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Gaming Keyboard - CM Quickfire TK (Mechanical Cherry MX Blue) $65 AR F/S @ Newegg

15 April 2013 - 02:18 PM

Hey All,

I've done Hardware posts before, so here's another. If you get newegg's circular, you probably have seen this in your inbox this morning.

Posted Image

Cooler Master QuickFire TK Mechanical Cherry MX Blue

Regular Price $110. Discounted $10 + Plus $25 Promo Code (EMCYTZT3284) + $10 MIR + Free Shipping.

Final Price $65. If you have been following this particular keyboard, you would know that is a ridiculous price for a Mechanical Keyboard made by a reputable company.

- Full NKRO.
- Backlit Blue (very vibrant and adjustable).
- Media keys via FN function.
- Compact and transportable, removable cord.
- Mechanical microswitches, steel backplate, excellent keys.

My thoughts below for those interested in a "real" gaming keyboard.

You may be wondering what makes this a gaming keyboard? It looks like an unassuming blue backlit keyboard with no fancy frills and such.


This keyboard is very spartan, with the primary design specifically for quick and accurate keying. There aren't any specific media keys to get in the way. No macro buttons, no usb pass through. No headphone and mic plug ins. If you are a passionate PC gamer, you probably already have a decent sound card or usb headseat, and you probably don't need macros.

This keyboard is a 10keyless design with a 10key number pad included. The arrow keys and insert-pagedown block are integrated into the number pad. That cuts down on size and allows you to transport it easily in a backpack. It has a removable braided usb cord that can be routed in 3 separate directions depending on where you want it to exit.

It's Cherry MX Blue microswitches. Blue gives a tactile click as a feedback/aural response. Youtube it to see the difference between the red / blue / brown microswitches. The one on sale currently is blue. It has a steel backplate, so it won't flex / bend when pushed. The keys on a regular membrane keyboard feel like mush compared to this one.

Full N-key Rollover. Basically, you won't be able to max out the number of simultaneous key presses on this keyboard and drop a key under normal gaming / typing conditions.

There have been a resurgence of mechanical keyboards in the PC market. This is an excellent keyboard, very well laid out and designed. If you are mouse/keyboard gamer, this is a great keyboard for gaming. Some people will prefer the Cherry MX Red (unfortunately not on sale) so do some research before buying.

Amazon Deal of the Day - Up to 50% off Logitech Gaming Mice/Keyboards

11 March 2013 - 01:41 PM

Link to Sale

Wireless G700 Mouse - MSRP $99
Sale Price $48

Wired G500 Mouse - MSRP $80
Sale Price $32

Wired G400 Mouse - MSRP $50
Sale price $22

Wired G600 (MMO Mouse) - MSRP - $80
Sale price - $48

G105 Entry Level Gaming Keyboard - MSRP $60
Sale Price $45

If you are like me, you have been building a steam library with these crazy deals that Tony has been running over on Amazon, or snagging awesome deals from GMG, or building a backlog on Steam Sales.

Now's the time to upgrade your input hardware! I have been eyeing the G500 for the past month or so, and this is a great price for this mouse, also a great deal on G700 if you are into wireless.

The deal is only good for today.