the Radeon 8800 series this summer. They are trying to clear out stock of these chips.

If you can wait just a little while longer, it would probably be in your best interest to save your money and just buy one of the 8800 series cards when they hit. From early previews last year, the 8800 series card will prove to be quite power efficient yet performance wise will pretty much demolish current generation cards from both AMD and Nvidia.

To put it In context, PS4 will have a 7850 class APU (cpu and gpu on one chip), with 8Gb of unified DDR5 memory. This along with software based optimizations will put you at a significant disadvantage when it comes to next gen games if you do indeed decide to pull the trigger on this card. Think of the 7800 series cards as a middle road between current gen and next gen.

It's your money, but I would suggest saving it.

In Topic: Green Man Gaming (Steam) Deals: 25% Off Hitman

23 April 2013 - 01:00 AM

Syndicate sucks. Let me rephrase that in a way that properly expresses my feelings on this game.

Syndicate suuuckkkkssss... su... uuuuuckkkk...sssssss.....
Even for $5, the game is a total letdown. Just when the game gets going, it comes to an abrupt end and you are left with a feeling of profound emptiness and regret. Otherwise, some decent deals here. Even though i already own the mass effect games, it makes me want to rebuy them all over again haha.